Need help ASAP! On my 8th day of water-fasting experiencing skin dehydration

Hi everyone,

So today’s my 8th day on a strict water fast and I’m starting to worry. In the last few days I started to notice that my skin is flaking, and each day is worse. It’s most visible on my chin, and today I noticed that on my forehead. Those are typical signs of skin dehydration, even though I drink a lot of water each day.

I was wondering, would you recommend me that I start drinking vitamins to battle this ? In my previous water fasting experience I gave up on day 5 since I was hungry all the time and I was using vitamins from the start. Now I’m not using any vitamins and it’s much easier, and I’m afraid If I start taking them that I will not have all the benefits of water fasting + I would feel hunger. I was using this product.

Now I’m wondering what to do ? Is there any trick that I can use to not use vitamins, or perhaps the product that I used contains something that is compatible with water fasting and I should just find a different product?

As far as the water goes, I’m drinking bottled mineral water.

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Are you doing electrolytes

As I wrote, I only drink mineral water, because of my bad experience with electrolytes(and vitamins). I started a few hours ago adding salt so we’ll see if it’s going to fix anything in the following days.

That product you were using was probably the problem. That amount of zinc and stevia would definitely make me ill.

Use some coconut oil, Shea butter, whatever type of lotion you use.

Try some plain salt like you’re doing then maybe add some potassium

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Just curious, what were you bad experiences?

Well I was hungry all the time, I guess couldn’t get into ketosis at all. Now, with just pure mineral water, it’s a whole different story.

Btw, it seems that salt is already helping and flaking is going away, I hope I’m not hallucinating :slight_smile: I guess I’ll be sure tomorrow.


I am a food scientist and formulate dietary supplements. I’ve also lost 60 pounds so far over the past 3 months from water fasting between 14 and 21 days at a time.

Our body absolutely needs the primary 3 electrolytes during our prolonged fasting (Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium), as some sources add Calcium to that essential list. So, any “bad” reaction from electrolytes is most certainly an issue of “too much or too little” of something, and not from ingesting the optimal levels of (1) electrolytes, (2) vitamins, and (3) minerals. ALL 3 simply need to be taken in the right proportions.

Forget about mineral water, and control your nutrient intake yourself.
I suggest buying Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium tablets or capsules, and take like 1-2 of each in the AM, and PM, along with the salt (Sodium) added to your water. The more you exercise, the more electrolytes you must have, so add some mid-day if you are walking/biking 2-3 hours per day, which super helps the fat burning while fasting. Take Salt tablets if you are like me and don’t like salted water.

While considered protein and strictly speaking it “breaks” a fast, you probably should consider a scoop (10g) of Collegen Peptides. This is great for your skin by helping keep it hydrated. It will keep you in keto and not spike insulin, so not a bad thing while fasting. Collegen Peptides in water with a bit of ACV and ‘Au Jus’ concentrate for flavor, makes a great beef flavored broth. Basically, it’s more important that you keep with your fast by making small adjustments as your body needs, rather than stopping too early because of minor issues that can be fixed with minor, if any, insulin increase.