Small refeed to prolong fast

Hi Everyone.
I’m on day 7 of a 20 day fast. I’ve been doing pretty good but just felt progressively weaker and then started having some brain fog. I have work to get done so that won’t work. Anyway, I had 54g of purple yam this morning which is under 50 cal and under 20 carbs after waking up with a headache. Im assuming it will help me continue my fast and still get work done. Is it fasting taboo to do this? Thanks for any feedback!


It is YOUR fast, and taking a small re-feed break, is up to you. If you have keto-stixs, you can test yourself to see if you are no longer in ketosis. That is what makes me really think twice about breaking the fast for food, especially carbs. I am presently on day 3 of my next 21 day fast, and man, until ketosis kicks in, I AM HUNGRY, weak, grumpy, and did have a headache, during my first 21 day fast. I like it when ketosis hits, because I no longer am hungry, nor dizzy, nor grumpy, and no weakness, either.


Thanks, I normally do keto so it’s a bit easier for me in the beginning due to being fat adapted already. As long as your re-feed is under 20g of carbs and 50 cal or less it won’t throw you out of ketosis :slight_smile: I feel better after the re-feed so I guess it was a good thing. I just wasn’t sure if it’s something people normally do on a longer fast.