Mary's Extended Fasting journal

I’ve been fasting for several months, anywhere from 1 day to 8. Going longer has concerned me after reading all those “only under doctor’s supervision” warnings. Even Jason Fung recommends only going 3 days.

Discovering Yasemins videos and this site has given me the confidence to try 14 days. I’m on mandatory self-isolation in the UK, after flying in from Canada yesterday, so this seems like a good time to start. Roughly 36 hours in at this point and everything’s going well.

Thanks to all who are posting about their fasts - it’s very encouraging for me to read of your successes.


Quarantine sounds like a great time to fast. I, too, wonder about all the warnings about a doctor’s supervision. I’m just trying to listen to my body and not push things too far if I really don’t feel right.


Hi Sky,
I’ve heard many times about “exercising the fasting muscle” and it seems to be true. Just before I got on the plane, I did a 3 day fast and honestly, I felt like I could’ve gone forever.
And you’re right - none of us are stupid. If we don’t feel well, we’ll eat. There’s always another day.


It’s tough trusting many Drs as at least here in the US they’re not expected to be nutritionists on top and don’t get training in that.

The food pyramid is a crock. The need for breakfast every day is a crock too. And virtually everything in the store is processed one way or another and loaded with sugars and things to preserve the food.

You will find a plethora of videos and Fasting groups on FB with people who go much longer than 3 days. If you don’t have any meds or prescription or massive underlying issues going on then I say go for it. Provided you have ample body fat and are considered overweight or more.

Keep educating yourself and listen to your body - not the evil ego feed me gremlin.

I have a breaking point but haven’t found it yet. :rofl:

Currently Fasting 5 consecutive days a week and my body is taking it well.

Have plans to change it up again the lower my weight goes - incorporating more eat days but likely more time constrictive eating windows.

We are all unique, and it may require some experimentation to figure out what works for you.

But yeah, push it and see. 2 weeks fast is doable.


Thanks, @Miramar. I’m feeling pretty confident about it at the moment. Plus, the only way to get food is to order it in and that is totally unappealing to me. I may feel differently in another week, however…

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You know that feeling when you discover the scale you bought on your trip weighs nearly 8
#'s heavier then your one at home…??? Yeah, I hate that. I thought I was done with the 190’s forever but evidently not.

54 hours in and still going well. I’m going a bit insane with this self-isolation thing and doing little justifications in my head - “maybe I could go out at 4 am since I have jetlag anyway”. Sigh.

How’s everyone this morning?


Doing well! Just a lb and a half away from this weekend goal.

So, we have a blood pressure/weight check in two of the local stores. It emails results.

Both machines add 5+ lbs to what my home scale says. I’m sticking with my home scale :rofl:.

Although I will weigh in on the others just to compare.

Had a friend visit a couple days ago and she had me order a new scale for her. Planning to jump on that one too to compare.

Well done, you, on getting so close to your goal!

My home scale is an old analogue so I’m pretty sure it’s the new one that’s right :frowning_face:

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Day 4 and down 3.5 lbs to 189. I’m keto so am not expecting too much of that to be water loss. Feeling pretty good, though I seem to have lost my voice overnight.

Am over the moon to see the 180’s again.

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So… in case any of you were wondering about the worst possible way to break your fast, I’d like to suggest sugar free candy. Don’t try this at home, folks. And if you do try it, make sure you’re at home. Holy crap (hee, hee…)!
On the other hand, I’m down nearly 2 more lbs :grin:. It’s amazing what happens when your digestive tract is completely empty…


We are similar weights!

Break a fast with broth/bone broth. :joy:

D’ya think…??? Ha, ha, ha! I’ve learned my lesson :smirk:

I’m going to do a series of 4 day fasts with 1 or 2 day refeeds in between. So starting tonight and fasting until Friday morning…

187.5 - after a refeed? I’ll take it!
Already 12 hours into a 96-ish hour fast. The struggle is as always - keeping myself amused so I can keep my mind off of fasting :laughing:

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187.2 - Not as impressive as I would like but I guess it’s better than going in the other direction. I’m hungry and has hoped for some cooperation from the scale to encourage me :confounded:

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Halfway through day 3 - have a bit of “damage” to deal with as I was craving some good, British sweets. Sorry Pommies, they weren’t nearly as good as I imagined…
Anyway, I’m at 190.8 and expect to be back in the 180’s tomorrow. It’s astonishing how much water I packed on in only a few days.
Thanks to everyone who’s keeping a journal - it’s great knowing I’m not alone.

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Well you need to call the company and demand a refund.

Oooo, is that like a tater tot? You are very dangerous! I gotta be extremely mindful of those types of carbs.

It’s disappointing when you dream about something to eat and then you get to it and it’s not as good. But I think we are remembering the taste of the ‘feeling’ we had at a different moment in time which will never be exactly the same again. Sometimes I wish I’d just stick with the memory.

And hey! Stick in there! We got this. :slightly_smiling_face:

This!! You are so right. Food, for me (and probaly for most of us) is so deeply connected to experiences. If we could get it to just be fuel, we’d be alright…

And Pommies are English people, not tater tots (ha ha HA!!)

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I looked up Pommies and found something that looks like tater tots.

Day 4; 189; woohoo!!!
Feeling great. I think my fasting muscle is definitely getting “fitter”. I get occasional little hunger “nudges” but absolutely nothing I can’t ignore.
Don’t know how long I’ll go. Would LOVE to see the 170’s… May be a bit ambitious for this fast but should be do-able on the next.

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