Melly's Daily Water Fast Journal

Tomorrow starts Day 1 of my 30-Day journey. Whew! My longest thus far has been 21 days. This is how I progressed to this point:

24 hour fast (It took me 1 year to finally get to 24 hours. I was stuck at 17-18 hours)
36 hour fast (Could not make it to 48. I tried, though.)

I was told about Yas from my really good friend. I decided to join the 7-Day Challenge and with Yas’ support, and the daily check-ins from my group, I was able to complete 10 days. That was HUGE for me. I cried through it but was amazed at my commitment to myself. NOTE-I read the books recommended, I keep my calendar with the sticky notes, I kept a journal, and I attended all my calls.

Shortly after the 10-day, I went on to do 21 DAYS!!! Babeeeeeeeeeee!!! I have NEVER felt and looked so good. I did this journey “quasi-alone”. It was deeply spiritual, and it changed the trajectory of my life in a major way.

A year later… I am back and ready for 30-days of total healing-Mind, Body, and Spirit. I expect an even GREATER transformation in my life, home, business, and finances. I am grateful in advance for the people, events, places, and things that will enter into my life as I journey towards this great accomplishment. I will never turn back to my old ways. I am READY!


**Day 1-September 1st/**Kin 1 (Red Magnetic Dragon)
Truly, I wanted to stop and start tomorrow with my group. But, I knew today was my start day, and I wanted to be obedient to the call to start. Day 1 is always hard and it was even harder than I had expected. I still pushed through and made it to the end. I am proud of me.
Experiences Today:

  • I cried
  • I was irritable
  • I was aware in a reflective way (a similar situation that occurred at the same time last year)
  • I REALLY Listened to people
  • I was more patient than normal (in traffic, with the kids, with friends)
  • I expressed myself clearly and swiftly (when I had enough in my work meeting, I vocalized that I needed a break)

I exercised for 11 minutes (walking). That was good because I did not want to go and my usual park had an event with lots of people so I had to go to “Squirrel Park”, which I don’t particularly like.

My Word for the Day is: Peace
Element: Water

Day 1|602x500

Hey lovely. Keep going. I too want to do this very badly. I am on day ten but perhaps may have made a few mistakes. Ah am not perfect. To be fair to you it is incredibly hard. Yesterday I had enough. Like I was like that is it. Today I found out I made a few mistakes. Like you I hope to do between 30-50 days. I really could do with keeping in touch with someone who is doing this. Do you feel the same way? If so let’s stay in touch. Like you I really must do it. For me it is crunch time as I have quite a lot of health problems. To give you some feedback. I am quite touched by your day one :slight_smile: Woohooo! you did it. I too have needed soooo much patience as like you things have been very very tough in my life. You definately can do it. I know you can. I love that you have done this before. I mean go girl! Like kudos to you all the way. I think this is the hardest thing you can possibly do haa haa. so what do you plan to do to keep going? for me it’s and i hope i am not making more mistakes haa haa

1.Have cocoa with milk- oh my word does this help me…i mean I just can’t without it ( hope its allowed)
2.stick with this group to like minded people
4.think of my why
5.remember your reason for doing it
6.realize it will be worth it in the end
7.for me i have no other option- i have to do it haa haa
8.try different drinks i understand herbal allowed and coffee though am not sure re coffee it makes me jittery and tea etc (hope am right here? am new to this honestly like am learning myself)
9.try and walk?

How about you?

Hope you do really well. Keep it up x

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Good evening!!

Thank you so much for reading and replying to my post. I am here to help in any way that I can. We can absolutely communicate with and support one another. Listen, YOU CAN DO THIS! Literally, take it one day at a time and just constantly reassure yourself with your Big WHY.

Do you have a plan on how you will tackle each day?

  • Each morning I start the day with Hot Green Tea (or a different flavor)
  • Listen to an Audible book from the list or a different one you are reading (I am listening to Think Yourself Thin)

What keeps me going? Discipline. Discipline that I built over time. I wasn’t always this way. Trust me. But, I also love having a community of friends that are trying to accomplish the same goals.


  • Black Coffee -Yes (I understand what you mean about being jittery so when I order it from Starbucks I get a short which is smaller than a tall and I can’t even drink that much. I may have 4 cups of those throughout the whole Fast just to have a different taste)
  • Herbal Tea (no sugar)-Yes
  • La Croix Sparkling Water-Yes
  • Cocoa with Milk-Nope


  • Short, brisk walk or whatever you like to do (dance, swim, jog, etc…)

Tell me your thoughts. I hope this works.


Day 2- September 2nd

I woke up and listened to a few chapters of Think Yourself Thin by JJ Smith. Had hot tea before taking the boys to school.

I absolutely stayed strong! I felt a lot better. I made sure I took my supplements so that my body got its vitamins. And, I walked for 16 minutes which was 5 minutes longer than the day before. I felt a lot stronger. However, I felt tired. So, I rested for a few via meditation. It was nice and rejuvenating.

It was the first day of the call. I got to see Yas and baby, met new team members-Mary Joy, Mike, and Samantha (I believe), and joined Telegram and posted on the Leaderboard.

Overall, Day 2 was great! I must stay hydrated!

Hey Melly!!! How are you? me too I am here to help! I love you positivity. That is the way for definite. Yaaaay we can do it. Go girl! Right so how will I tackle each day hmmm.
1.I will tackle each day with patience. I also do deep breathing which definitely helps.
2.I drink cocoa with a little milk. Melly I can’t do without it.

I love your discipline idea. Hmm I think this comes with habits. Me too. I am not that way but hey it’s never too late. Great your doing that. I love how you say it comes over time.

regarding the drinks I am going to be honest I watched a lot of doctor videos yesterday who confirmed cocoa, milk and coconut oil don’t break it. I totally respect your view though and thank you for kindly responding. I simply can’t without it but was relieved when all those doctors said it doesn’t break the benefit of it.

Wow to exercise. I mean am not getting much sleep so very much respect you for doing that. Though I will admit I walk when I have to and get transport if I feel I simply can’t. That is amazing you do.

Much blessings

Much love x

I hear you on getting stronger. I very much admire and respect you for saying that. Yes supplements help. What do you take?

Oh apologies if I missed it what day you on? I am day 11. Phew I am tired just typing this lol.

Keep going.

We can do it x

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I keep finding myself in tears and I guess you do what you gotta do to get through it. I balled my eyes out two days ago. Keep crying, keep learning and let’s keep going. We are in this together hun. Anything I learn will share with you x

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not feeling too positive but ill get there. Didn’t get much sleep. Day not going too well. I bent down to pick something up and when I got up nearly fainted. How do you deal with dizziness and feeling down and lifted when life challenges come u. We all face challenges in life. How do we deal with this while also doing this. I felt sick at the taste of my drink even though usually I love it- cocoa which cheers me up. I even added a little milk based on millions of doctor videos I watched which said it was ok. I usually enjoy this drink. All drinks are making me sick and quite frankly I feel ill. I went down the stairs. When I came back up I thought i was going to have heart attack. I was shaking. I am so cold I feel like an ice rink.

what do you do to deal with dizziness and feeling out of breath. Also feeling very depressed when alone. How about the freezing cold part. Normally a nice food cheers me up especially when alone. Not having that is pushing me to my core :slight_smile: I am day 11.

what day you on? god knows how we will get through this but feel soo soo good am doing it x

Let’s remind each other of out goals. what is yours?

I think you can go through hell in life. But life is 10% what happens to you 90% how you deal with it.

Let’s keep our why close to our chest. I feel so depleted. What supplements you taking?

what do you do about the cold?

How do you deal with feeling down?

How about the dizziness and shaking?

Like I can barely move! When I went up the stairs I felt like i had climbed mout everes.

Let’s discuss what to take? x

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How you getting on? Day 11 :slight_smile: what day you on? x

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Today is Day 3 for me.

Supplements I take via tinctures are Garlic, Tumeric, Ginkgo, Ginger, etc (Sprouts)
via pills: A multi, Vitamin C, Omega 3-6-9, Biotin, Zinc, and Goldenseal

I don’t really get cold too much because I normally wear sweaters/hoodies even when it is hot outside (mostly my exercise gear)

Ashwaganda is good for depression, anxiety, etc, or you can sit outside in the sun or at the beach. This REALLY helps me. Sounds are excellent mood shifters. Any music, natural sounds, or audio books lift the Spirit. Also, do you get on the calls? If you do, GREAT! If not, jump on! The community is super helpful.

Detoxing before fasting is extremely helpful and is cousin to fasting. It prepares you for the journey and helps to reduce your sugar intake and removes a lot of toxins from the stomach and intestines.

Your mind, body, and Spirit are going to go through changes. Rest. Listen to your body. KEEP GOING. YOU GOT THIS!

Day 3- Friday, September 3, 2021

Kept my peace candle lit. Keeps me focused. :person_in_lotus_position:t5:

Worked out- :running_woman: 1 mile walked/jogged some (Sorry Linz, I couldn’t do 1 consecutive lap. I did intermittent jogs, lol). However, I did walk a mile in 23 minutes. I’m cool with that.

Purchased Distilled Water :droplet: so I can get that in my system. I did not find the Aha water at Sam’s Club, so I will just purchase online. Excited to taste it.

My book, The Miracle of Fasting came in the mail, Yippppeeeee!!! It is soooooo good.

Made the call and filled in the leaderboard :heavy_check_mark:

I am extremely thankful. Thankful for my children, strength, friends, community, mission-work, my life, my limbs, my finances, my car (that is in the shop…Journey, you are coming home soon, Baby!), and especially my Mom. Just thankful… :pray:

Day 3, you are alright by me :heart:

Hola to you lovely. Your message brightened my day :slight_smile: I am going to try to be rational in this message rather than get all emotional.

