Vomiting after 7 day water fast

I was trying to push to 21 day but almost passed out at work so I decided to break it once I got home after work… does anyone else have experience in this? Immediately after I ate I got so shaky and ran to the restroom and threw it all up. My stomach is still so upset tmi I’ve also had the runs. I broke my fast with ground beef cheese roll ups in hopes that I would stay in ketosis. Help please.

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refeed is just as important as the fast itself. Start out with some broth, maybe some nut butters, avocado

Cheese and meat straight away are a bit harsh in the stomach.

Your digestive system has been asleep.

Bone broth, and as mentioned above avocado and the nut butters. Also some well cooked veggies (you can butter and season). Fatty olives.

Save the cheese for after a couple of days.

You’ll want a gradual refeed for 3-4 days for a 7 day fast.

The runs are normal.

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