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I’m extremely shy and really don’t feel comfortable posting something so personal, but this has been such an inspiring community that I would like to be brave and share my (long! :flushed:) story despite the intense anxiety.

Some basic facts about me: I’m 42 years old and
5ft 6in (168cm). My highest weight was around 215lbs+ (97.5kg) but a few years ago I dicovered intermittent fasting and I was able to pretty easily lose about 65lbs (29.5kg) over the course of less than a year doing mostly OMAD and lots of aerobic exercise. That was the thinnest and fittest I had ever been in both my adult life and teenage years!

The weight very gradually started to increase over time for both happy reasons (socializing and making new friends) and sad reasons (bad dating experiences and relationship failures).

The global pandemic drastically increased my already intense anxiety and unhealthy eating habits (lots of sugar, sweets, chips, etc.). I ballooned up from about 175lbs (79kg) to almost 190lbs (86kg) over just a few short weeks which truly shocked me to my core.

I decided to turn a negative into a positive and use this period of isolation to focus on myself. I started watching Yasemin’s youtube channel and was able to slowly build up my fasts from 16:8 to OMAD and ADF. Then in June I found this group and started a 3 day fast which I extended to 5 then 7 then 10 then 14 days. I broke the fast after 14 days and 13 hours.

It was a mentally challenging experience. Hunger was only a brief issue. Boredom was the biggest issue by far. Religiously reading everyone’s posts helped me cope. I was able to push through despite all of the physical issues that cropped up (bad breath, keto rash, headaches, fatigue, insomnia, gastro-intestinal issues, cravings, etc.) by using all of the advice I picked up from copious reading.

After losing 12 lbs (5.5kg) during the 14 day fast, I went back to intermittent fasting for July and August and lost another 10lbs (4.5kg). I hit a plateau in September and completed a 3 day and 6 day fast to break through that and lose another 10lbs (4.5kg).

That’s all of the backstory that brings me to today at 155.5lbs (70.5kg). I will try to write up a normal introductory post after I post this one, lol.

Throughout it all, this forum has been a lovely little oasis full of kindness and acceptance and understanding and encouragement and wisdom! It has been a major part of my success and has kept me going through all of the ups and downs of this era of massive collective upheaval and loss. Thanks for reading!


Hello again! Quick introduction…

Age: 42
Height: 5ft 6in (168cm)
Highest Weight: 215lbs+ (97.5kg)
Lowest Weight (as an adult): 150lbs (68kg)
Current Weight: 155.5lbs (70.5kg)
Goal Weight: 135-145lbs (61-66kg) by February 2021

I’m currently 15 hours into a 3 day fast. If it goes well, I may extend to 5 days. My longest fast was 14 days back in June and I did a 6 day fast a month ago, so 3 to 5 days feels realistic.

I’m worried because as I have been more successful and gotten closer to reaching my goal weight, my focus, intensity and motivation have crumbled.

I realized that I needed to re-visit my reasons for losing weight since my two biggest reasons for losing weight have disappeared. I can comfortably fit back into all of my regular (but still plus-size) clothes. My blood pressure is consistently deep into the normal range.

To make things worse, I’m overly sensitive to the minor downsides of losing weight. It’s uncomfortable for me to sit, lie down, cross my legs, etc. without that extra layer to cushion my joints. I hate shopping especially for clothes. I find uninvited attention/questions from other people about my body a bit invasive. My curves are disappearing and have been replaced with flabby loose skin everywhere.

My current reasons for losing these last 20 lbs (9kg) include:
To be at a normal BMI at my next medical check-up
To shed the large amount of unattractive belly fat I am still carrying.
To reduce the hidden stores of visceral fat around my organs and protect myself from obesity-related diseases.
To reduce the pain and pressure on my joints especially my knees and hips.
To feel a sense of accomplishment from facing a big challenge and bask in the ongoing benefits of success.
I can dedicate undivided attention on searching for safe, enjoyable and effective ways of building muscle which will improve the appearance of all of that loose skin.


