Refeed Prep and the feed after a 17 Day Fast

I was doing a 21, but edited down to 17 as some things came up and I need to be fully done with a proper refeed to enjoy.

I’ve learned that doing some initial prep helps me stay busy and things are just “ready” when it’s time.

I’ll be posting my favorites here with photos and the foods I like to have handy here, and will follow up with my actual daily meals I have.



do you drink the coconut water when not fasting?

Not typically, but I’m going to have quite a bit here.

It’d be sweeter if they were green, but I’ll give it a go or figure out how to use it if I can.

I have about 20 of them all together down stairs and a bag full shucked in my apartment right now.

But I really want to focus on the bone broth first today. Once that is going I still have the dang red kraut to do. :joy:

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If you don’t want to drink it water plants with it! It’s a great natural fertilizer!


Found this video. She said it’s good for marinade etc.

I get a pint of juice out of these.

It’s only good for 3 days in the fridge. I could freeze some. And then ya, feed the plants.


Here’s some photos of the bone broth today:

Feet are marinated in some ACV first. Then added water, veggies and seasoning.

I’ll show an updated photo tomorrow morning.

I will cook them until they are basically completely falling apart.

I expect this to take a couple of days.



As for now I don’t feel any cravings so don’t mind looking at refeeding topic stuff, but soon that might change :sweat_smile: hopefully it won’t, but we’ll see :eyes:

Btw, so proud of YOU for finishing the fast :zap::zap::zap:

VERY good job :+1::clap::100:


Yeah, I cut the fast a tad early. I need enough refeed days in me for cocktails :rofl:.

And I have more people coming to a dinner party next weekend so more preparitory cooking/tasting.

That broth is still cooking - will keep cooking through tomorrow. I like to see those bones looking hallowed out and the feet disentegrating.

It’ll all be strained will cheese cloth, and then chilled.

Today I’m finishing the last of my last broth batch that was in the freezer. Making room for the new.

First meal fast breaker - just broth:

About 25 minutes later, avocado with hemp everything seasoning, homemade kimchi, and kalamata olives:

And then evolved the bone broth with sauteed napa, mushrooms, and a little green onions added. Flavored with a splash of soy, sesame oil, and japanese spice seasoning:

Didn’t finish the soup - just poured rest into the pot and back in fridge for later.

Mushrooms give me a nice meaty chew. I can’t deal with meat right away.

I had a sf jello - need to get my watermelon chilling.


Day 2 refeed:

I took the leftover bone broth soup, added spinach and a splash of cream.

This morning I had a coffee with creamer.


Day 3:

Avocado with everything, olives, beet pickle eggs, kimchi.

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Had some watermelon last night and today too.

A new bowl of creamy spinach and mushroom soup with bone broth.

Snacked on a mozzarella sticks (I’m so craving dairy) and was bad and had a small hand full of crackers.

Stuffed to the hilt, and finished the watermelon around 7 - I’d started eating around 3ish today.

Want to do a falafel tomorrow - running out for some salad greens to have with it.

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Omg falafel!!! Since moving to Iowa we’ve had ZERO Mediterranean food (and we ate a lot of falafel) please enjoy ever bite for me!

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Never got to the falafel.

Made a panko crusted tilapia, 10 tater tots and some collard greens. :joy:

Today was $5 sushi day, so took a chance with the rice - I was so craving it.

Tonight is pear salad with beet pickeled eggs.

Had an octoberfest beer and some fresca. I really wanted a soda.

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Today I had about 5oz steak with a-1 sauce, giant salad - ate maybe half, and some eggplant rollatini I had in the freezer.

Drank 2 beers - they make me so stuffed. And indulging in diet soda this evening.

Couple of string cheese, cottage cheese, sf jello, and a piece of dark chocolate.

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