REFEED TIPS 101 - KETO/OMAD - How to break your fast?

Some instructions that I have researched about re-feeding based on Dr. Daniel Pompano and others. This could vary based on the length of your fast, your weight etc.

Day 1:

500-800 calories

NO meat yet

NO RAW veggies yet

NO Grains

What to eat:

  • Cooked Veggies
  • Shakes
  • Berries
  • Olives
  • Olive oil/Butter
  • Grassfed Yogurt or Kefir
  • Avocado
  • Raw Nut Butter
  • Small amounts of fermented veggies

Day 2: 800-1000 calories

500-800 calories - Stay under 20g protein

NO meat yet

NO RAW veggies yet - can do small salad with oils

NO Grains

  • Same as day 1 + below
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Raw cheese grassfed
  • Eggs (but it’s 7g protein per egg)

Day 3

  • Meat + Eggs
  • Normal calories

Day 4-5

  • Maintain a ketogenic diet for 1-2 more months (you’re already in ketosis, might as well!)
  • Intermittent fasting - OMAD recommended for maintenance

Make sure you consult your physician and do your own research as well

THIS IS TYPICALLY WHAT DAY 1 looks like for me during refeed.

OMAD/Keto Day 1 Refeed Example:

  • Chinese broccoli
  • Homemade bone broth (I had already started drinking it before I took this picture)
  • Kimchi
  • Olives
  • Avocado
  • Raw nut butter


Thanks for the advice Yasmine about staying in keto for 1 or 2 months. But I can’t do that I have Thankssgiving, my birthday, and Christmas coming up. There’s usually a big celebration with family, and friends. I will have some carbs but I’ll keep them down to a minimum, and do IF probably OMAD​:+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s fine! Enjoy it a little bit but it’s a good idea to take advantage of it since you’ll already be in ketosis! Last year I made the entire christmas dinner in ketosis (in Canada we don’t have thanksgiving in November, so that’s a plus for me, one less holiday from now until 2020!) :pray: You can do this, OMAD IF sound like a good plan!

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I’m going to do another EF before Thanksgiving maybe 14 days, so I’ll get back into ketosis I’m sure​:+1::grin:

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Hi Yasemin!
First off love all your content and how much you are involved with all of your followers! You are so motivational and encouraging!
I’m currently on day 13 of my fast. My starting weight was 156lbs and as of today I’m down to 135lbs. I was planning on ending my fast on day 14, but I think I may keep going to 21 days because Im feeling pretty good still.
My question for you is what do you think about alternate day fasting OMAD. I plan on going into that when I break my fast but wanted to get an opinion from someone who is more of an experienced faster like you!
I would really appreciate any information you could pass on. Thank you so much!


I LOVE OMAD and ADF is incredible as well! Whatever is sustainable for you is a great idea! Some people get into a routine of ADF where they Fast like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, some people fast and eat every other day, some people fast during the week and eat on weekends only! There are unlimited options, it’s just about trying a couple and experimenting to see which method is sustainable for you!

CONGRATS on getting down to 135 that’s phenomenal! If you feel good, feel free to keep going, but listen to your body at this point! WOW! So proud of you <3

My best advice would just be to try a couple methods, none are BETTER than others per se. Some people also maintain a 3:3:1 type of routine weekly (3 days OMAD/KETO, 3 days fast, 1 day feast)

<3 Let me know which one you are trying out! Thank you so much for your kind message and for joining our community!


I should state I have an iron clad stomach. The number of food poisonings I’ve had in my life I could count on one hand (not including insane alcoholic inspired ones from my misspent youth) and I never have digestive problems.

Depends on the length of the fast.

For anything from 4 to 7 day fast:

Break fast with 2 cans of Vegetable and Beef soup to wake up the GI tract. 2 hours later I have a more substantial meal of scrambled eggs, sausage and hash browns or steak & broccoli with a small portion of white rice.

For my 40 day:

Break fast/Day 1 of ReFeed: 2 cans of Vegetable and Beef soup.
Day 2: Coffee w/stevia with some carbs followed 2 hours later: 2 cans of Vegetable and Beef soup.
Day 3: Coffee w/stevia with carbs followed 2 hours later with a more substantial meal of protein, fats and some carbs.
Follow the same daily 2-meal plan for the remainder of the 21 day ReFeed.

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My plan for day one is to break in the morning.

Here is the recipe I’m thinking of using:
1scoop vanilla flavored bone broth powder
1T unsweetened almond butter
1C almond milk

My question is should I use something else in place of the almond milk? If so what might be a better choice for day one in this smoothie?

I plan to drink hot bone broth and have some steamed veggies later, but I like the idea of doing something safe but a bit sweet first as a reward for my accomplishment.


Oats are easier to digest than nuts…

I’ve been wondering the same wavelength and was going to go with oat milk hahaha

I read this quickly and didn’t realize you were all talking about milk!!

For oats as a food, definitely a no-no due to carbs! Regarding oat milk and almond milk, let’s do some research! I’m more of an almond milk type of person! I haven’t tried or researched about oat milk though! I just stay away from carbs and anything carb related so assuming oat milk falls under that category! Will go research now!

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Okay this is exactly what I need. I know I can water fast. I just need to find a routine and stick to it when I re-feed. I am going to try this for sure. Thanks so much. Since I refed yesterday, Im going to start back on OMAD and get that mastered before I go back to Water Fasting.


@carryme Yes. I spend 11 days doing I.F., Time Restricted Eating and OMAD before going into Prolonged Water Fasting and then I worked up on longer and longer ones: 4, 5, 7 and then the 40.

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Perfect!!! :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: You have a great plan

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Love the visual! So helpful :slight_smile:

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Thanks girl!! Just saw your email!! Will respond as soon as I get home!! :pray::sparkling_heart:

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No worries, no rush, I know you’re a busy girl!