Want to be "fat to fit"

Hey y’all,
New here. But so inspired by you all. I’m really struggling with binge eating and laxative use cycle. So now I’m trying OMAD and I wish I do it without being guilty or purging. I have tried water fasting before… longest being 4 days fast but then I binged and was in a lot of pain physically and mentally. I really hope I accomplish the July month for OMAD diet. I’m thinking of trying dinner as my meal for the day.
Anyone on omad do give me pointers. :blush:


Hi @Gwen19
Welcome! I’m fasting at the moment day 5/21, but when I’m finished, I’ll go back to OMAD and will join you here. I love OMAD! I normally just eat for 1 hour. First, I have my smoothie, while I finish cooking (last 15 minutes) and then I have my huge meal and eat till I’m full and without any guilt.
Take care.


When I was on OMAD, I found that the best time for me physically and for my work life was mid-day. I know Yas goes for dinner time. So its a matter of determining what’s the best time that fits your schedule and body.


Thanks for your support guys

Day 1

Weight : 59 kgs (130lbs)
Mornin was all fine. But now at noon I feel like eating something but controlling myself, drank a lot of water. I guess I’ll eat around mid noon. Let’s see what happens.
Weight wise I’ll check only one a week or else I’ll be obsessed with not losing the weight.
Sad part is I don’t have healthy food no fruits too to just binge on that. Is it okay to binge on fruits?

I had my omad meal now at noon. I ate between 1 and 2p.m .I didn’t exactly binge but I kept on eating rill the end of the hour. Now I’m really full. Should I workout today or first get accustomed to diet change and start working out?


Better fruits than the alternative!

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Hey guys
I’m so happy that I did my omad successfully today. I ate around 2p.m more like a binged for an hour, later I slept. But by 7 I felt to e as t again but I controlled and drank a lot of water. Now I’m so proud of myself that although I binged at least I only ate once… I try tomorrow to prep my meal beforehand itself so that I don’t binge on whatever I find.

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Slow and consistent is the way. Just focus on improving a little more each day.

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Thank you so much for the support.
Tomorrow most probably I’ll go get some fruits.

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Today I ate more than one meal :neutral_face::cry::disappointed_relieved:
Then later I thought - anyways I have eaten two meals so better eat snacks and all too. I’m so angry and dissapointed at myself.!

Hey guys,
Doing water fast tomorrow. So should I do salt water flush in the morning??
Plus any tips so I don’t binge in the evening just carry on with the fast as far as I can…?

So anyways I fasted for 20hrs but then I ate but this time I didn’t binge. I didn’t do salt water flush too. I just ate a big plate of food bit ate slowly and didn’t binge… So happy :blush:


Congratulations! It gets easy as you progress. I’m currently doing 20-21 hours per day. Sometime when I’m busy, I make it to 23 hours.

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Hi guys
Tried omad but couldn’t do it everyday but I did for few days continuously. The days I didn’t do I just ate raw fruits and vegetables the whole time and cooked meal as once per day.
I’m happy for this but still have a long way to go. Hoping for a great week ahead.
Thanks y’all for support :blush::blush:

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Hey y’all
Today I did omad and so proud of it. Had it as my supper at around 5-6:00 p.m. But I did overeat I felt and had more of sweet stuff. Surely will improve on that. Exercise is one more thing that I need to work on . Hopefully I’ll keep this up :sweat_smile:

Gwen hows it going? I have been on OMAD 600 calories for 2 and a half months. I went on OMAD after trying different cycles for a month and when my cravings went away I went to OMAD. I eat LCHF (low carbs High fat) The more proteins I eat it fills me up and I don’t feel hungry. I am drinking lots and lots of water, coffee (appetite suppressant). Sometimes not always when I still fell hungry after my meal i wait 15 minutes for my brain to catch up to my stomach and after those 15 minutes I m ok.

I am sure you will be fine, when your hungry water or coffee and I think you will find after awhile those feelings will dissipate. The more busier you are the less you will notice.

Just my take on this, after this time the swelling in my calves and feet have gone away I feel a lot better mentally, even my wife said your not AS grumpy as you were.

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Hey Greg,
Thank you so much for all the pointers. I’ve kept my omad …it’s generally between 4-5pm sometimes I have for 2hours or so… Cause I eat slowly and mostly I eat snacks… Maybe slowly I’ll improve on my diet…
True that the days I’m busy I don’t think that I’m hungry. But I don’t know why I don’t drink water that much… One day I just drank water with my omad meal and not other time of the day… But now I’m mindful of drinking water

I have one question though…
Guys is it okay not to have bowel movement everyday during on omad??

As far as BM’s go For me I’m lucky if I have one every 3 days.


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Oh okay… I too get once in three days :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Hey y’all
Starting water fast today… Hoping for at least 3+days of fasting. After long time so I’m sure it’s gonna be tough. :expressionless: