Should I begin a water fast?

I am 31 years old, fit and active. I have no symptoms of congestion or cough, but have brain fog, periodical headaches, and overall feel worse at night. I am still able to run in the evenings. Today is the seventh day and symptoms are persistent. In the last 3 years, I have fasted on three separate occasions for 12, 14, 16 days. I am seeking advice whether I should or not begin a water fast to speed up recovery.



Hi Brandon!

It’s your body and a question only you can answer.

Thats a tough call between autophagy to heal, or a vitamin regime to give it what it needs.

There’s likely a compromise somewhere in the middle.

I can say if I personally lost all taste (possible side effect) I’d go bone broth every few days and take vitamins. It would give me some time for autophagy but insure my body was getting enough specialized nutrients. Like Vitamin d and zinc and quercitin.

Because you have no symptoms you might just breeze through into getting antibodies - which would be ideal.

I believe our bodies figuring out the antibodies in a natural way is the best way to go.


Hey there Miramar,

After nearly a week, I’m beginning to feel normal again. I did fast just 24 hours on Friday and I believe it helped. I do really struggle with the refeeding process after a fast, but that is another story. Thankfully, I did not lose sense of smell or taste. I appreciate your feedback.


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Probably best to check with your doctor since nobody here can give medical advice, but PCR testing not super accurate for virus testing (according to the founder/creator of the PCR test himself “Kary Mullice”) so appears that everyone is testing positive when lots of people have no symptoms and they’re fine… and whole testing thing might be a little bit of a fiasco :sweat_smile:


I second the vitamin D3 (like 10,000 iu), vitamin C, Quercetin, and Zinc :sparkling_heart:

Anytime I get any minor feelings of something coming on I ramp up the vitamin D3 and C :nerd_face:

But still check with doctor :sweat_smile::grimacing:


Yes, that is a tough one. We know now that Covid 19 has a bad outcome for the obese and those with high blood glucose but fasting and being weak while trying to fight off an illness doesn’t seem easy and maybe even counterproductive vs just intermittent fasting or keto diet.

Did you get over it?

Thanks Yasemin.

Intermittent fasting worked best and towards the end of recovery, I fasted one complete day. Yes, I was over within 10 days.