Water fasting for 25 days

I have been trying to do water fasting since 23 December 2020 the maximum Hours I have reach is 36 hours and I ate but this time I don’t want to make anymore excuses and do something for myself because I’m 24yo and I weigh 98 Kgs I want to drop down till 80 Kgs at first so I’m going to start my water fasting again from today that is 4 Jan2021 3:30 PM is the last time I ate. So let’s go. I’ll post my picture and weight everyday if it’s possible in here because i don’t know how this website works cause I’m new… Wish me luck if anyone saw this it would be a moral boost for me … Thankyou


Good luck! You can do this :muscle:t5:

Good luck !! I started yesterday at 6:30 PM. I’m going to take pics tomorrow :blush: