Fasting Stickies - Set up for Success

Hi everyone!!!

If you’re new to our community, you may have seen colourful sticky notes floating around in our Facebook Group, Instagram and Forum!

This system is a system I came up with during my first 21-day fast that I call “Fasting Stickies”!

It’s a system, that helps you mentally breakdown the different milestones into colour coded & numbered stickies to break the fast up into mini goals!


  • 3 days
  • 5 days
  • 7 days
  • 10 days
  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • etc.

Here is a video explaining Fasting Stickies


Love love LOVE this approach & your enthusiasm, thank you for this!


love this! I like the idea of making it a game and chunking it out in smaller goals


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: Glad you like it’s Melissa!!! So happy that you’re part of our family!


Yes exactly!!! It’s a game!

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I’ve got mine up broken down into 3’s. Today is the last of the first 3!!! Can’t wait to get through today!!


Amazing!!! :heart_eyes:

Awesome system!


Thank you; just soooo clever.

I’m motivated!!!


I only had 2 colours of stickies but I arranged them broken down into lines of five, so each row is a mini goal and day 21 is the final sticky!
I made one spot on the fridge and another for my mom who is doing a 7 day fast. It’s such a wonderful idea thank you!


Is there a reason to the specific days of your milestones? I am sort of guessing that the 3 day milestone is because of those are the “hardest” days hunger wise… but why 5-7-10-14-21?

I’d suggest it’s because these are the usual goals people aim for. There’s scientific reasons behind some, mental reasons behind others. And once you’ve got to a certain point… Adding a week doesn’t feel like it going to be that hard :joy:


I set up my stickers today.
Day 1 of my water fast. I am going for 21 days. I will update how I feel tomorrow.


Post a picture here if you want!! @Babylove

One thing I’ve noticed about My fasting Cravings/Hunger is that, I don’t feel hungry 24*7 … Its a particular time when my cravings got spiked… Usually its in between 10AM-12AM and 5PM-7PM… If I can manage myself to stay occupied during these 4hr time my cravings never disturb me…

So basically It’s not hard 24 hour …Its just 4 hrs which are hard🤔

Is it also happens with you guys ??

If yes what’s you guys do avoide your cravings???

I prefer to watch water fasting videos on YT during those hours​:smile::smile:No matter how many time I repeat the same video again and again​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::speak_no_evil:

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Please help me @Yasemin … I’m in day 8th of water fasting till day 5th I dropped 11 pounds… But from the fast 3days I Haven’t loose even a single pound😰…
Still I’m in the same weight as I was in day 5th i.e. 154 pound
Please help me ??? What should I do ? ? Should I need a break of 24 hour or something else.???

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Ive found it is due to water retention caused by hormonal changes. It will be OK and the loss will show in a few days.

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Yaa… Its due to water I got to know it … Thanx dear for your kindness :blush::blush: