Looking for an accountability buddy

Starting 7 day water fast tomorrow- let’s help each other!

Hey, I’m also starting a water fast today, though I am going for a bit longer. I could definitely use the support as well! Wanna do this together?

I would love to…doing a transition day and starting tomorrow. My number is (207) 550-1128 if you want to text- how long are u going?

Text me if you want to do this together!!! 2075501128

How long of a fast are you doing, Kaylah?
I am needing a buddy to keep me accountable. I did really well last fall but still have some pounds I need to shave off.

Mostly, I need to shift my focus to the mindset of “What? I can’t eat anything today?” to why I feel so stressed and instead focus on all the little things that are going well in my life vs dwell on personal shortcomings. I need to fast both physically to reset from within and mentally to purge myself of the trapped feelings of doom I get working from home/busy mom/exhausted wife.

Hi! Totally understand where you’re coming from. I’m looking to shake things up too. I’ve got a couple pounds I want to lose myself, but mostly to try to fix my outlook on food and self control. I planned to go 21 days! I’m on about day 10 with a couple “cheat/refeed” days thrown in there :weary: So I still have about 11 more and I want to be more strict with myself about the days that I give in. I would like to do these remaining days straight through and an accountability buddy would help me a lot with the the temptations! Let me know if you’re still doing yours and for how long. Feel free to text me (773-629-3757)

Lmk if you wanna do this together!