Spotting during water fast

Hi there, I was wondering if any women have experienced abornmal spotting during their water fast? I have done a couple extended juice fasts but not really an extended water only fast (longest was 4 days). I’ve been fasting on juice for 20 days and this is day 2 of only water. Today I was shocked to see I had spotting, very dark, almost black blood. Besides the spotting, I feel normal. Just low energy, but no other pain or symptoms. Is this part of detox or is this a sign that I shouldn’t continue? Thanks so much if anyone has any advice.

Maybe your cycle trying to come?

just sharing in case this may help others. I’ve come to the conclusion (which of course I don’t know for sure if it’s right) that my period came super early (2 wks early) because my fasting has thrown my hormones really out of whack. I’ve been spotting for 8 days now. I pushed through with 7 days of water fast because I really really wanted to do it but on day 8 I started with just a quarter cup of bone broth and I think I will finish with 11 more days of bone/vegetable broth. FYI I’m doing broth because I hate making juices, it’s a pain to make and I hate the taste of it since I do mostly vegetable juices not fruit. Broth is much easier to make and keep and grab in a hurry.

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Hey my response is a little late. But I did a 31 day fast in January 2020. I hadn’t had a period for years because I have a coil but I did used to spot occasionally and I’d just had spotting before I started my fast.
During the fast I had two proper periods and some spotting and since then I have had regular verylight periods.
I honestly think my hormones where out of wack before the fast and this was my body truly getting rid of everything it wanted out and resettling me into something regular.
I’ve been testing food intolerances this year and I’ve found my periods have stopped again as my weight has increased. Now I’m a few days into an extended fast again I’ve started spotting.
I don’t see it as a negative at all. After all we’re naturally supposed to have one monthly and fasting is a time our bodies get to do all the cleaning up they don’t normally have time to do.