When is Vinegar not Vinegar? (AKA: What about non-ACV vinegars?)

Hello WFF!

I started my first ever fast today, and going for 21 Days.

In all my fasting research, everyone talks about Apple Cider Vinegar for its various benefits.
BUT, I love all things pickled, and often drink straight Pickle Juice, which is salty and has zero calories.

Is there something special about ACV, or are the benefits exclusively from 6-7% Acetic Acid?
White wine, Balsamic, Rice, and other vinegars have similar acetic acid content, so wouldn’t they all provide similar health benefits?

I know canning/pickling vinegars have about 5% acidity, so couldn’t we just consume slightly more than we would ACV to get the same acetic acid volume?

Please share any science or thoughts!

Clint in Sac

Also, do Salt & Vinegar Kettle potato chips break a fast? . . . . . ugh , , , nevermind . . .


I think part of it is the Braggs are health crusaders who have been touting the benefits of their ACV for decades so it’s just really well-known and associated with health for that reason. Also, the unpasteurized stuff with the mother contains beneficial bacteria. If you’re using pasteurized vinegar without the mother, it won’t have those bacteria.

As for the potato chips…if only they didn’t…

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