My Plans for Intermittent fasting wdyt?

Starting Monday 23rd of May 2022 i plan to fast from Mon-Friday and only eat on Sat & Sunday’s. And when I do eat I will be doing OMAD. When i do eat i want to eat healthy foods. I want to do this for the rest of the year, see how i go with it i think it’s more manageable then trying to stick to a full fast.? What do you think?
For the past 8 years i have not gotten full or hungry so should be no problem i just get cravings. I see no point in eating much considering i don’t get full or hungry. It should come easy to me fasting but it doesn’t because of cravings. Anyway they are my plans. If i can manage it i may stick to this way of fasting. I saw a documentary on utube a lady lost a lot of weight just by fasting 3 times a week. I am about 76 kilos / 167 pounds i want to do some light exercise with it and walking. I also have a bench press and want to do sit ups. Anyway i want to get to 55 kilos/ 121 pounds. or a size 12 i am currently about an 18-22.