Spotting during water fast

Hi there, I was wondering if any women have experienced abornmal spotting during their water fast? I have done a couple extended juice fasts but not really an extended water only fast (longest was 4 days). I’ve been fasting on juice for 20 days and this is day 2 of only water. Today I was shocked to see I had spotting, very dark, almost black blood. Besides the spotting, I feel normal. Just low energy, but no other pain or symptoms. Is this part of detox or is this a sign that I shouldn’t continue? Thanks so much if anyone has any advice.

Maybe your cycle trying to come?

just sharing in case this may help others. I’ve come to the conclusion (which of course I don’t know for sure if it’s right) that my period came super early (2 wks early) because my fasting has thrown my hormones really out of whack. I’ve been spotting for 8 days now. I pushed through with 7 days of water fast because I really really wanted to do it but on day 8 I started with just a quarter cup of bone broth and I think I will finish with 11 more days of bone/vegetable broth. FYI I’m doing broth because I hate making juices, it’s a pain to make and I hate the taste of it since I do mostly vegetable juices not fruit. Broth is much easier to make and keep and grab in a hurry.