Restarting My Fasting Journey

Well, i gave up again. I gave up my goals and let myself go.

But, am here again to retry. I was doing okay and got to around 160 pounds at one point. Felt a little comfortable and forgot my why. I ate and ate and ate myself to 280 pounds.
I’ve never felt this miserable and this is why I have decided to take my health seriously.

Am planning on fasting 6 days at a time as many times as possible until I hit my goal weight.
Of course, listening to my body will be a priority, so if I need to take a little break, then I will.

I want to hold myself accountable here. If anyone is in a similar situation and want to take control of their life, fell free to join me so we can keep each other motivated.

This time, I don’t have my mind set that I should be perfect in my plan. This caused me to fail many times. I just want to keep going and as long as I pick myself up after falling, then I will be okay.

I will try to write daily updates here with weighings and extra.

Starting Weight: 280 lbs
First goal Weight: 199 lbs
Ultimate goal Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5’8"


Don’t worry, we’re all been there - the important part is never giving up! :sparkling_heart::partying_face: proud of you for being here and a reminder that no matter how much we gain, we can also always always always lose it again :heart_eyes::sparkling_heart: sending love - you are amazing!!!

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Thank you so much dear.

You’ve been my motivation, I saw your post on Reddit one time and your great results motivated me to start. I learned about fasting because of you and am very grateful to people who post their progress, you have no idea you may be saving someone somewhere.

Let’s do this :muscle: :muscle:

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Am starting my fasting tomorrow.

I know i’ve had so many false starts, but this time am not ready to give up on myself.

I got all the junk food i had in my house and donated to an orphanage and am ready to get healthy.

I will be updating daily starting tomorrow.

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Incredible and what a great use of the food! :pleading_face::sparkling_heart::pray:

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Day 1 is done and am a few hours into day two.

I was so hungry on day one and wanted to cave, fortunately, I had no food in the house :joy:

I will be weighing at the end of the week and updating my stats here.

Hi i have the same issue as u i stop and start stop and start because temptation gets to me and cravings. i am starting again tomorrow i got up to about 17 hours and caved. I can only seem to make it to 20 hours or so but i won’t give up because its what i want to do i guess having diabetes type 2 scares me a bit. Willing to do it with you if you want., could use a buddy for support.

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You are welcome to join me on this journey. I can relate to you a lot.

The best thing is to stand up after falling and move forward.

We can do this.

Well, everything played against me :expressionless:

We had a business trip that was unplanned. I couldn’t fast or carry my fasting salts on the trip. After the trip, my mom decided to hold my sister’s birthday party at my house. More food. I tried to eat healthy through these events and managed to not gain a single pound.

I feel like am just making excuses again as I’ve always done. Maybe if I were more disciplined, I could have found a way to continue fasting. Am angry with me for this.

My family is leaving today, and am looking forward to restarting again :tired_face:
I don’t want to fail myself this time.

Hope everyone is doing good on their journey.

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24 hours in and going strong.

Will weigh at the end of the week.


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