The reefed plan - feel free to advise or tweak or add or remove stuff

The refeed plan

It seems like one way or the other I will need to end my fast in the next few days or so due to external circumstances. I want to break it properly. I need to break it properly.

Refeed Week 1
Day 1 – Water only and bone broth in the evening.
Day 2 – Green juice 1 bottle and bone broth in the evening. (all within a 4 – 6 hour window)
Day 3 – Green juice, Boiled vegetable soup, fermented veggies. If possible some bone broth, but its expensive for me. (all in a 4 – 6 hour window)— Start probiotics for 2 weeks.
Day 4 – Raw veggies, Fruits, Fermented foods (all in a 4 – 6 hour window)
Day 5 to 7 - 2MAD starts for the entire month. First meal is a veggie soup, green juice, salad or fruit. Send meal is normal home food without any gluten, diary or eggs. Outside the 4 – 6 hour window I will consume coffee, herbal teas and maybe lime water or mint water if it does not impact the if. Not sure if it does.

Refeed week 2 until week 4
Day 7 to 14 – Continue 2MAD or switch to OMAD occasionally.
Practice sublingual immunotherapy for all food intolerances with dairy, gluten and eggs. I will do it by putting a drop of milk, a minute piece of bread and a minute piece of an omelet and blend it with water. Have sips of that water daily so that the gut bacterial knows how to deal with these foods and there are no reactions. Will do this group of foods for 2 weeks and in the 3rd week will introduce these foods once a week in a very small quantity, like 1/6th of a bread slice on day one, some cheese on day 2 and a small piece of an omelet and then give a break for a few days and see if there are any reactions. Follow same pattern for next 2 months. I will add foods to the equation every week.

Please feel free to advise on the reed plan. I have always messed this part up… Especially let me know if there is anything that I can add to the plan that is easily available. Or let me know if something is plain wrong too. Need some guidance here. I read through the other posts, but my refeed needs to focus on gut health and food sensitives. This part to me is more important and harder than the fast itself.


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If you have a large Crock-Pot and can swing it, I’d recommend getting some bones, roasting them up, then stick in the crock and let it cook a couple of days.

Personally, I’m able to get chicken feet - no pre roasting required and toss in some carrot celery onions and let it cook a couple of days.

This can be done on the stove top as well, but just easier for me in the crock.

I make a large batch that lasts over a week.

Freeze portions in ziplock freezer bags.

So much cheaper than store bought, and can be seasoned how ever you want - tons of online tutorials.

You can use it as a base in your veggie soups.

I keep it on hand now to break all my fasts - even the shorter ones.

Yup that would be a great option, but my family is vegetarian and we do not bring any non vegetarian food into the house. I plan to buy and drink my broth outside - hence expensive. But today I will look for cheaper alternatives so that I can do it once a week at least.

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