Mikey's 100 day fasting extra crazy madness! breaking the record. uh oh! guess what day it is now! woot woot. can't stop won't stop, super time motivated fasting guru in the house! gonna out do everybody here! this time we got this! 100 friggin days!

It’s Mikey Mike Mike back again getting serious with another long fast. Shooting for 100 days this time.

I want to get back in the groove of the fasting lifestyle which I haven’t been as hard back into as I would have liked since ending the last long one. I made the mistake of getting back into things that were bad for me, and will take care to avoid letting that happen again once I get my eating under control.

Long Term and Short Term Goals:
Long term goals for me is to be a fasting guru who can shape his body at a whim
Short term goals are to just get to that coasting point and ride it out from there.

What are some struggles you face or you have faced in the past
Basically just getting back in it. I feel like the fact I have done 50 days before has made me too complacent in having done proven myself. I am ready to re-prove myself and really get back into this.

What is your game plan?
To fast 100 days. Mostly water, some black coffee at first too, then when it gets close to wrap up time, maybe some bone broth, but we will see as that time approaches. I plan to use electrolytes and vitamins as well once I feel the need for them, which can take a few days.

How do I feel right now?
Motivated and strong.

How will I feel once I achieve my goal?
Great, accomplished, and energetic.

Daily Affirmation
I am a powerful, strong, and healthy fasting guru.

I am currently on Day 3. I will post daily to remain accountable.
Wish me luck.


:joy::joy::joy: Love it - I believe in you

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Rooting for you, Mikey!!!

Day 4. Just checking in for the morning. Feel some pangs now and then, but I know things are going to tough now and then. The difference now being that I know what I am in for and am willing to go through any suffering. Good luck everyone!


:fire::fire::fire: Nice! Let’s go!

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Day 5. Struggled a bit on the night of day 4, but I was able to hold through. It helps that I make it difficult for myself to slip up during these moments of weakness. Modification of one’s environment can help corral that inner pig back in it’s cage.


Day 6. Still coasting through the days and mini struggles at night. The sleep schedule is being a bit weird, but nothing new or surprising going on.


Day 8 now. Didn’t get around my computer yesterday. Still going strong. Had a funny mishap with getting my car stuck in some mud for a while, but didn’t let a downturn throw me off too bad.

Didn’t hit post or something yesterday…

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Day 9. Feeling a bit ill today, but going to take a resting day and just take it easy. Will just do a light walk if anything. Going to start on my vitamins and supplements now.

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Day 10. Feeling better than yesterday. Just keeping up the fast and moving forward.

looking for an accountability partner michael. I am day 28. Looking to do 40. Yours puts me to shame. I couldn’t do 100 days. I’d be dead. so well done for your goal. Would you like to?

am now doing 100 days but mine will be a lifestyle. After the 40 days am taking a break then will be doing it as a lifestyle meaning perhaps either 2 days a week or just go 10,20,30,40 days and keep doing that. Hopefully save my life. The way the world is we are living in a toxic world! so silimiar to you but split up :slight_smile:

urgently need an accountability partner. please guys am nearly day 30. Nearly fainted today. Luckily i was with someone else. scary!I really need some support to discuss with someone as looking to do for the rest of my life as lifestyle.

anything i can do let me know. i am beyond exhausted. Not been sleeping which is why i nearly fainted.


I’m starting Intermittent fasting tomorrow coupled with Keto. I can help with accountability.

Hey…yes please…would love that. Day 29! Don’t even ask me about the torture! lol! how are you getting on? :slight_smile:

This is Day 1. I’m starting with OMAD & KETO. Then I’ll add in some water fasting in a couple of weeks. I’m no stranger to fasting as I’ve done various types previously.

Day 11. Hey daybyday, You should start a post so we can all help you along with staying accountable.

It’s not a perfect water thing for me since I am going so long. The 100 days will be hybrid fasting. I will be using bone broth occasionally. There may be som fat fasting later on down the road. I will be water fasting most days though and retaining some form of fasting throughout until I reach where I need to go. My problem with food has always been stopping and portion control. So even on a day where I feel I need nourishment, my options will remain being fasting fluids and an avoidance of anything that would raise my insulin levels.

Hi michael! I started five posts. sorry to hijack yours! Hope you don’t mind but I did try my best! I very much respect your decision. I too had a relationship with food which was emotionally related. One that needs life long work. Easier said than done. Bone broth is wonderful. sounds like your doing great! Hmm yes the choices we make our crucial!

Day 1: intermittent fasting 16:8 and OMAD. Looking forward to day 2.