Urgent help Please

Today is my 5th day of Waterfasting… Everything was smooth till now… But today I need to go under a medication and I think now I’m almost out of the ketosis​:sob::sob::sob::sob:
cause a huge pimple developed in my arm area 10days before only…I was waiting for it to cure by itself… but It’s pain increasing day by day , So I consulted with a doctor today… I got the homeopathy medicine for it… And the medicine is almost like tiny sugar balls dipped in a liquid… and its taste was sweet… however there is a huge improvement in my pimple after consuming the medicine…

But I think my fast was broken today by it​:sleepy::sleepy::sleepy:… Normally I can feel a fruity kind of taste on my tongue during ketosis days… But that taste almost gone :hot_face::hot_face:

Please tell me whether I’m still in ketosis or just kicked out of it ??? :pray::pray::pray:. The medicine was almost approx 10-15 grams…

It’s impossible for us to know.

Maybe order some keto strips on Amazon they can help you monitor it.

I doubt it has kicked you out… Depends how much suger, how regularly you have to take them and weather your insulin levels are messed with too much.

There is no shame in breaking a fast to take medicine.

Chin up xx


Thanx for your response dear… from the next time I will keep keto strips with me… from today again I’ve started as Day 1… and yes now I can feel some mild symptoms of ketosis… That’s may be Because my body’s glycogen sources already depleted during my last 5days fast…