Hi All!

Bone broth is ready to go after my 29 day fast(ending saturday)

I’m thinking of adding cucumbers and some cashews on the side of the bone broth. Any thoughts for any other add on for day 1?

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I wouldn’t suggest the cashews… nuts are not usually added until at least day three. (If you do go for it anyway I’d suggest soaking them)

Well steamed green leafy vegetables (kale, green beans)
High water content vegetables (cucumber, tomato)
Low glycemic fruits (fruits can trigger hunger)
1-2tbsp Saukraut
1/4 Avocado (If your craving cashews it’s the fats your brain is seeking so this would be a really good one)

Everything chewed until it is a paste.

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Thank you so much!

I’m def gonna grab some green beans to go with it now. Much appreciated!

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Gotta love a handful of soggy green beans :joy: little bit of salt and pepper or soy/tamari sauce
Packed full of goodness, the frozen ones have the highest level of nutrients in them (because they haven’t been sat on a shelf) prebiotics at their best esp with cubbed avo sorta mixed in

(What am I doing to myself I’m still 27dsys away from this dream :joy:)

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You’re an angel and I appreciate you so much haha. Thank you!! Good luck with yours you’ve got this girl!!:heart: