Really struggling today to carry on!

wow oh wow. Hope your all keeping well. How on earth do we do this with all the usual life challenges we face. I am going through an exceptionally tough time in my personal life and so up till today I was ok but today has kicked in horrifically. I think I am quite emotional and this tends to manifest into my eating habits and that urge has kicked in due to things being so so hard today. Your supposed to take it easy but I am having days from hell causing me extreme stress in my body and am worried about my nutrional/vitamin/mineral content? I recently got told I looked wiped out. My problem is now I want to stop but I need to do this. I have a goal in mind and it is to release some very tough things I went through. Nothing else I tried helped me. Maybe it helps others but I am running out of options.

My question is how on earth do you do it when all hell breaks lose in your life and things get really really hard…how do you find the strength to keep going…sound sad to admit but I found joy and happiness in eating when down! so clearly this is telling me a lot!

Please help!

Am on day nine. My gosh my goal was 50. I mean nice to talk about it but doing it…just wow

I did 14 days in the past and it killed me…i had to stop due to acid reflux but am more prepared this time.

I really hope someone gets back to me :slight_smile: