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Ok so today is day 2 of my planned 7 day water fast. I did 4 x 3-day fasts during the lockdown and lost 1.5 st - very pleased!

Each time I got to the end of day 3 I felt good, full of energy, not hungry and could have continued longer. Unfortunately family pressure (they mean well) made me stop each time.

So THIS time I planned a 7 day fast and presented my husband (H) with lots of supporting evidence that fasting is good. I also spoke with our doctor - who H respects very much - and she has OK’d it.

After all that preparation I am making the most of this chance. I WILL finish the 7 days! I’m ready, galvanised, prepared, and totally up for this!

Day 2 so far so good. Feeling strong :smiley:


I just discovered H has bought my favorite chocolate! Aaaaaaaa! He doesn’t know I know yet, I found them in a bag of groceries he brought home last night.

So he’s supportive and still (unintentionally I believe) sabotaging my fast.

Now I don’t feel so strong, knowing it’s in the house available for me to break my fast any time I have a craving. It was much easier when there was very little temptation in the house.

Anyway, I have a tip for getting through a fast that I’d like to share, here tomorrow :slight_smile:


Aww chocolate is my kriptonite haha so I get how you feel. Just stay strong and know that the chocolate will still be there after the 7 days are up! It’s not going anywhere you’re already one day in so keep it up (unless your body says otherwise)

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You’re so right, thank you! When I’m craving that chocolate I can know that I can still have it - in a few days. I hadn’t looked at it beyond the ‘now’ before.

Bless him, H said he got it in case I had a ‘fasting meltdown’ in the middle of the night! :smiley:

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End of day 2.

I’ve been listening to a couple of @yasemin 's awesome youtube videos so I’m going into day 3 feeling sooo good, and strong in my resolve :smile:

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@Michelle awwww… how cute of your husband! He prepared for the worst! That’s a great husband!

Awesome!!! Love this! How do you feel on Day 3, both mentally and physically? This is usually my toughest day and the day I cave in so I always interested in how people feel and on how they overcome challenges on those tough days.

I feel pretty good thanks @sarah_t ! I’m just starting day 4, and this is the longest I’ve done. I have had wobbles :frowning: :neutral_face:

How do I overcome the difficult bits? I have found listening to @Yasemin 's pep talks on youtube really helpful. When I’m considering caving I make a cup of tea and listen to a pep talk and I feel stronger. I also tell myself I can do it, and think about what I’ll gain from this. I hope that helps :slight_smile:

Oh I woke up and bounced out of bed this morning (I never do that) so I think I’m having more energy! And I’m so lucky to have a husband like this :smiley:

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DAY 4!!!
Longest I’ve ever done.
WOO HOO :muscle:


Happy for you you’re doing great — I’m on day 2 today and waiting for that secret! :wink:

Hi @Bayle! How is your fast going? Are you on day 3 now?

So this is my own personal tip, that works for me anyway. I’m hoping it might help someone :slight_smile:

My son calls it “Mommy’s Mindful Cup Of Tea”. When I get a tummy rumble or a craving I put the kettle on. And I do a whole ritual of making and drinking the tea (or coffee). So I’ll use a cute one-person tea pot, cup with saucer, spoon on the side etc. Then I sit down and really ‘be in the moment’ while I’m pouring and drinking the tea.

The important thing is ‘being in the moment’, or ‘being present’. You don’t really need the teapot etc. Focus on savouring the tea, really enjoy it, listen to the sound it makes pouring into the cup and so on. Don’t do anything else at the same time.

By the time you’ve done this, the hunger hormine ghrelin has subsided and hunger has gone away. A bonus is that you’ve given yourself a few minutes break from your day - we just don’t do that enough.

That’s my tip. I hope someone can find it useful :slightly_smiling_face:


I hope you liked my tip for fasting :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m on day 4 now. I’m just over half way so it’s counting down from here! Feeling ok, and pleased I’ve got this far without caving. Very tired though. Mind you, that could be because my young son climbed into our bed during the night, and proceeded to do windmill shapes while he was asleep! :grin:


Focusing your attention on the tea and being mindful is the heart of being awake.


That’s an amazing tip! Love that - I do love my cup of coffee in the morning definitely what I look forward to now :blush: yes! Started 3 days ago, feeling good so far — hoping to go 7 days!

@Bayle you’re doing so great! Keep it up. I use Zero sometimes too - mostly 'cos I like the widget I think :smile:

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Into Day 5!. I’m pleased but today has been difficult. It was quite stressful and by 8pm I’d had enough and wanted chocolate which is my go-to when I’m feeling the strain.

However my lovely H managed to talk me out of eating anything. You know things are going south when you start searching topics like “What constitutes breaking a fast” and “What to do if you mess up and break your fast” lol.


I have something important to document to myself.

I ended my 7-day fast 2 days early this evening. But I’m going to be positive - yay I completed a 5-day fast!! My longest yet. So that’s a good thing. It was planned and controlled. I lost 7 pounds, my rosacia cleared up, and my eyes seem whiter. All good.

I ate the chocolate I had been craving since H bought it on Monday.

Do you know what? It wasn’t so great. It tasted waaaay too sweet, unpleasantly so. And I went straight back to my pre-fast thoughts of “I need to make this last until I can shop again tomorrow, I can’t though, what will I do?”. And of course I ate it.

That stress and panic just wasn’t there during the fast. The moment my craving is satisfied I’m already hating it. But I’m not disappointed in myself - what I hated was the addiction.

This was enlightening for me. I realised that even though I had been craving sooo much in the fast, it was no where close to how bad I felt when I satisfied the addiction - experiencing again the addictive mind that fears, worries and panics.

I don’t want to live in the grip of an addiction (even if it’s ‘just’ chocolate) any more. It’s a waste of my life, and taking up way too much of my mental resources. It stops now.

I’m having this weekend off and ketoing until Sunday (4th Oct) when I start my next fast which will be at least 5 days. And this time I’ll remember how I felt so I (hopefully) won’t be craving so much.

So yes I broke my fast a bit early, but I have gained a lot of benefit, and learned a lot.



Oh goodness, make sure you have some bone broth handy and please be gentle on your fast break.

Your digestive system has been sleeping a few days.

Congrats on 5 days!

I know that feeling when I break early and then want to slap myself. :joy:

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Thank you @Miramar. I only had a small um upset tummy and I’ve been fine since thankfully. I think as you suggest I’ll get some broth for the cuboard for next time!

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I’ve had the weekend off after finishing a 5-day fast last week. It’s been lovely to eat with my family but I’m ready to begin my second 5-day fast. In fact I’m looking forward to it, and I learned a lot last week so I’m hoping the week to come will be a little easier.

I lost a total of 11 lbs. Very happy!

SW 212 lbs.
CW 201 lbs.

Day 1 started 4 hrs ago :grimacing: