Second Water Fast

Hi everyone! I wanted to share my reasons as to why I am attempting a 21 day water fast!

So about a year ago, I tried water fasting for the first time and did so for 19 whole days! I managed to lose about 20 pounds and I was able to keep most of the weight off after fasting and kept losing it once my body adjusted to eating again. I did keto and a bit of IF to maintain my weight.

Even though I lost the weight and got many of the benefits of the prolonged fast, I told myself I would never do it again, as it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Sadly, I fell back into some bad eating habits and gained most of the weight back.

Since then, I feel as though I have tried everything to get back to my post-fast weight but I’ve seen very little progress. This includes eating very low carb and calorie meals (Around 800-1,000 calories and 60g of carbs) but to my disappointment, there was very little weight loss

Knowing that I’ve probably wrecked my metabolism from the extreme dieting I attempted to gradually increase my calories (monitoring macros of course) hoping that it would boost my metabolism and get me back there, but no success. In fact, I gained the weight back after about 4 months. I thought, “maybe try restricting again” but the last time I tried, it took about 3 months for me only to see a 5-6 pound difference, even going to the extreme. I was miserable and felt awful the whole time, which is about how it’s going now that I’m about 3 weeks into heavily restricting again. All of this suddenly got me thinking back to my experience water fasting.

Looking back now, I remember how I felt during and after the fast with a new perspective and outlook on how I viewed food. Lately with calorie and carb restriction, I feel crazier and out of control with food more than ever, and I find it extremely challenging to stick to any diet, really. The opposite has also happened, where I’ll have the tendency to overeat when I’ve attempted to increase my calories. I desperately want to fix my relationship with food and I remember water fasting helped a lot with that. Of course I missed food but not in the same way as restricting. I’m also hoping to fix my metabolism and digestive health as those two functions have basically gone down the drain.

I’m hoping I achieve success from this water fast as I did the last time. I will track my progress every day until I reach my goal or stop. If anyone wants to join me, I’d be happy to have the support! Wish me luck, everyone!


Hi. I wish you the best of luck. I can’t believe you went 19 days! You’re a rock star. The best I ever did was 7 days before I gave in. I’m at it again, though. I had 47 lbs. to lose when I started and had lost 28 just through calorie-counting, then I backslid and gained back 13 of it before I stopped the slide. So, I pretty much gained back half of what I had lost (and I’m thoroughly disgusted with myself). Now I’m having to lose the same pounds all over again.

Anyway, I’m currently on day 3 of my water fast, so I think I’m a little ahead of you. I have roughly 30 lbs. to lose total. Ideally I’d love to go 30 days and get it done - but although I’m doing okay right now, I know that water-fasting is very hard; it’s so easy to give in at a moment’s notice. So I’m playing it day by day. As long as I have the motivation, I’m going to keep plugging away. Besides, I know if I do give in, I’ll just eat 3000 calories that day and feel like crap the next, then I’ll be depressed and discouraged all over again. Negative reinforcement can do wonders sometimes. :>))

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Thank you!!! I still can’t believe it, honestly. I think what you mentioned about taking it one day at a time is what got me through it, and is key in going the long run. I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been through it. But we can do this!

Already on day three? That’s awesome, you’ll smash this! How are you feeling so far? I’m praying I can make it that long. Something I didn’t mention are my last attempts at water fasting. I tried again twice and did not even make it past the first day lol.

Yup I feel that. I need to practice more self control because I have none! Unfortunately what got me back here in the first place. Stay strong, you’re more than capable. It all just comes down to mind over matter.

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I am starting my first long fast (14+ days) tomorrow and would love to post here for accountability. I want to lose between 30 and 45 pounds and would also love to get it done in one long fast if possible. Does anyone know how long it would generally take fasting to lose that much weight?

Your story of your weight loss is inspiring. I’ve just started fasting however I’ll be fasting for only 7 days. I’m happy to join you

Hi! Definitely feel free to post here, would love to see your progress! I’m going to make an update on my fast tomorrow! With my first experience, going 19 days got me about 20lbs down. Maybe if I weighed more, I would’ve lost more, but I started around 158lbs and ended at 137lbs. Perhaps if I went 10 days longer, I would have gotten to 30lbs.

However, it’s really all dependent on a few things: Your initial body weight, how quickly you burn fat, and physical activity during the fast. Just estimating that you will lose 14-16+ pounds (Keeping adding +1 or +2lbs with each day if you keep fasting after the 14 days) To lose the full 30-45 would require about as many days of fasting to lose it all in one go. Just my educated guess though, so I hope this helps! Let me know what you end up doing. You can do this, whatever you choose!


Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! Please feel free to update here! What about you? What are the reasons that you are fasting? Weight loss? Cleansing? Other?

