Winter Solstice Slim Down - Greet Santa in your Skinny Suit!

Hey All! Our Fast into Fall challenge is coming to a close in just another 2 weeks!

I’ve had a blast, lost some weight, learned some great refeed, we’ve laughed, we’ve cried, it became a part of us. But my fasting for weightloss is far from over.

I’ll be migrating over to this thread on the 22nd.

This is a 90 day challenge in total.

The winter solstice is December 21st.

I crunched some numbers for myself, and have decided I’ll be looking to drop the next 25lbs (11.34 kilograms for you metric lovers).

I’m hoping to kick off with a 172 start weight - will know that answer in 2 weeks :upside_down_face:.

Either way I’m firm on 25 as I think I’d be fasting too much with 30lbs, and 21lbs would be nice but I have a schedule to keep up and 25lbs pushes me just far enough out of my comfort zone and what “should” be 10 lbs left to go, where after refeed ups me to end goal in February.

I’d like to see 147 on the scale by winter solstice! :heart_eyes:

So, I need to also commit to 50 full fasting days for that half a lb a day loss. And may need more as my BMI is dropping. I will say though, I feel like my metabolism has kicked up and that will help me.

I’m going to go nutters with some 48’s and 72’s to keep the shuffle going and my body guessing.

There’s about to be a lot of stickies going on a wall​:rofl::rofl::rofl:.

I’m going to carefully plan around Thanksgiving week too. I’m going to want to enjoy a few days of leftovers, cause it’s all about the gobbler sandwich the day after, and my famous kansas corn scallop (my mouth waters just thinking about it).

And I’d be silly to think a piece of Halloween candy won’t pass my lips. And some wicked jello shots. So another plan around day.

25 lbs to lose somewhere in 90 days.
50 fasting days
Size 12 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And oh! The big to-do. Cut down on a cigarette smoking allowance. That should drive me bonkers :joy:. Need to crunch those numbers.

Everybody is welcome to join!

You have 2 weeks to plan and create your own goal and crunch your numbers.

We will have weigh ins September 22nd!

Fabulous prizes, parades, cats and dogs living in sin🤣 (ghostbusters).

Who’s ready to greet Santa in your skinny suit?


Consider me in 🙋🙋


Here’s a video on getting the 3 month plan together :heart:


Just watched the video and happened to have a planner to use… so, I’m joining the challenge you created! I’ve mixed in some ADF, OMAD and 3-5 day Fasts in there. Lets see how this goes!!


Me, I’m in!


I’m at 171.5 today so I know it’s possible! Key will be for me to hold on to it for the next 6 days. :smiley:

I will likely gain a few back at the beginning of this challenge as I’ll be in refeed next week but I’m good with that. It’ll flow back down quickly once I get going.

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I’ll play … :+1: I have only been doing this for 2.5 months OMAD 600 calories a day. Don’t know if I could go without food for a few days in a row. WE shall see…

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That’s ok! @GregT

It’s a creat your own challenge challenge :rofl:.

It’s 90 days to accomplish “something”.

You can just make a weight goal. Or maybe challenge yourself to 48 hours fast.

BTW - 600 calories is way too low. Unless You’re only 3-4 feet tall. Better off eating more calories/fat and doing longer fast time.

It’s about keeping the metabolism high and the number of insulin spikes per day low.

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ok I C I hate to be a pain, but what should I eating per meal in Calories?

I calculated my TDEE @ 2015 and BMR @ 1465 :thinking:


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It’s not about the calories. It’s about what and how you eat.

And after it’s a delay don’t deny - so you can have naughty things on occasion.

Do you prefer video or books to consume information? Sounds like you’re ready for some further studies :blush:. I can post you some video links if that’s your preference. Otherwise there’s a list of books here on the forum I believe.

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Video links would be great. And thankyou sooooo much.



I hope you have a look at these as I think it’ll be a good precursor for you to this challenge. :blush:

Personally I can watch/listen to them all day - the Dr Fung- because he just makes so much sense.

That should get you started.

I fast to reduce the number of insulin spikes.

When I eat, I don’t have a calorie limit - just eat very clean when coming out of a fast and until satiated.

The only time there’s a temporary calorie restriction advised is when coming out of a silly long fast - and then calories get upped every day during the refeed.

Perpetually eating 600 calories a day tells your body it will eat, but the pickin’s are slim. So it gives you less energy to expend and slows your metabolism. The whole point with fasting if done right it can actually increase your metabolism. This means you can eat more during maintenance in the end and have more energy.

Be sure to watch the longer Dr Fung video. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thankyou so much it is appreciated

Good morning!

Tomorrow begins kick-off.

I’m having a day of rest today, and some prep time.

This challenge will have more hour counting going on - like I get 1.5 Fasting days counted for 36 hours. I want to accustom myself to more control when I do feed and better portion sizes.

I’m hoping more frequent feedings will help me not feel the urge to taste some of everything in one day. It’s like I have an urge to taste 7 different meals in one day :rofl:.

I love his @Miramar thank you for setting this up!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::sparkling_heart: You rock!

@GregT Here is a resource for some useful books:

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Oh boy this seems interesting!

Ok I think I understand (?) The challenge date stretches to the 21/12 and we can individually choose our setup on what to focus on. It doesn’t mean 90 day fasting in one go :sweat_smile:

I’m assuming my body weight tomorrow being ~ 80 kilograms, maybe a little more becuase of recent intake. 12 weeks…hm, Oh I would love to reach 70 but I think that would stress me out to much. I also am moving when oct becomes nov so those days I certainly will not be fasting, dont want to risk being dizzy and all of that. 75 or less should be doable indeed though. And anything more than that, thank you Universe :wink: it itches to set a more “difficult” goal but I’m thinking that would not be to my advantage in the longer term. Better to take it in chunks. How to eat an elephant and all that…


  • Weight goal of 75 or less (loss of ~ 5 kg)
  • Complete at least 2 10 day WF’s
  • When settled in @ new apartment and digged myself out from the boxes: I’m planning to get some dumbbells and look at an at home beginner routine for some resistance training. So sub-goal is to purchase and get this “installed”. BONUS if I get going!
  • For mental health: Out of 90 days: complete atleast 10 meditations (I do them sometimes so why not)

And this thread for general accountability/check in then?


Yes! It’s here as a reminder of what your end goal is in 90 days, and to share your smaller victories along the way. And spill your guts, cause who am I going to tell? :joy:

There’s no way I’d want to fast straight through the next 90 days :rofl:.

However, if you tell me I should fast 50 accumulated days worth somewhere in the next 90 and I can break it up I think I can handle that.

Right now I feel the best progress with the 48’s and 72’s. A couple of 48’s a week will more than do it. But I know to not get too stuck in a specific groove right now. And I can rig things slightly with the 36’s or even some 60’s so that I’m sleeping off more of those fasting hours.

I’m not opposed to cutting stickies in half. I do want to tack them onto a 24 though when completing them to get the most out of them.


Looking forward to this!

My Goals for the next 3 months

  • Fast at least 10 days per month. Oct. Nov. Dec. (might be 48 or longer)

  • Get into the 140’s

  • On non-fasting days stick to eating window less than 6 hours, preferably OMAD


How does doing multiple short fasts feel? With the fasting symtoms I mean. Please enlighten me :slightly_smiling_face: or are they short enough that you just willpower it through?

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