I'll just take a seat here for a while

Very happy to find a forum with the primary focus on the water fast.

I’ve not started yet. Getting myself prepared first, and using up stuff in the fridge.

Saw the video with the post it notes. Loved it!

Was trying to decide how far to carry the fast. I think 21 is a good max goal as it’s going to take a week to refeed properly so it’s really more like a 28 day process.

Likely going to start this coming Sunday or Monday.

Spending time to continue studying up.

I’m looking to use this experience to kick me back into the up day down day cycle.

The external climate with all that has been happening has made me stay home and just eat, drink, and sleep.

My wardrobe is not cooperating :rofl:

Summer is on way and this will be a good jump start I believe.

I’ve done very well with low carb in the past. But the calorie counting and tracking is a LOT of work. I think the beauty of the water fast is the simplicity and not worrying about prepping food, preparing food, cooking, washing dishes. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Sounds like you’re taking the proper steps to be successful. Btw, how many prolonged fasts have you done in the past?

Hi @Compdude!
Nothing longer than 72 hours, and that wasn’t “planned” but was more of being in deep ketosis from low carbing and just finding a sort of sweet spot of not having any hunger.

The past few days I’m eating the same but with Florida heat kicking in I’ve noticed my water/fluid intake naturally increasing.

I did low carb last year in the fall - not for myself but for a neighbor at the time who was struggling with her diet. A month later I lost weight and she unfortunately was stuck in a yoyo - told her to ditch the coke zero, and days that she did got success but then she decided those were a reward for days she lost and she’d drink them again. She had other issues too, like not realizing frozen veggies that come in sauce are not really low carb. I went through her fridge and explained to her everything needed to be logged but it was too much for her.

Anyway, I dropped back out as my weight wasn’t a top concern at the time.

And back in 2007 I’d lost 77lbs with the low carb as well. So I know that works, but I’m a bit of a foodie who likes to cook so I’d gone back to old eating habits.

I started looking into up day down day routines in the past couple of years - and have done those on some short stints. But I’m feeling like I need a good cleanse and complete flush out lately. And I believe the body can regenerate properly if given a complete break from digesting.

I get the GAIA channel and there’s some great shows that discuss autophagy and the benefits of pure fasting.

I’m in a good place where at the moment I decide my own schedule and can just rest and meditate and no one to answer to but myself.

I’m in all the stretchy part of my wardrobe and annoyed :rofl: so a good time to mix things up with a real challenge.


You should do well. Just keep in mind since fasting, by its nature is stressful on the body, you need to build up that fasting muscle.

After an 11-day period of increasingly stricter intermittent fasting schedules (16:8, 18:6, 20:4 and OMAD) I then embarked on increasingly longer prolonged fasts of 4, 5, 7 and my BIG boss challenge of 40-days.


Checking in today for the ramp up.

So I’m at that age where my hormones are all kinds of out of whack.

At the beginning of the “lock down” period, my TOM decided to go into lockdown as well and I thought perhaps THE CHANGE was happening :joy:

Then magically TOM returned ironically on the same day as our state went into stage one reopening, and decided to come back magically suddenly again (after 18 days) this past week after I declared I wanted to do a water fast.

Want to credit the initial disappearance to the mental stress. Other factors definitely contributed such as my last living immediate family member passing away just after Christmas. We had a service for her in January. I had a birthday in February but virus news was already encroaching and I knew it was going to be an issue. I only went out shopping twice for supplies, and the stress of going into the store was such a mind trip.

I’m so ready now to clear my head.

I want to do a proper recording of this challenge as well when I begin, and I just ordered some fun new equipment but a piece was missing (clamp to hold a microphone to the desk) so have that item on reorder. It’s supposed to appear Sunday.

I’m thinking to record a bit of a video daily journal and then edit it down at the end for a fun piece to share.

Also, typically I just use keto strips to check my ketosis status, but debating getting one of those fancy prick the finger monitors so looking at those today.

Stocking up on the spring water. The store limits the amount I can buy so it’s several trips to stock up. I have a ZERO water filter as well, but bottled spring water convenience will be my daily treat.

I want to feel ready that I don’t have any need to drive anywhere for the next month once I start. Reducing the temptation factor.

Some time today or tomorrow I also need to begin to migrate the perishables downstairs to the neighbor.

My primary focus is giving my body a solid reset. Dropping a few lbs will be a nice side effect, but it’s not my biggest goal.

I’m very much into the Gaia channel, and currently I’m studying a bit of Dr. Joe Dispenza - audio book Breaking the habit of being yourself. Using meditations and awareness to rewire the brain.

I have so many projects to do around my house that there is definitely no way to feel bored on any given day. I’m about 400 yards to the beach and think I’ll schedule myself a daily walk over there.

The current (not set in stone) master plan is to begin Monday.

