Please respond- i need to carry on!

Hi everyone.

alas today is the day am too angry with everything and everyone and my word I am struggling to go on. Please can someone tell me how on earth they did it. I mean oh my word!!!

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First few days you grit your teeth and stay busy with lots of distractions, it’s not easy and you’ll definitely have a rollercoaster of emotions (angry/irritable/depressed) :sparkling_heart: you can do it! If you want it badly enough it will come!

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Thank you kindly for your positive response. You know yasemin I did this to be honest as I came to the conclusion you need to be healthy. I have been through hell and back. I am a fighter but honestly what with covid and everyone has their own challenges it got harder than ever. You are right. You will be very very depressed. I am so angry and moody ( i am not normally this moody to be fair). I have been crying a lot and feel like crying as I type this message. You look amazing!!! what’s your secret haa haa :slight_smile: I am going to send lots of love, hugs and good blessings you way. To be honest I hope to do 40/50 days as I have quite a lot of health challenges am working through. Do you advice this? Your amazing. Hope you have a wonderful day x

do you mind me asking if you need to swallow pills and struggle to do so without food how on earth do you do it? that is by far my biggest struggle…i absolutely have to take them…two day i had to have a tiny bit of soup to swallow but this is not following …i would love a solution…i have perhaps a phobia of swallowing…can you kindly suggest anything x

Wishing you all the best :two_hearts: and like your username says you literally have to take it day by day. And like Yasemin said stay busy and if you can’t just going to bed helps too lol

thank you for your kind words :slight_smile: One thing am really struggling with is taking pills which i have to take. I tend to have phobia of swallowign and can usually do so with food. How would I go about resolving this? on two days i had no choice but to have a tiny drop of soup to swallow! how are things going with you? what day you on? x

What about taking the pills with water ?
I’m on day 2 of 3. Just doing 72 hour fast to build consistency. So far so good :blush:

thank you kindly. so lol that’s my challenge. I can’t take them with water. some I can but the big ones I have a phobia of so i usually tend to take with say a banana. Could i take them with say coconut oil? ah that sounds great. ermm i am aiming for 40-50 days. what made you do it? x

Yeah unfortunately I don’t have an experience there :grimacing: most of the pills I’ve taken in the past even the large ones I can swallow with water but since you have a phobia I don’t know how to help there.
But I guess whatever is comfortable for you continue with that.
Well if you have an issue taking it with water I’m not sure how coconut oil will be better, especially since it can liquify at certain temperature🧐 ??? But everything with fasting is trial and error so test out what works for you.
Oh wow 40-50days that’s pretty long but since your “eating” during pill time it nots too bad.
Started fasting to lose weight which I did but went back to eating regularly and gained weight again :joy: so now I want to try consistent shorter fast to be able to make it a lifestyle change.

I didn’t think coconut oil was eating? In fact I watched loads of videos that said it doesn’t break it and some people even encourage it? am now confused. a lot of information out there! wow a lifestyle. Kudos to you. To be fair i have no other choice but if you are doing it for that reason then you are one strong lady! I feel like it’s a journey like i am always learning. Do you find that? Like you begin to wonder about a lot of stuff…dunno but this whole addiction we have to stuff? I mean i don’t know whether us eating is helping us or hindering us?

I was referring to the banana.
I’m still unsure about if oils break a fast. I personally do fine with just water and salt but then again I’m doing shorter fast.
It depends on how you define a fast. So people say it does some people say it doesn’ depends on the individual and how it affects them.
But your right when you start fasting and spend less time eating you have a lot of time to think and become very introspective.
Fasting is great and food is great’s probably the overconsumption of food that is a hinderance.

Yes makes complete sense :slight_smile: ah the banana lol! It most definitely depends on the body. You know your body best! hmm yes I do wonder about the hype. Like do we really even need it all? I appreciate you get tired etc but I am beginning to question whether for me it is emotionally related. One amazing thing I have noticed is my ability know to become less emotional and focus more on being rational using facts rather than just emotions. I think our emotions can get in the way and we need to face and accept the fact head on. What have you found has helped you so far? I have become a lot more patient and accepting of things :slight_smile:

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So true. Not being idle for too long really helps me, and also resting !

yes resting life saver. I pushed myself so far one day i thought i was going to collapse. I regret that now. When u get hungry what do you do lol?

Oh wow :grimacing:
when i get hungry i drink a mixture of 1tsp of acv, 1tsp pink salt, 1tsp of no salt in 1 liter of water.

You need something warm. I am freezing to death all the time! Do you know why that is! I like it! what is acv?

i only fast for 3 days max so i get cold but not freezing. . .plus its currently extremely hot where am at.
ACV = apple cider vinegar

oh you lucky lucky thing, i would dream of that right now…LOL, so do you do short bursts every now and again? i may do a long one now but I like that idea of short bursts, kudos to you, i had to do it, i had no other choice but wow if your doing it just like that :slight_smile:

Sorry for the late response!! You don’t NEED to do anything - don’t need to swallow pills! You can buy some pink salt and put it in your water to help with energy, and you can buy NOSALT which is a powdered form of potassium (IF you need it) :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And we all look amazing, we all have struggles, I have no secret - I struggle just like everyone else and now I’m struggling my way through the postpartum weight loss after a very overeaten pregnancy during pandemic eating :joy: The secret is to keep going no matter what!

P.S. ESPECIALLY during fasting it’s normal to have a surge of emotions, so it’s fine to cry it out!!! Super normal! Your gut is detoxing and removing all the bad stuff so you’re crying some out too! You rock just do your best!! :sparkling_heart: don’t be stressed there’s no deadline in this world, only deadlines you put on yourself and you don’t need to put any! Day by day right? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sparkling_heart::kissing_heart: