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Hi everyone hope all is well :hugs: I’m taaz I’m from south Africa and I’m new here… Wanted to make this post before but didn’t know how to lol… My weight is 99.8 kgs I’m 27 lol embarrassing as this is my biggest I’ve ever been my normal weight used to be 65kgs or under I’m 162cm tall… Found this beautiful and motivating lady on YouTube and ever since then I’ve been in complete bliss that I’m not alone in this there’s so many people doing it!! Damn thank u so much Yas you’re truly an angel​:heart:… I need help on my water fasting and omad pls anyone?


Welcome! Just stick around and you’re sure to catch the fasting bug… :laughing:

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I am gonna start my Water fasting from 2nd of January 2021 for 10 days… you have started or what ?

Hi… I have only done omad and a 48 hour and 12 hour in between but I stopped now cos I have UTI… So think I’ll start off in the new year 2nd Jan sounds good we could do it together I’ll also do the 10 day one with you that way I’ll be motivated :blush: