Would love a first time water fasting buddy!

Any first timers? I know the people in my life won’t support this despite the research I’ve shared with them so I’m looking for support and a water fasting buddy here to help keep motivated!


Hey! I’ve never done an extended water fast before either. I was thinking of starting a 2 day fast (today until Wednesday evening) so I’d love to be your accountability buddy :slight_smile:

Hi! I’m actually going to start after Thanksgiving and I want to do a 30 day water fast. I know that’s ambitious but I’d like to start focusing on one week at a time. I can still be accountability buddies with you though!

I’m not exactly a first time but I’m planning on starting an extended water fast on Friday 25th and do it until Dec 23rd. Almost 30 days. We could support each other… I know how important support yes. I’ve been trying to do an extended water fast since August and the longest I was able to was 7 days :pensive: I did a 20 day one in the beginning of the year. I really need to lose weight and detox so maybe some of my health/hormones issues is fixed.

I’d love to be accountability buddies with you! I’m starting on Sunday, the 27th though. Is it okay with you that I’ll be a little late? The longest I’ve gone was 4 days so I guess it’s not technically my first time but I didn’t count it! But wow, 7 days is impressive! A whole week is a long time! I need to lose weight and detox too cause I just feel so much more sluggish now and know it’s because of my weight and eating.

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It’s completely okay. Hopefully I’ll be on day 3. I plan on starting tomorrow(25th) but I might just start on the 26th because I need some planning and I like to eat a health meal before starting. I’ll see how I feel tomorrow.

I’ll be checking in here with you then.

I know exactly how you feel. I’m always feeling bad about myself, eat a bunch of junk food and as soon as I finish, I regret it. It’s a never ending cycle that I need to end. I have a trip on February(it’s also my birthday) and I want to look my best and feel good and healthy. I have 30kg to lose to reach my goal weight, I know it’s a lot and I might not be able to lose that until February but my goal is at least half of that by then.

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Are you doing low carb, omad, vegan, or any type of specific eating?

I know I said that I’d start yesterday but that didn’t go as planned. I’m officially starting today. Just finished my last meal. Tomorrow I have things to do and I’m afraid to end up eating but I’ll try to be strong this time. I can do this!!!

Isabella, have you started? I have. By going to bed :slight_smile: seriously, every day is a TOTAL start over for me. I’ll take a picture of the scale in the morning if you take one of yours. Sound good?

I used Healthy Wage to bet I could reach my desired weight. Betting money REALLY works. But I bet accountability works better. That’s why I’m here.

Yeah. I know the feeling. Every day I have to start over. I don’t know what’s been happening, I was so disciplined before. I weighted 80.4kg today😔 I didn’t take a pic because I didn’t see the message before but I can take one tomorrow:)

That’s a good ideia. But I don’t know if it’d work for me haha I need to get my focus back. I can do anything when I put my mind to it. But my mindset hasn’t been the best lately and I think that’s the main problem. Psychology is everything during a extended water fast

Ok, well get your focus back and let me know so I can use your success to help me. Right now, i do better when I hear about other people’s success :raised_hands:

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Apologies for the delay! I’m starting today! I want to lose 50 lbs. (about 27 kg) so around the same amount as you! Totally get wanting to lose weight by your trip. I want to lose weight by March for my birthday too! I’m actually going to do a straight water fast till

How was your first day yesterday? You can 100% do this and we’ll do it together! I’m nervous about wanting to emotionally eat or eat out of boredom but we got this! I’ll check on you and update everyday. If you’re up for it, maybe it will be easier to email but if you’re not comfortable and prefer to stay in contact here I totally get it! We’re dong this together!


Ok. Here we go. I’m already not proud of myself today. But I WILL weigh myself in the morning. And the fast will begin!! I want to be thin like a professional athlete. I want to be quick, and active, and full of life. I’ll include a picture of me when I liked my weight. I, I mean WE can do this!



Yeah. I get that. I love watching success videos.
I ended up eating today😔 I’m working, and the people I’m working with bought food so I ate with them. But I’m officially starting tomorrow. Already finished eating for today. One meal is enough.


I ended up not starting and I technically started today. But the official day is tomorrow. I just finished the last meal and now I am focused and sure. I need to change my life. I feel gross and guilty.

So you pretend to water fast until March?
I wish I could but I’m saying till December 23rd because of Christmas. It’s a while thing in my family and it’ll be really hard not to eat Christmas food that I just have once a year.

We can definitely email each other, even messages. I don’t know if you use whatsapp or Telegram. Those are pretty common where I’m from. I’ll try to send you a private message here so we can share info.


Yes I what’sapp. A family friend came by the house yesterday talking about health and eating habits. She buys all her meals from people who make their money off of her purchases. But the problem… no accountability! The world around us is happy for us to fail at this. But fasting is so smart, and reasonable, AND CHEAP. At least you’ll know what you’re doing makes total sense to me!