Love your approach and congratulations on day 3 :slight_smile: You are very inspiring and I only wish I could be as positive as you!
1.supplements are life or death! I sometimes forget to take them as struggle to swallow. Like what you take. I think the most important you have highlighted which gosh I need to do myself are salt, vitamic c and electrolytes. What you are taking is amazing. Do you think we should both look into taking electrolytes. To be fair I am day 12 and feeling dizzy. I take ash and yes it helps.
2.where could I get calls from? Like looool is there a number to ring? no am serious I do need it!
3.I did do a warm up with intermittent a few months back. I write below my situation.
4.awww hun your a star. I really appreciate it. Those kind words mean the world to me.
5.I like the candle idea- so lovely- double lol I am so tired don’t even have the energy to type!
6.You worked out! man you got this. That is chamazing!
7.Distilled water- my dream one day in my life is to drink clean water- for now ill dream lol
8.ah the book- you remind me of my former self- i was really into reading- going through a tough time but yes that is a very very good idea- I am watching a lot of material, will share what I learn
9.what is the leader board?
10.Gratitude list- i am really happy for you, you seem like a amazing person, you made my day, sending much blessings to you and your wonderful family :slight_smile: awww- i like this!

Keep going- you are doing amazing. I will do the same in the next post x

Okay day 12- how many days you looking to do?
Right goals and my why

Ok for me I can get down due to facing difficult challenges but I know people who have been through some horrific times and still smile so my goal is to try be more positive.

I am doing this due to having gone through a lot of difficulty and want to improve my discipline and patience levels as well as become more spiritual and remember god. My health is very poor but god looks after you and my patience levels have increased.

1.supplements- check but need to look into electrolytes- i think for prolonged you need to take, are you going to take any, perhaps we need to look into it? I have done a lot of research and they said it is a must. what do you think?
2.Getting cold-this could be iron, stress and multiple factors, I am going to research, also thyroid- will look into further
3.ashy! yes take it- life saver. thank you x is a huge part of my life- love love love it :slight_smile: ah nothing cheers me up more. yaay!
5.right now this i need to work on, i am VERY isolated and need to be with people, i am on my own a lot in front of a computer, struggling so much with this, i just sit and watching stuff, researching, i agree i need to,how do you get the calls? This would help. I also need to start going to places where I meet more people, this is a HUGE goal as i am very alone and this is detrimental to your well being- like I could spend a lot of time by myself and i hate it, could explain why am down
6.Feeling dizzy- i reas salt in water helps, i need to look into it more, perhaps electrolytes
7.prep- yes I did a prep of full day/one meal a day so 25 hours nothing. so intermittment for a while. to be honest melly for me this isn’t a hobby or something i am doing for fun, it is saving my life,
8.yes i don’t have sugar and can’t as it makes me very ill, i have very very small amounts. got it hun. My whole body is going through a change. I need to be more positive and remember if you are going through hell keep going haa haa :slight_smile:
10.working out, i just can’t- we are all different- walking slowly lol is all i got right now- kudos to you. I may though in future get into it
11.goal- read more- i want to get books on being more positive and changing your thoughts, i also have other books really really want just I MUST get round to getting them
12. what really helped me yesterday when i nearly gave up was getting some veg, boiling them and drinking water, i felt very ill and i was alone, it was warm and I thought i was going to freeze to death, there are so many doctors who specialize in the area who said it is ok to do that as still water but your getting the added benefit of vitamins so i went with what they said,
13.positive people help me, i don’t even want to think about the people who drag you down, getting that pen and crossing them out! I have had enough
14.i was very worried re how to swallow supplements, again they said coconut oil ok so thats my best bet- phew, i think listening to experts who say it doesn’t affect it is a relief, i really really am trying my best
15.goal- must do a technology detox, i aam so tired and just spending time zoning out in front of a computer helps you but your right i must get out more with people, ah i am on it!
16.being around positivity, life is hard enough as it is, some people lives are harder than others, you must be around someone who will cheer you up, it helps when dealing with those who drag you down which can be a lot of people for some of us
17.gratitude- i am grateful i am breathing, i am more patient, i can smile, survivor, for family, friends- one who is a gem :slight_smile: water, god, and everything else.

we got this, let’s keep going, every day we can improve, let’s keep trying, let’s remember our why…sending blessings you way, hugs and haa haa lol don’t want to get emotional!

We GOT this x

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I forgot to add it is teaching me patience, you learn to become wiser and handle each day as it comes. We may not be here tomorrow, that is a goal, to worry less :blush: x

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what it has taught me
3.will power
4.humility turn to god
6.meaning of life
7.your emotions should not control you- using your rational brain are not responsible for other people behaviour ignore trivial, stupid, dumb people who have nothing better to do than cause havoc in other people lives
10.if you are going through a lot of pain and quite a lot of suffering hey you may as well make it meaningful lol!

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I feel so humble from within and truly feel I am learning. You have children. I am guessing they taught you patience. I don’t have any but I may as well. some people need patience as though you are dealing with a new born baby. what did having kids teach you?

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oh my god i really felt like eating today! Wow for the first time! I took your advice and even made new friend! Woohooo!!!

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your chaaaamaaaazing! Hope it going well your end x

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