Ideally I’d make my 21 days, ease back in with a gradual week of refeeding, and carry through the summer with IF. And a martini on July 4th of course. :stuck_out_tongue:


Finished some leftovers, and fridge is getting cleaned out! Tomorrow is trash night, so the stars are going into alignment.

Might do some container gardening during my stint. Will be exciting to plant and watch things grow.

Realized I have some video courses to catch up on so my virtual plate will be more than full.


I believe I’ve had my last meal for a while, and pumped to start tomorrow!

Going out in the morning to run some last errands while I still have my wits about me. LOL, other than my morning coffee which is cancelled until further notice, I likely won’t feel anything different as I don’t typically eat till late afternoon.

Watching a live Dr chat atm about Fasting and Covid 19. They are discussing how fasting is connected to nutrition and BMI and perhaps reduce susceptibility to the virus, although no studies have been done yet.

Will be doing a weigh in in the morning.


The list of underlying causes for SARS-CoV-2 hospitalizations all have one thing in common. They all stem from impaired/compromised metabolic health. I suggest if you want to find out more look up Dr Peter Attia.


Good morning!
It’s a great day to start a water fast. :slightly_smiling_face:

Weight start is 223. It’s an area of top weight where my body stalls to gain anymore weight at.

For reference, my best height is 5’6.

Going in a hunt for my tape measure for the belly roll.

I’m going to run some errands, pop in some laundry, meditate, and study on some videos.

Oh, and want to decide on small goal rewards. Like a haircut, and pedicure which haven’t happened since January :rofl:. There’s some software and other things I’ve been meaning to get so definitely want a rewards list.

A first reward will be awarded Thursday after these first 3 days.


Went shopping, got more water, and lollygagged in the store a bit.

Got some more colored post it notes and these cool clear ones.

Deciding where to stick everybody up.

Just awoke from a nap.

Took a couple pics with my bathing suit on.

Came on to see what time I posted last night. I want to say I had actually stopped eating before 8 so will call it 8pm and the first 24 done!

Call me nutters but think I have a mild keto headache going already which is worse when I put my glasses on which I’ll attribute to fat head. :rofl:

I was up till 2am last night on the phone to a friend and was already hitting up the water. Friend said she wanted to join too but wanted to justify having wine. LOL.

Anyhow, day one and done!

20 to go.


Good morning! What a great day to be on a fast!

Here’s a funny number. 217.5. boy, was I full of my self. :joy:

Debating going fishing with the neighbor.

Didn’t get the laundry done so that’s on the list again.

Keeping eye on getting through today in a mindful way. My guts are thanking me right now. They got a rest.

My knees have been begging me to drop a few lbs too. I have a trick one that likes to pop on me when I’m not paying attention.

Drinking my faux coffee (a bottle of water). I just pretend it’s a hot steamy cup of creamy coffee. My mouth feels hot just thinking about it.

Off to finish my “coffee” and dump in some laundry before the Florida heat hits. Humid out already.

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So I took a morning nap and it happened.

I had a dream that I wasn’t paying attention and I accidentally ate some candy. And I felt guilty in the dream and was spitting it out. And then dreamed I woke up and still had the candy in my mouth.

I just woke up for real and realized it was a dream in a dream. I am so amused with myself.:rofl:


The body pulls no punches and uses every trick in the book to protect itself.


I so tasted it! It was juicy and tart in my cheek. Like a fruit roll-up.
I’m not even feeling hungry. I do enjoy tasting things. Lol. May need to ducktape my mouth before bed just to assure myself.


I can’t help but laugh. Love your sense of humor & your name. I once had a dream I was handcuffed and a brownie tried to brush itself against my mouth. I woke up to my foot kicking the bed :joy:. Smh. I agree with @Compdude our bodies want nothing to do change and discomfort smh.


Holy cow! Finally got the post-it notes up and some laundry in.

Noticing the water bottles piling up. May just refill some with my filtered water.

Still debating my reward after day 3.

I’m going to save the pedicure for the end. Last time I had one was January to go to my sister’s funeral. There’s still a smidge of polish left so I’m going to let that grow out.

Dying for a haircut, but I think that’s a day 7 or 10 reward.

Hmm. Maybe a massage. I need to work on a rewards list.


Lol :clap:t5:

Day 2 is done!

Evil is still coming out of me. Terrible evil.

Neighbor already says I look less bloated in the face.

Stomach is still huge though. Lots of water sloshing.

Trying to stay awake a couple more hours so I can sleep hard.

Day three will be first baby milestone. So excited!


Good morning!

What a perfect day to be on a fast.

Day 3 is well on way.

Looks like a new schedule is happening. Waking up at 4am. And will likely be passed back out again in a few hours.

Weight: 215.5

Morning meditation went well. Felt my body heating up. Going for two a day I think.

Belly felt like a giant tube tire I just wanted to pull off.


Found this little nifty app.

Funny to see how many hours are left. Not sure if I would be better off not looking at it.

My short attention span is just looking forward to taking down my sticky note at 8pm.