Refeed. Coming out of water fast

Why there’s no separate category on refeed?

In my opinion, it’s very important for people to see what other people do and to choose what would better work for them.

It would be great to have examples from Yasemin and Apollo as well people who had done water fasting and reseeding many times.

It would be great to have examples of a refeed for 5-9 days for short and long water fasting anf coming out it.

Hope, someone would consider that…

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There’s an excellent one for vegans/vegetarians by Anna. Did I give that one to you already? It was endorsed by Yasemine.

The reason there is no separate category for refeed is it really depends on the person. I’ve seen so many different approaches and as you noted it also depends on how experienced a person’s body in the fasting/refeed cycles.

Let me know and I’ll give you the link. Its buried in Water Fasting.


I saw a good YouTube video I’m going to attempt following. It’s a guy and his daughter when you feel it.

It was her first fast and I think she wound up doing 40 days or something.

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I saw their YouTube channel. Inspiring story. The question is were they able to maintain their gains @Miramar ?

@Compdude it wasn’t the first time for the dad.

They also recommend 6 months between the 40 day fasts.

I salute them. I survived a 40-day. I will NEVER do another 40-day. Besides it being the ultimate willpower test and being able to say I did the Jesus fast (40 days of water and walking), you can get the same health benefits with shorter prolonged fasts.


@Compdude I agree after what I’ve read. This fast I think is a good length as I’m wanting to reset. Still trying to decide on a monthly fast between 3-5 days through the summer. Will be ADF the rest of the month.


Thank you for your reply.

I understand that, but it’s such an important part of the whole process and even if there are so many different approaches, why they are not presented here, at the forum?

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They are but they’re scattered. I’d go lobby @Yasemin as she’s admin and can establish a NEW catergory.

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I agree, forum is very small and I just built it a few months ago all by myself, so didn’t know which categories to put. Just wanted to volunteer and build a free forum for our community. Great suggestion, just added a REFEED section (because it IS the most important part of fasting) If you search refeed in the search bar you’ll see some posts about refeed and refeed check-lists etc. with photos!

Again, please be patient with me and feel free to make suggestions under the “site feedback” section (that’s where these type of suggestions go! I built this forum just as a free tool for the community all by myself while working a full time job and doing this as a hobby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@Compdude @immkoro


Why it’s not included anywhere in the forum?

Oh my God!!! That’s awesomely good!

Thank you so much for hearing me! And thank you for your time helping us, desperate people to save our lives!
If it wouldn’t be you, honestly, I would continue living my miserable life being obese.

But because of that 1 (!!!) video, I am changing to what I was 3 years ago.

Thank you so much…

That’s why you do that. For others…

What video is that??

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I have no idea…

Could you, please send me Anna’s refeed that was endorced by Yasemin? I would be glad to use it, as the past has shown me, that is where I have messed up in the past.

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Here you go!