@riallyst Thank you for sharing. Your success story is very inspiring and powerful.

I hope you keep us updated on this last bit of your journey! So please don’t be shy… your a rockstar!

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Day 1:

I’m almost done with the first 24 hours of this fast and as usual things are going pretty smoothly. At this point my body is pretty used to intermittent fasting so there aren’t any alarm bells ringing on that front yet. My period started today, so that might throw a wrench in my plans. Depending on how intense the pain gets, I may need to eat something in order to take pain medication; however, there is a guided meditation called untangling physical pain which I found beneficial for joint pain which may help me get through the week.


Hey! Join the club!

My toe is dipping in the 150’s atm, but I expect to be 142ish before mid February. :grin:

It’ll be my birthday and I’ll be 53.


Day 2

Almost 44 hours into my 3 day fast. I had a mild wave of hunger around noon that passed pretty quickly. I am taking my electrolytes and staying hydrated.

My lowest ever BMI as an adult is 23.9. My BMI today is 24.7. Going below that number is completely uncharted territory for me. I will probably be there by the end of the month! :scream::grin:


Day 3

65 hours into my fast. Depending on how I feel tomorrow morning I may extend this fast from 3 days to 5 days.

I don’t really have any kind of definite plan or schedule for exactly how and when I will reach my goal weight. I have tried to be careful and take my cues from where I am emotionally, physically and mentally before deciding if it seems like a good idea to start or end a fast. Most, if not all, of my fasts have also been “dirty fasts”. I have read Dr. Fung’s book, The Complete Guide to Fasting multiple times and have probably used every “cheat” in the book to keep myself as comfortable as possible during a fast, but I have no problem with instantly switching back to OMAD or 18:6 whenever I need to.


Day 4

I’m now at 151.5 lbs (68.7 kg). I’ll be honest and admit that the idea of briefly seeing 150 (or even the 140s!) before my re-feed is definitely nudging me to extend this fast just a tiny bit longer. Hard to believe I was at 191 lbs (86.6kg) just 5 months ago!

I had a brief wave of hunger yesterday at 7:12pm. I wanted to time it to see how long it would last, but I got distracted and forgot. Otherwise, no hunger yesterday or this morning.

I weigh myself every morning. My scale is very old and only shows my weight in ½ pound increments which I like. I always remind myself that 1 cup of water weighs half a pound, so I don’t worry about small fluctuations in either direction.

Pounds lost during this fast so far:
Day 1: 1.5 lb
Day 2: 0 lb
Day 3: 1.5 lb

Day 4/5 are the toughest days for me, so I normally prefer to shorter fasts 18 to 72 hours. I have also tried to eliminate late night meals as much as possible. I will make the final call at 5pm of whether to go to day 5.


Day 5

115 hours completed. Got to see the magical 150.0 on the scale. Unfortunately, I triggered a migraine by trying out some scented trash bags that I ordered by mistake. I’m far more susceptible to migraines during my period so it was an especially foolhardy time to try this. Along with dealing a recent spike of stress, I think the circumstances are telling me it’s time for me to close down this fast and get some food in me so I can take my medication. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was only able to eat a bowl of soup yesterday and that left me absolutely stuffed. As a result, I had a nice little coda to my fast: 149.5 lbs (67.8kg) this morning! Yay 40s :tada::star_struck:

I know I will gain a bit during my re-feed, but it’s lovely to have clear proof that my goals are reasonable and attainable.

I had a huge spinach and tomato omelet today for lunch and I’m so full that I don’t think I will be able to eat anything else today. Need to work on my portion sizes.

I am super excited to be starting a strength building program today. I am EXTREMELY out of shape, so the first stage of this program is only 10 minutes per day of very simple moves with a couple of rest days built in. I am really worried that my hunger and cravings will skyrocket out of control, but I hate being too weak to do one push up.

