Rebecca's 6 week progress

Left: 12/2/19 164 lbs(74.4kg) Right: 1/21/20 164
Height: 5’8.5" age: 35 gender: female lol jk :wink:

I am so happy I have been taking pictures every now and again through this journey. I was starting to feel very frustrated that I haven’t been able to get out of the damn 160’s despite so much fasting, IF, OMADing, keto-ing, saying no to birthday cake, etc. Fasting really does make a difference. In both photos, I WEIGH THE SAME. I also have been focusing on walking more regularly and drinking 96 oz. of water daily.


Wow I am sure you must have lost some fat in second picture despite the same scale reading. Can definetly tell on second picture.:grinning:


:fire::fire::fire::fire: Inching towards that 140!!


Left: 10/28/19 169 lbs Middle: 1/21/20 164 lbs
Right: 3/11/20 161.8 Height: 5’8.5"
Okay guys…this is my progress since January 21st. The first photo is from the first water fast challenge I participated in, I weighed 169. I took that photo not wanting share it with anyone! I was wearing a juniors size 11 in that photo that I wanted to use as motivation. Now I am able to wear a juniors size 9 comfortably and can squeeze into a 7, but not comfortably. I have a pair of 7’s I am currently using as motivation. The photo in the middle is fro. 1/21/20 I weigh 164. The far right photo is from today weighing 161.8. For whatever crazy reason, I do not lose massive weight with fasting, but inches rather. So when you are tempted to feel discouraged that you fasted for a day or two and no weight loss, just know your body is doing some kind of shifting around. Take those before photos and measurements and keep failing FORWARD. My results are over 4 months. However, I have been trying to get back into shape since the birth of my third daughter back in June 2016, so almost 4 years! Just keep loving yourself and remember it’s progress not perfection!


Incredible progress Rebecca! Beautiful in all shapes and forms, but I know you’re now closer to where you want to be and where you feel your best! You’re glowing!
It’s very important to realise that body composition can change drastically without it showing on a scale!
You’re a fighter :muscle:


Thank you for your kind words Anna! I would have never acknowledged or even recognized how much progress I have made had I not taken pictures pr measurements. I am glad I did, because the scale really has not been an indicator of such huge strides.


:fire::fire::fire: Now we’re on fire, can’t wait to see the next batch of pics!

I haven’t been here for so long! I’ll take my next set May 18th. I was going through old pictures and came across my “nearly after” progress photo from my 100 pound weightloss. In the photo of when I was 28 and weighed 158. I eventually did hit 148, but maintained mid 150’s until the conception of my 3rd daughter. And I haven’t really lost much on way of pounds after having her, but A LOT of inches. My story would probably be most helpful for anyone who is fasting but doesn’t see big losses on the scale, just know it is coming off in inches. Anyway, I am choosing to celebrate today the milestone I have reached of maintaining the bulk of my weightloss and size. Now it’s time to focus on the part I feel like I wasnt able to get to before getting pregnant was the physically fit and tone phase. This is the year! I have already started and will not stop until I have achieved my goals I have for my body and mind.

Age: 35, 3 babies, 174.6 lbs. Age: 28, 2 babies, 158 lbs.