Starting fast 30 Days, have diabetes from Australia

Hi I am 40 from Australia, i have type 2 diabetes and am starting a fast for at least 30 days , to lose the diabetes and some weight. Is it o.k for someone with diabetes to do this? What is & isn’t allowed while fasting? And if i get constipated, how do i fix that ? without having an enema . i am worried about getting constipation.

If you drink plenty you should get constipated but on any long fast you have to expect to feel rubbish for a few days and then poop and feel looooads better a few times.

Definatly do some reading and watch some YouTube channels. It’s safe for you to do with doctor or nurse monitoring as your diabetes meds will need to be altered. Best bet would be be to call true north health Centre and have a chat with them.

Thank you for your input. most appreciated.