I am planning to do an extended fast in November and another in December to help me repair any drastic holiday or strength training missteps.


Exercise will definitely make you super hungry. But don’t let that bother you. Eat healthy whole foods and try IF. I only lost 3 lbs last month but with all my physical training I lost 2 sizes! Inches lost everywhere. I have gotten so much stronger and that’s what really important!


Thanks Kristy🙂
You reminded me that I took measurements right before my big 14 day fast in June. I have lost inches everywhere as well! This was a perfect time to take measurements again before I start training And also a reminder of how helpful tracking can be. I will do my best to measure my strength gains too :muscle:t5::weight_lifting_man:t5:‍♀


Fasted 18 hours yesterday and today after doing OMAD after my 5 day fast. I am trying to eat carefully and mindfully today. I woke up this morning missing someone who was objectively terrible for me but who I still deeply care about. :broken_heart: The feeling of missing him has come back again even stronger this afternoon. I really want to wallow in the pain and eat or worse, reach out to him.

Each time my mind tries to engage with those thoughts or urges in any way, I am going to disengage, observe, be nice to myself, and move on with my plans for the day. :butterfly:


I was too stressed to post yesterday but did manage to stay on track with IF (20 hours) and getting plenty of protein. Did a little bit better with portion sizes. Didn’t gain and actually lost a tiny bit of weight so looks like my mindful eating practices are starting to pay off! I didn’t get enough sleep last night, so overeating will be a big challenge today.

I’ll continue with 18:6 while I work on updating my goals and executing my new eating and exercise plans. I’m reading a book called “The Hungry Brain” which is quite a gruesome read, but is giving me a lot of useful knowledge and guidelines to try incorporating into my life.


Not feeling great today. Just doing OMAD since I’m tired and have zero appetite at the moment. I did manage to do a few exercises today, but don’t have a real training plan in place yet. I guess I need to concentrate on sleep for the next few days.


Still feeling stressed/tired today, so definitely going to focus on relaxation and sleep. I baked a spinach and cauliflower “lasagna” (minus the pasta) which was surprisingly good even though I tossed it together without a recipe. Also made some granola for dessert. I got a hefty serving of vegetables and fiber, but once again I’m feeling way too full. Not painfully stuffed, but definitely uncomfortable. I used a small plate today, but still went back for seconds and thirds.

The next time I make a big dish of food, I will be sure to package up the extra and put it in the fridge, so I have to reheat another portion before eating it. That extra little pause might be the trick I need to help retrain my brain. Cause trying to break this habit is driving me nuts. I feel like every super-sized meal is re-stretching my stomach and undoing the reset I got from fasting.


Not much to update. I have been struggling with a lot of stress and fatigue. I’m still sticking with 18:6 and OMAD, but I’ve put on a tiny bit of weight. Now that I am getting help, I am looking forward to developing better coping skills and then re-focusing on my physical health and weight loss again.


I had a productive weekend, so it looks like I will be able to start my fast on Wednesday. My goal will be to fast for 5 days.

I don’t think I will see any major progress on the weight loss side of things with the holidays coming up. I am mainly doing this to maintain the fasting habit. This fast will also reset my palate since I’ve been eating too much sugar to deal with stress. Finally, I had committed to doing one extended fast in November and another in December and I want to stick with that commitment.

I have been thinking a lot about what my diet and lifestyle will need to look like to maintain a 20 or 25 lb weight loss permanently. The list feels really long since I’m already stressed, disorganized and tired. Fasting will honestly feel like a nice break from the kitchen.


There’s a simplicity that comes with fasting, life feels a little less complucated. I too turn to sugar (chocolate) when I’m stressed - I understand! All the best with your fast tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Day 1 - about 16 hours into fast

I am not feeling super excited about this fast at the moment. I think it will only be for 44 hours in total. I will focus on the next 24 hours be filled with calm and ease. No worries about the scale or autophagy or cooking, dishes, or anything else.