Raz - 90 day water fast (Till August 31)

Hi guys,

Starting a water fast, currently around 264lbs (120kg) , 6’1 (185 cm) live in Hong Kong

Please let me know what you want me to report / track here frequently.

For supplements I take once a day Nuzest, Good Green Vitality, The Feel-Good Superfood, (with cold water for micro nutrients)

Maybe 1x B-100 vitamin complex but Nuzest has B vitamins already

Maybe 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar, with and pink Himalayan salt. Some dried seaweed (for iodine), those Korean brands. It’s about 60 calories.

Maybe I’ll take one lemon :lemon: and water too

Coffee :coffee: (black) and green tea

Debating whether I should add MCT oil (tbsp) to coffee (as it’s good for brain function), but technically it breaks a fast.

Any suggestions!?

Anyways I’ve been fasting full days here and there, up to 5 days straight. Felt amazing after day 3, I need a divorce from food and use up my fat stores.

Had knee surgery recently and can’t gym till Sep 1, so figured I might as well fast and renew my body to a normal BMI.

No health conditions, heathy cholesterol, blood pressure, blood etc (all taken recently due to knee surgery)

Should I check in with a doc during my 90 day fast? If so, how frequently?

Thanks :pray: :blush: all


Did not workout, failed at day 6

You may want to try again a second time in the future. You know what to expect now the next time around. My first time I stopped around day 4 or so too but have done fasts since.

what do you mean you failed? what did you have? we all make mistakes…keep going x

Thanks both of you, I am going to try again after this Saturday.

Have an office job 50 hrs a week plus a 20 hrs a week online course, I just got really restless and needed to eat something to relieve the stress

However finished the quizzes of all my modules last night, 3 final exams in 3 weeks, interim celebration with a BBQ this Saturday (tomorrow)

Doing a one day fast leading into the BBQ, then will try again.

However this time I plan to have a morning coffee with keto collagen, sea salt and some C8 MCT (<200 calories) everyday , some sea weed in the evening for iodine, and Ultima electrolytes every evening, especially after a 40 min swim

I know this is not a pure water fast , and the collagen can slow down/interrupt autophagy, however over a prolonged period of time autophagy should still be occurring at a slower rate.

Also thinking of weighing myself every morning for accountability, and posting here

Thank you all for the support…

Height: 185 cm (6’1)
Weight (Sep 3 2021): 110.0 kg (242 pounds)

Hi Raz. Sure it does need a tremendous amount of patience. You most definitely are on the right lines. I like what you said about what your looking to do. We all have different goals. Let’s be of support to each other. As you quite rightly said it is hard enough as it is. The good news is the people here now how it feels. It can be a challenge for those who have not gone through it :slight_smile: Today for me I already feel sick and feel like crying lol but the good news is everything has a solution. Also as someone else said you do what you gotta do. If you need to cry ball you eyes out. If you need to rest, rest. If you need to find your own way of doing it go for it. Wishing you the very best :slight_smile:

Thank you daybyday

As of right now I have officially started my water fast.

Starting weight: 110.5kg, I’ll stick to pure water (no coffee and fat)

I will post here every time I feel tempted or wanting to give up, difficult road ahead.

Wish me luck all… this may be the hardest thing I have ever done

Hi all, currently at 106.2kg (from 110.5) fasting has been going well.

Will make a new post as I can’t seem to edit the title.