REFEED TIPS - (Vegan/Vegetarian version) - by Anna

This is a modification of Yasemin’s refeed guide to suit vegans and vegetarians!
Because of the forums Ketogenic focus, I’ve modified it to exclude high carb foods such as starches and legumes etc. Make sure to do your own research too on what suits you!

(This could vary based on the length of your fast, your weight etc.)

Day 1:

500-800 calories

NO Vegetables high in fibre
NO Tempeh, tofu, seitan
NO Onions

What to eat:

  • Vegetable broth
  • Vegetable soup
  • Cooked veggies
  • Vegetables high in water content & low in fibre (cucumber, tomatoes etc.)
  • Berries
  • Olives
  • Olive oil/ seed oil/ avocado oil
  • Avocado
  • Raw Nut Butter
  • Small amounts of fermented veggies
    (Vegans should take B12 supplements during refeed and afterwards)

Day 2:

800-1000 calories
Stay on the lower side in protein
Avoid onions (hard to digest)

  • Same as day 1 + below
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Mushrooms

Day 3:

Normal calories (if you’re still feeling good)

  • Same as day 1-2 + below
  • Introduce more raw vegetables (higher in fibre)
  • Introduce higher protein foods, Tempeh, tofu, seitan
  • Introduce cooked onions

Day 4-5

  • Maintain a ketogenic diet for 1-2 more months (you’re already in ketosis, might as well!)
  • Intermittent fasting - OMAD recommended for maintenance

Make sure you consult your physician and do your own research as well

Here’s a quick little guide for the vegans and vegetarians who want to follow a ketogenic diet:

Avoid such things as

  • Grains – wheat, corn, rice, cereal, etc.
  • Legumes — lentils, black beans, peas, etc.
  • Sugar – honey, agave, maple syrup etc.
  • Fruit – apples, bananas, oranges, etc.
  • Tubers – potato, yams, etc.

Include foods such as

  • Tempeh, tofu, seitan, and other high-protein, low-carb foods
  • Mushrooms — shiitake, king oyster, lion’s mane, etc.
  • Leafy greens – spinach, kale, etc.
  • Above ground vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, etc.
  • Dairy replacements – unsweetened coconut-based yogurt, coconut cream, vegan cheeses, etc.
  • Nuts and seeds – pistachios, almonds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc.
  • Avocado and berries – raspberries, blackberries, and other low glycemic impact berries
  • Fermented foods — Natto, sauerkraut, kim chi, etc.
  • Sea vegetables — dulse, bladderwack, kelp, etc.
  • (Sweeteners) – monk fruit
  • Other fats – coconut oil, olive oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, etc.


Pinning to the top of the water fasting community! Also posted on Facebook! <3 LOVE

Thank you for this! @Anna

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Perfect! :two_hearts:

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Since @Yasemin was curious on what carbs I add to my diet, I only eat unprocessed whole foods such as fruits, root vegetables (potatoes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots etc.), legumes (peas, lentils, beans) and whole grains every once in a while!
(No sugar/dried fruits, flour or other processed carbohydrates)

From my own experience, and seeing others that struggles with sugar addiction, fruits can be one food that is problematic for some.
In my case, I always want to avoid these very sugar concentrated and calorie dense ones. For example; dates and grapes are very difficult for me to have in moderation, so I try to stay away from them, since it’s very triggering!

I would also agree with Yasemin according that breaking the fast with fruit isn’t the best alternative, it can spike the insulin and shock the body!
If you’d want to start refeeding on solid foods, start off with some vegetables first instead! They contain small amounts of sugar that will be easier for the body to handle!
Try to avoid grains, legumes and other starchy vegetables until later on in the refeed, since they’re harder to digest!

Lastly, since I’m not a qualified dietician, I suggest that you do your own research or see a dietician! Vegetarians who include some animal products are (usually) getting more sources of specific nutrients. B12 is always a recommendation for vegans to supplement with! :ok_hand::seedling:


Thanks for the guide… I was just doing some research on how to break a extended day fast… this is awesome… I’m thinking about moving to a pesco pollo vegetarian lifestyle for me and the boy as I’m starting to see they already have bad eating habits… fat parents tend to grow fat offspring… they are my world and I just want to direct them successfully to adulthood…


Thank you :pray: these types of carbs don’t bother me at all so I love this! Was afraid that HCLF was referring to pasta rice and bread so I was super against it :joy:

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It sounds like a great idea, I know health and happiness is all a mother want for her children, I admire that :pray:
I think that the more whole foods we put in our bodies the better (even if it includes some animal products), the main issue is the processed foods of all food groups!
You got this! :muscle:
Feel free to ask anything if you have questions!

