Time for a rest? OMAD

Hi I have been fast OMAD for 2.5 months now I have lost to date 32 lbs. I m on a LCHF regiment. Lately I have been been missing foods that I like, like sanwiches, pizzas, etc etc. to the point were I wanna cheat. I don’t want tooooooo.

Should I take a rest from the fast and enjoy some of the foods I miss (NOT GORGING MYSELF). OR be more persistent with my Fasting. I don’t have a problem when I am not eating, its when I have that 1 meal a day I crave other foods.


Might be time to mix it up.

Lchf works in weight loss mode, but isn’t sustainable for me for the long term.

I try to plan my super feast days. Like next week I plan a dinner party with corned beef, cabbage, and definitely potatoes! And there will be bread.

The key is to not get stuck in it and get back to the plan.

I’m not doing OMAD right now but actually working my way down to it. And there’ll be almost 5 days of refeed going on before I reach that party which will be low carb.

It’s a delay don’t deny lifestyle.

With that much experience behind you I’m sure you have the confidence to treat yourself and get back to your plan.

Thank you, you are correct, why deny myself, I am just impatient to get to my goal weight another 40 or so to go. But as they say Roman wasn’t built in a day.


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I have 30 more to lose, but may pop back up a few lbs next week. It just drives me harder when I pop back in.

I have a schedule to keep to, but I have until February to get there at this point.

I’m factoring in Thanksgiving and halloween, and maybe a few other things in there.

It’s a lifestyle change for the long haul, and fortunately it does allow for carbs on occasion.

Congrats btw on your current losses! You should be very proud of yourself.

There will be people who would look at that and wish they could get there in a day :rofl:.

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Oh! And have a look at my winter solstice challenge. Would love you to join.

I would like to have a look, yes.

Thanks again

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where is your winter challenge cant find it. :grimacing:


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