Workout with fast

Is it okay to workout and work during a fast


Sorry nobody answered you prior to this.

YES, you can exercise while fasting . . . . BUT . . .
(1) Keytones give you basically an unlimited amount of low-intensity energy, but you will not be able to do High-Intensity exercise, like running up hills.
(2) If you are trying to lose weight, you ABSOLUTELY want to exercise at least a couple hours per day as a brisk walk or biking. Your goal is to keep your heart rate in the “fat burning zone”, which is roughly 90-120 beats per min. Every minute you go OVER say 140 bpm, your body switches OFF the burning of stored fat, and switches over to converting amino acids into Glucose, which your cells need for the higher intensity workout.

I have lost 60 or so pounds so far over the last 3 months by water fasting for 14 to 21 days at a time, and refeeding for a week (strict keto) between the fasting periods. So, I’ve been in ketosis for 3 months, and exercised every day. Today I slow jogged 12 miles!, which I could not think about doing 3 months ago. Now that I am near my goal weight and in good shape, it takes a bit more to get into the fat-burning zone, so I slow jog rather than just walk. But, my point is that you should be doing LOW-intensity exercise for as many hours per day as you can manage to maximize fat burning.
(3) Remember to increase your Electrolytes, vitamins, and mineral supplements the more you exercise.
(4) It is true that IF you do get into a “cardio” (anaerobic) zone when you exercise, your are still doing good by depleting your glycogen storage in the liver and muscle cells, which will need replaced after you finish.

Hope that helps!
Clint in Sac