Somewhat water fasting ~ with a protein shake?

Hey All,

As the title says I’m curious. I’m trying to lose weight, build muscle, and get the benefits of long term water fasting. So I have a protein powder thats Keto friendly you can see the Amazon Link here (link is not an affiliate link)

There are 2 issues I’m trying to figure out and would like your input.

  1. Protein powder even tho Keto has Amino acids which will trigger insulin.

  2. Protein powder without fats is bad right?

My intake would be protein powder + electrolytes. Powder (shake) would be in the morning and the electrolytes around workout.

Thank You for reading, I appreciate any feedback.

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Any food increases insulin. However, you do you! I can’t do extended fasts. Everyone in this community will support you no matter what you do.

If you have a small enough eating window you can probably stay in ketosis even if it isn’t fat. You could “bulk” up your protein shake with some fats though. Mct oil if you can handle it, coconut oil if your shake isn’t cold, heavy cream (yum).

Will you work out in a fasted state? If the protein shake has sugar alcohols or whey in it those are going to raise your insulin way more than actual Whole Foods.

Good luck and keep us posted! Do whatever is sustainable for you!

Yeah looks like I’ll be adding MCT oil to it and some veggie. Instead of thinking of it as a long term water fast it would be intermittent fasting. Also yes I’ll be working out trying to make some gains :slight_smile:

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Woot! That’s awesome! When I got really serious about exercising after recovering from an injury (from exercise :rofl::woman_facepalming:) I didn’t lose much weight but I lost inches galore! Good luck and keep us posted!