Norse-gal's weight loss through fasting journey


I’m new here, but I am not new to fasting.

But unfortunately I fell of my healthy life choices last year and gained a lot og weight in 2020.

I started the year with a 4 day waterfast, then ate OMAD for 3 days, and then started a new fast that is going to last for 12 days.

I am flexible with my fasting to fit into my life in terms of work and social obligations.

I usually go for an hour walk every day, and do yoga most days. On the weekends I often go skiing with my kids. But other than that I don’t fo much exercise.

I hope to get extra inspiration from participating in this forum (as well as watching YouTube about fasting)

Sincerely, “Norse-gal”


I started fasting for the first time about 3.5 years ago and I reached a OK weight (not “ideal”, but my BMI was at about 23).

I try doing one long fast each summer. My longest one so far was 21 days.

Now it’s too cold for me to attempt a really long one, so once I finish this 12 day fast my plan is to do OMAD and one 72 hour fast at the beginning of each week.

I received a “tuxedo jumpsuit” in the mail today, and it was too tights to even button closed. My goal is for this jumpsuit to fit loose and comfortably.


Day 5. Off to work for a meeting. There will be treats, but luckily in January most people will probably decline :sweat_smile:


Day 6. Just a few hours from being half way through.

I had planned a nice quiet refeed at home Wednesday next week, and then suddenly my boss decided that we were going to have a long meeting that day and order pizza for everyone.

I told her not to count me in for the pizza, and then she offered to order something else for me. So I assured her I would bring something myself.

So my refeed is now mooved up a couple of hours and I’m now planning what to bring for the meeting.

By the way: don’t worry about us having meetings. I live in a covid-free area :crossed_fingers::four_leaf_clover: (there were two cases in March and three in August, and that’s it,).


Apart from the “yah you rock”! I’m now wondering where (in Norway I suppose) you live :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

You guess correctly :joy: I live in a rural area in Norway where we have been very fortunate to mostly aviod covid so far. We of course live by the national rules and can`t really travel anywhere, have visitors at home etc. But schools and workplaces etc function mostly as usual.

My plan for the meeting next week is to bring an egg and avocado salad. And homemade yoghurt with nuts for “dessert”.

My boss still cant`t get over the fact that I turned down free pizza :joy:


It’s really cold today (-28°C), so my walk today was very short (1 km or so).

I spent the day preparing food. Two types of fermented vegetables, one classic sauerkraut and one with cabbage, carrots garlic, ginger etc And some rolls with pizza filling for my kids to bring to school for lunch.

I know some people avoid food and cooking when they fast. But I have to cook for my kids and I always sit at the table with them when they eat. Dinner as a family is too important for me to miss, even if I’m only drinking herbal tea.


It’s still cold but I went for a proper walk anyway. I am currently defrosting my toes in front of the fireplace. I really really want to eat, so I’m glad this fast is soon over.

My plan for the next couple of months is to fast at the beginning of the weeks and eat during the weekends. A 3 or 4 day fast (depending on my work schedule) and then OMAD at the last part of the week. This way my fasts are doable and I can continue for an extended period. Hopefully I will get back to a weight that feeels healthier by spring.

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I think that’s great Norse-gal! I wonder if your metabolism will stay high the way you will fast. Do you know?

I trust in dr. Fung’s research and make sure to either eat nothing or eat substantial meals. No snacking.

Today I’m eating at work in just a few hours. I have prepared a meal with chicken, salad, avocado, cucumber, peppers snd homemade hummus. And homemade yoghurt for dessert. The others can enjoy their pizza :wink:

I am going to take a break from fasting now, and do just OMAD for a while until I get inspired again. This was not my original plan, but I keep reminding myself to think long term.


It felt so good eating my packed meal from home at our meeting yesterday. I felt satisfied and healthy, and it tasted really good. The pizza didn’t seem very tempting, believed it or not.

Today I’m having lunch at home with my husband (who works from home at the moment), before I head out for an evening of work. That will be my one meal today.


Another day of OMAD, and I’m currently preparing dinner with my husband. A feast of healthy food. I really look forward to our evening meal. Have a great weekend everyone!

Have a great weekend yourself!

OMAD is great, always listen to your body! :heart:

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4th day in a row with OMAD and I am eating tomorrow as well.

I’m hoping all this food will make me feel ready to fast at the beginning of next week. I’m thinking I’ll skip dinner Monday-Wednesday.

Today I went skiing (cross country) with my kids. It reminded me that I really need to step up my game if I’m going to continue being able to keep up with them.

Have a great weekend everyone :laughing:


A fantastic day skiing in the mountains, and a omad meal with cauliflower, avocado, chicken and sauerkraut .

Now starts a 3 day fast. Motivated!


Ate dinner at home today. So happy we didn’t have pizza at our meeting this week, only cookies. My boss means well.

My husband had chiken, chickpeas, avocado and spinach ready for me when I got home :blush:

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I keep watching keto recipes on YouTube and reading them… so many cookie variations

I don’t really use that many recipes. I just prepare the ingredients. I have a bread recipe, but since I only eat dinner I don’t make bread very often.

When it comes ro treats I prefer nuts and cocobeans.

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Today a childhood friend if my husband showed up at our house. With brownies. And I ate two pieces. And paid for it by sitting quite a while at the toilet afterwards (my poor stomach isn’t used to food like that any more).

But I don’t think I will every be able to completely eliminate these kind of situations in my life, nor my less than perfect response.

But as long as I’m able to stick to the plan 90% of the time I will not be beating myself up about it.

I know all to well how guilt can affect my eating, so that’s definitely not the way to go about it.



And the last day of the 30 days of “breath” with “yoga with Adrienne”. I wonder if I’m going to try becoming a member of her “find what feels good” program now. I have done all of her 30-days programmes. Do any of you have experience with that program or other online yoga classes?

It is -32°C today, so I’m staying inside. I really look forward to spring now, and temperatures that are good gor long walks. Hopefully less that two moths until temperatures above freezing :crossed_fingers: