Would love a first time water fasting buddy!

I’m just 18 yrs old girl and my weight is 120 kg and I want to do a fast of a month
Would you like to do it with me


I know you’re directing this post to someone else. I just want you to know that I am positively influenced by ANYONE who is successful in this fasting lifestyle.

Yes, we can all do it together. When are you starting?

Just realized i said “I’m actually going to do a straight water fast till” but I meant too* not till! Haha, no I’m only doing a water fast till the 21st! I want to do a full 30 days but same, Christmas is preventing me from doing so! After the holidays I want to continue doing a water fast for maybe another 1-2 weeks depending on how much weight I end up losing. I’m planning on losing 60 lbs even though my goal weight is at a 50 lbs loss cause I know once I start eating regularly again I will gain at least 10 lbs. Sorry I’m in the US so we don’t use the metric system. I know we should! :confounded:

I’ve never used whatsapp or telegram but I’ve heard of whatsapp and I can download it and we can communicate that way! What’s everyone’s timezones? I’m in Los Angeles, CA in the US!

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Yes, we can all do it together! Today was my first day! When do you start?

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Here I am… day one.


It’s okay. I’m used to the US system too haha I lived there for a few years during college.

I’m in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil now.

Yeah, I just asked because whatsapp is a messaging app and the response would be faster. I can send my phone through the private message and if you download it, you can message me.

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It’s official!! Let’s do this

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Sounds good. Send me your number. :+1:

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My phone isn’t working right now so I can’t do whatsapp till next week! In the meantime, if you want we can email! Just private message me so we can exchange emails or we can continue to update here for now. Day 1 down for me and almost done today! We got this! We will reach our goal!

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Day 2

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I’m back just to update everyone and be honest.
Yesterday I went to my mom’s and she made me eat but I restarted right after and I’m focused now.

My official stats are as follow:

Start Fast: Tuesday, 29th
Start Weight: 80.2kg
Goal: minimum 21 days(I wanted more, but I have to break before Christmas and go through the reefed process before Christmas eve)

You’re going to improve with each day, each food refused, each temptation rejected.

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