January 1st NO BULLSHIT Accountability Group

I’m in, no excuses!
My life has been too delayed for so long already, I want to be the best version of myself

Mini Goal: 3 days Keto OMAD to prepare myself to 7 days water fasting

2021 Resolutions

  1. I haven’t had my period for more than 7 months already, I want to cure my PCOS and salvage my life
  2. They always just call me cute cause they can’t say I’m pretty. I want to be 45kgs with my 5ft height.
  3. Have an average of 10,000 steps everyday!

I’m in no excuses
9 Days Water only with nothing added
January 2,2021
My longest water only fast was 21 Days in January 2020


I’m in and absolutely no excuses!
My plans for the New Year 2021

  1. Keto for 3 days then a extended fast for as long as I’m able to go.
  2. I want to lose 50 pounds.
  3. On my eat days: find ways to be active. (Cleaning, walking, organizing, yoga, ect…)
  4. Journal daily to hold myself accountable.
  5. Save more money and pay of credit cards using debt snowball method.
  1. I want to do rolling 72 hour fasts until I hit my goal, then switch to OMAD or ADF for maintenance.
  2. New Year’s resolutions: Lose all the weight, learn to maintain and not yo-yo ever again, be a better wife and mother

Let’s do this! I’m starting today by switching over to keto/carnivore until the 1st, then I will start my first 72 hour fast.


I’m in for a fast from Dec 27 for 30 days. If I don’t wake up and smell the coffee now, I never will. Tired of having a zillion Day Ones (Sundays) under my belt but no benefits from sticking it out.

I can’t change Covid. I can’t change how hectic it feels having a toddler and no where to go with him to enjoy the time vs just endure it. I can’t change that all of my family is feeling cooped up. I can’t change that things aren’t going well for my husband’s company.

The only thing I can change is: Myself.


  1. Successfully complete my fast, call my sister daily to stay accountable.
  2. Wear jeans more and save leggings for evenings/weekends. Too much stretch waistbands in my wardrobe. :slight_smile:
  3. Let my husband see more of my body and enjoy it, and I can feel confident again.

My journal all ready to go for hitting the year hard. I’ll be doing prep between now and the first


I took pictures of my gut this morning. It makes me sad, but I read somewhere on here the before pictures are just us loving ourselves through the journey. I have never taken this step before, I think not taking it let me stay in denial-mode. Glad I have an official reference point.


I’m in, no excuses! :grin:
I want to fast for 14 days. :facepunch:t2: And then maintain with OMAD and ADF

Main new year’s resolutions are:

  1. Gym consistently and work on fitness :weight_lifting_woman:
  2. Develop healthier habits with less sugar and more discipline
  3. Improve budgeting

I’m in, no excuses :grin:
I want to fast for 30 days and then maintain with OMAD and if possible depending on my work schedule ADF.
My top three resolutions are:

  • Stop the binging and nocturnal eating
  • Successfully complete 2x 30days fast at starting January 1st and then again on June 1st
  • Using other avenues apart from food to deal with my anxiety / fears
    Let’s do this :muscle:

Link to my Daily Journal : 30day fast - January 1st NO BULLSHIT Accountability Group


I was in but I guess now I’m out:


I’m in no bullshit. Hi I am going to try doing a 30 day water fast. I discovered water fasting this year and I did a 14day water fast then 3 seven day water fasts and I lost a lot of weight but then I binged and now my weight it 10 kg more than the one I started with this year so my weight is 70 kg and I’m 5’2 sooooooo yeah that’s not good BUT I WILL DO THIS


I’m in, no excuses!

I want to fast till I start my new job on January 17th. I’m beginning my fast tomorrow to get in an extra three days and bump it up to a 20 day fast.

Resolutions for 2021:

  • lose weight through water fasting followed by healthy eating and mild calorie restriction to return to pre-quarantine weight
  • do at least half an hour of pilates a day after fast to build muscle, keep physically active and maintain weight loss
  • overcome sugar addiction by avoiding added sugars and refined carbs following fast


Happy New Year’s!


pre quarantine weight…hear ya on that!

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I’m in, no excuses!
14 days

  1. make peace with food and body
  2. meditate regularly
  3. fasting 1 week por months

Cant wait I’m planning on doing (4)- 7 day fast consecutively , I just hope I won’t get an upset stomach because I want to take a hair vitamin while on the fast to prevent hair loss.

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What vitamin do you take for your hair?

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I have been here before, Every month is the month I say I am going to do 14days+ And yet I have never made it past 7 days. The last 3 weeks have been the worst my diet has been, smoking, eating trash, and once again I am ready for this coming Jan 1st challenge. I am laughing because I know it;s the same ole story but this time I have no excuses. I have to beat my 7 day record. I am going to realistic and not say 14 days.

The only incentive I have right now is that in the UK we just had a complete lockdown so my plans for the gym next week are out of the window. I have no choice but to fast.

I wish everyone good luck - I can’t see any bigger motivator than Jan 1st. Many are going to smash it :muscle:


I’m in, no excuses!!

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I’m in, no excuses!

I want to do rolling 72’s:

Main new year’s resolutions are:

  1. work on fitness

2.Improve my food habits

Journal: Vasavi- Daily Journal


Exactly!!! When you all take your before pictures:

Be positive and love yourself!!

Think like this! It’s just about thanking your body right now for making you the compassionate, strong, sexy badass that you are now!!! With the amazing personality and kindness that you have and saying, “thank you dear gut for shaping my character, I am now ready to shed the gut, and keep my kind personality and be compassionate towards others with similar struggles and insecurities as me!”