Mike's refeed journal after 50 day fast

Hey guys. Just going to make a journal of the refeed.

I broke the fast with some bone broth and and some broccoli. I di have a pickle a little later as well. Things seem to have settled so I feel fine.

I don’t feel hungry yet or anything to day, so if I have anything at all and I don’t feel hungry still, I’ll probably just stick with bone broth today. I’ll update with what I have later if anything.


Not sure if you’re considering it - but you might want to up your calories a bit every day for the sake of not getting a metabolism slow down.

It’s pretty easy to stay low carb with that as well.

Just something to look into if you’ve not already.



Ok, yesterday, I wasn’t hungry early in the day, but when I had some broth, my appetite woke up a bit. I decided to try a bit of solid stuff just to experiment. I probably wouldn’t recommend anyone else do that. I have been pretty tuned to my body and what I can handle, but there was a little reaction if you know what I mean. I’ll spare the details. I feel ok this morning, but feel pretty full and bloated today. I’ll either ADF or just stick with broth today, and do this more properly if I’m feeling for anything at all.


I’m so glad you are keeping us posted on your Refeed Michael, thank you! You are an asset here! :slight_smile:

LOL, yes, so even for me after a 2.5 day fast I have to stay near a restroom when I break. Good news is it does stop.

I like to cook veggies to extreme softness in the bone broth. Mushrooms in the broth give a nice meaty chew and seem to do well with my digestive system.

Avocado is very soothing as well - I sprinkle everything seasoning on it.

I’ve grown to liking kimchi so much I am making it homemade now - and the probiotic benefits feel a lot better on my system than something like yogurt.

The refeed on longer fasts can make the fast itself seem like a cakewalk. It’s an awesome adventure.

I took some psyllium based fiber with the food yesterday and that helped a lot with the bathroom issues for me. I feel pretty close to normal now, with a smaller appetite. I’ve put on a bit of water now, but I’m going to kind of just keep an eye on it and keep things keto for now, then maybe transition to carnivore pretty soon. I’m out of bone broth now, so I may just eat veggies and meat today, with a bit of the Metamucil fiber to prevent bathroom issues.

Had a busy day, but just ate normally today really.


Been busy still, but Just eating normally and digging into some labor day leftovers that I vacuum sealed and froze.


Going to make this the last day of my refeed for a while. Going to probably just do an omad after lifting some weights. Going to just keep going from there and focus on my mindset and positive affirmations.


Kind of back at the fast, so I’m going to see how I am feeling after a bit. finishing up day 2 now.

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