Lol I feel awkward and guilty for not having a lengthy text for the reasons I’m fasting because it’s not for weight loss I’ts just for spiritual reasons. I felt there’s not much difference really I mean we go through the same hunger pangs, mental and psychological struggles when going without food for several days. I also need someone to account to for support you know :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m taking a cup of coffee only in the morning though


Today has been good for me so far! Feeling hungry now, but that’s to be expected. Had balck coffee, water, sparkling water, and a celsius today!


Thank you for sharing! So motivating. You are doing the right thing. Fasting is a spiritual game and a mind game. What is working for me to link fasting to spiritual question beyond weight loss (e.g. how can fasting answer an important question?). I’ll fast until I get an answer back. This is a higher- level goal. Hope this helps somehow. Listen to DiMartini on Dr.Mindy podcast. He describes his 35 day water day. Amazing. Good luck- keep going - you’ve got this!!

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Don’t feel guilty, no shame here! I totally feel that. I’m always hungry if I’m eating or not lol How are you feeling so far?

Overall: Day 7 for me, it would have been Day 8 but I had a sucky Day 5. I felt weak, faintish and nauseated. I also had a migraine (which is normal for me when I’m not fasting) and it was all too much. Which is okay! Sometimes we feel like we need to prove something by testing the limits of strength/willpower, but overall health is not worth it. As beneficial as fasting is, it can be dangerous if not done correctly and I have to remind myself of that. Listen to your body!!! So long story short, I broke my fast with a refeed but I’m back in the game and feel so much better!

Physical/Mental State: I started feeling like crap by Day 2 but now I believe I’m transitioning to the euphoric part of the fast. I’m not as hungry, my mood is a lot better, I feel energized, and my mind is clear and alert! I think the refeed day was necessary for me to continue on, so I’m trying to feel less guilt about “cheating”. Does anyone else have experience with refeed days during their fasts? I’d love to get some advice or feedback!

Weight: I started at 151 and am currently at 144. Of course a lot is water weight but I am noticing my clothes fitting looser which is a sign of fat loss!

Things are going well! Will update in a few days


Feeling really weak today, so I think I am going to give in and restart tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips on getting through days 1-3? I feel like those seem to be some of the hardest for me.

You know I take a cup of coffee in the morning. Gosh! it gives me a boost of energy that lasts me the entire day and evening. Try it! All the best! :muscle:t5:

Listen I admire your sheer willpower! I finished day 3 now so I’m going for Day 4. I take 1 cup of coffee in the morning. It gives me an incredible boost of energy wow! I feel good really whenever I feel hungry I take in lots of water in fact I always have a bottle of water next to me. I sip on it often. No mood swings or anything like that.

Great job!!! Day 7 is impressive! take caution though when you refeed you don’t feast on junk.

Hey Diana Sorry for the late reply I thought I replied to this earlier on. Day 3 now. I’ts now 3:44 am in South Africa so now I’m going for Day 4. I feel good no mood swings or feeling crappy or anything. Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning really gives me an enormous boost. How are you feeling?

Little advice though when you fast for spiritual reasons please spend some good amount of time praying. pray at least 5 times if you can, 3 would be the very least so that you get the most out of your fasting.

I’ll take a listen to this guy DiMartini on Dr.Mindy podcast thank you very much 35 days solely on water fast :hushed: he’s incredible you know

O.M.G! Our experiences are so similar. I’m currently on day 3 of my 21 day water fast. We got this!

Overall: Alright, Day 11 for me. (Or somewhere around there) Had another refeed on Day 10 but ate just one meal and low carb.

Physical/Mental: I would like to finish out these last 11 days with no “cheating” but it seems I start to feel like crap by the 5th day, even with the supplements. I’m a barista so I’m on my feet the entire time and also going to the gym. Maybe I’m over doing it there? I think I will swop out cardio at the gym with roller skating since I am supposed to be starting lessons Wednesday. Otherwise, nothing else to report. Occasional headaches, cold, and weak some days but usually a supplement rids that.

Weight: Around 138-140. My scale showed an error message this morning and gave me different numbers, so it could be off. Even with the refeeds I’m still seeing noticing clothes fitting better, so I’m happy!

But to hold myself more accountable for those refeed days, I will post more frequently here so I hope I won’t annoy anyone lol

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I made it 3 days and broke my fast today. I’m starting again tomorrow and will be trying to get to a full 28 (4 weeks), but would be happy if I made it 7! Will start posting daily updates!! I got some chicken broth to drink along with my water, coffee, and sparkling water!

Lost about 6lbs from day one but expect it to jump a little with the refeeding.

goal is to be down 30lb by the end of the 28 days.