Well there’s sadly a lot of people on social media who are spreading information about unsustainable plant based diets, (many are hclf or raw vegans) and it’s very misleading, since non of them has any medical degree in nutrition! Drinking litres of fruit juices each day is not a heath promoting diet…

Such as frutarians for example, who are trying to convince others that it’s the way we are supposed to eat, when the science is crystal clear that we developed around fires and had both starches, meat and fruits etc to get enough calories in! Doesn’t mean that we need to eat all of it today to get the nutrients and calories we need, but it’s very misleading to spread theories as facts!

It makes me so angry each time I see false information and pseudoscience haha! But I’m trying to tell myself that there’s a ton of certified shitheads in this world, and social media is often their natural habitat!

Okay I’m done complaining now… :joy::two_hearts:


Yeah, this might be why I had a bad impression about it…

People always asking me if they can do like juice cleanse - which they mean mostly fruit fruit fruit… rather than green veggies : celery, spinach, cucumbers, etc.

Also yes… Fruititarian… My biggest enigma was that Freelee Banana girl hoax when I was a kid. Luckily I never fell for it. There were people in the comments who had gained like 10 lbs in a week eating bananas all week uhhhh so sad.

There’s also a weird trend going on, not sure why (could be a scam too) about “ex-vegans”. Basically huge YouTube channels about vegans, and they are now self-proclaimed ex-vegans turned carnivore. Seems like a pretty extreme shift to the opposite end of the spectrum.

Crazy fake news out there - we have to dig for answers now. :stuck_out_tongue:

The research scientists I follow all seem to agree that just looking at our bodies we are built to be omnivores and “dietary restrictive” plans (meaning eliminating or minimizing a macronutrient) are never sustainable long-term.

I subscribe more to the WHEN we eat is more important than WHAT we eat anyway. @Yasemin @Anna


Yeah I’ve seen that trend too haha! :woman_facepalming:
Just based on my own analysis, I feel like most of those ex-vegans were all very extreme and strict with their diets, such as raw or very low in protein and fats, excluding many important nutrients, both macro- and micronutrients. It’s not a surprise that they got unhealthy (mentally and physically) and turned to the complete opposite end to seek a cure. It’s just a bit sad that those extreme personalities becomes the representers of every plant based person who can use their common sense and knowledge and make a sustainable lifestyle, without risking their health or influencing someone else to do so!


Yeah!!! I bet 100% - that raw vegan used to be trending several years ago!

Thanks Anna. You have given me some ideas. I have been researching regarding the refeed. I think a veggie soup with high water content veggies would be appropriate. I’ll blend it before eating which will make it creamy (without the cream). I might include tomato, cucumber, avocado salad the second day…then progress to steamed veggies. Steamed greens with mushrooms is always tasty. Planning on refeed for a week. I’ve intermittent fasted as a way of life but considering OMAD after the refeed.


Sounds like a great idea! :facepunch: That’s similar to what I did after my fast, I hope it will work well for you too!

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Bone broth seems popular I was thinking of doing miso soup with shredded cabbage and celery?

You can have avocado and nut butters on the first day?

Can I have sauerkraut instead of kimchi…I thought the spiciness might be too much?

Breaking a 30 day fast​:pray::heart:

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It sounds like a good idea! Cabbage can be a little difficult for some to digest first thing after a longer fast though, so just keep the amount down in the beginning and increase it depending on how you feel!

About nut butters and avocados I would say the same, that you can introduce a small amount and see how your body reacts before having more of it.
Since both of those are calorically dense foods, it’s easy to eat more than intended first thing after a fast, when we should introduce food slowly.
Avocados contains sorbitol, which might be difficult for people who have IBS in larger amounts. They also contain a lot of fibre.

I was able to introduce foods pretty quickly after my 30 day fast, but all bodies are different! Hope you’ll find a way that works for you!

Best of luck!! :pray:

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Honestly, I’m so glad to see a post for vegetarians :smile: I never found information on refeeding when you don’t yyeat meat, so thank you @Anna :blush:


Wondering if anyone has had a thought about introducing Athletic Greens as part of their refeed… ingredients looks clean AF
A friend keeps asking me to try Juice plus capsules… I’m averse for Lowfodmap reasons and adding in foods I absolutely don’t eat anyway, aren’t native or seasonal where I live… Just seems like a gimmick… But anyone’s input would be welcome…
I really need my stomach to accept more food than it does ATM :joy: