Sundai's Journal

Hello everyone welcome to my fasting journal !

My name is Sundai, I am 27 years old, 5’10 and currently 191.4 lbs (as of 11/2/19)

My main reason for fasting is to heal myself and get rid of eczema and a few marks some of the flare ups have left behind, I have dealt with eczema for many years and it has been a recurring cycle of it going away and coming back. I am thankfully to my doctors and dermatologist for all the pills and creams that they have prescribed that have helped me to manage it but at the point where i don’t want to manage it and plan to completely get rid of it through fasting.

Long term goals: To implement fasting as a lifestyle and be at optimal health.

Short term goals: Clear my skin,fit into some of my clothes again lol, fast longer than 2 days.

Game plan: I will be taking black seed oil every morning and drinking a combination of water, salt water, apple cider vinegar, and teas throughout my fast.

How am feeling: Motivated

Before photo of my forehead, dry,itchy flaky patches. . . people at work tell me if i burned myself with a flat iron D:


Good for you. Once you get past losing the water weight phase (1st 2 to 3 days) you will enter autophagy (process where the cells recycle damaged and non functioning parts of the cell to renew itself). You should start seeing some physical aspects by then.

For myself I’m working on reversing my T2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease and hypertension.

Good luck!

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Thank you ! i cant wait till i get to that part of this process. oh wow all the best !


Wow I can’t see anything in that photo because I’m so mesmerized by your BEAUTIFUL EYES! :heart_eyes: I love your journal! Let’s do this!


Aw Thank you !

Have been doing 16/8 intermittent since 11/2/19 finally feel confident enough to fast a bit longer. I’ve had a lot things “come up”. Coworker came back from vietnam and brought candy,lunch was bought for me, friend invited me to her childs dedication with lots of yummy Nigerian food,etc. all this made me realize the world isn’t going to stop because I’m fasting :laughing: I have to be the one to say No because there will always be something and my mind will make up all the excuses to give in!

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Nov 11th -14th
Completed one of my short term goals of fasting more that 2 days, feeling more confident I can fast longer.

Nov 15th

Nov 16th
Starting another extended fast the goal is 5 days,currently have a sore throat hopefully this fast can get rid of that.


Hope you feel better soon!! I’m currently on Day 3. We can do this!


Thank you. oh wow that’s awesome, yes we can !!! :grin:

Just finished watching the LIVE. . . and i am reinvigorated and motivated in my fasting journey.
Main Goal for the NEW year 2020: Focus on my health.
in the past i was motivated by weight loss but it is not a strong enough WHY so i’ve failed to keep up with my fasting. Unfortunately my skin has gotten worse, i have really been neglecting my body and eating poorly all through the holiday/Christmas period.

I know i cant rely on motivation alone and really have to discipline myself. few key points and i need to keep in mind.

  • Focus on the positive, not what im losing but what im gainging from this fast.
  • Food is not going anywhere.
  • Delayed gratification = success

Welcome back!

Suggestion: Create a concrete visual of how good you will look like when you reach your goal.

For me it was to be “medication free”. I kept my insulin injection pen and 5 prescription bottles at my desk where I had to look at them daily. As a result, my “why” was strong enough to motivate me through adversity to complete a 40-day Water :droplet: Fast on 11/30. On 12/13, I was officially declared medication free by my Physician’s Assistant upon review of my labs, weight scale & blood :drop_of_blood: pressure reading.

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Thank you.
Wow that’s amazing !!! i’ve been watching videos on creating a vision board so i’ll probably start creating one, so i have something to remind me of what i’m aiming for.

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Feeling super excited for this March challenge !
Just had my last meal. . . might have gone a bit overboard ( 2 plates of rice and stew) but i thoroughly enjoyed it even though i’m currently feeling super bloated :grimacing:


Day 1
Staring weight: 193.6
Waist: 36 in

Feeling pretty good,no hunger, about to head out to teach sunday school and i am already preparing myself because there will be snacks for the children and we have a meeting that usual ends with bday celebrations for the previous month and involves cake :birthday:

Tried taking some before pictures but its kinda wonky when i do it myself,i have some old ones but those were at a lower weight, i’ll figure something out.


I have neglected journaling a bit :laughing: but i am back with a new sense of energy !
On day 2 of a 7 day water fast, feeling great.
Finally took some before pictures,weighed myself and took waist measurements.
excited to see what the results will be after 7 days.


Day 3
Pretty good day, had cravings for foods i don’t usual eat e.g ( carrots,mango and a salad !)
Around 2pm had a burst of energy almost tempted to workout but since i haven’t worked out in months decided against it.

Day 4
Another good day, no cravings,no headaches. i can be around food and it doesn’t do anything to me. i’m proud of myself for making it to day 4,because i wasn’t able to in the past. :grin:

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Day 5
6/16/20 nothing to really comment about , in autopilot mode, no cravings,no hunger just going through the motions.

Day 6
another autopilot mode, been thinking alot about what i can/should refeed with.

Day 7
final weight : 180 lbs , 10lbs away from being out of the “overweight” category according to bmi!
waist: 33 in

really proud of myself for completing all 7 days ! the longest fast i could do previously was 3 days.
Doing OMAD until 6/22/20 then it will be another extended fast.


Congratulations for completing your longest fast to date!
:clap: :clap: :clap:

Reminds me of how happy I was when I finished my 1st 7-day fast as I was building up my fasting muscle last year.

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Thank you ! :muscle: :muscle: :muscle: this fast has been so eye opening and amazing for me.

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