Liz’s fasting journal

Day 4 of at least 7 day fast. Really excited to see where I can get in the coming days. Also fearing refeed. How am I going to keep the weight off? Obviously will gain a few at first. But then what??? Lifelong binger. I do fasting bc it’s my only reprieve from binging. Goal is to live between 140-150. I’d be ok going up to 152. Seems impossible. Every time I get to that weight I start gaining back all I’ve lost. I was 161 this morning. Mainly want to feel good about myself and truth be told I feel pretty good even up to 155. I am just so tired of not knowing how to eat like a normal person. I actually noticed today my hips and face look less full. Woo hoo! Stomach is much flatter.


Have you attempted 16:8 or 5:2??

yes to both

Day 5 of 7 (+ hopefully)…
down 7.6 total!
The scale is fickle though.
It’s nice to see a downward motion in my weight.
Starting my 7 day fasting group today. Yasmin is the fasting queen and she’s running it. It really is wild to imagine that I could be at my goal weight in just a few weeks…
IF and that’s a big IF - I stay with the fasting!
I have never regretted NOT eating.
I have OFTEN regretted eating.
Yesterday was easier than the day before.
Part of me is like - just eat.
The other part of me is like - just think how you will feel once you are at your goal?
Then maintenance.
Everything besides water: coffee, herbal tea, creamer, beef bone broth, sugar free mints, sugar free gum.
Scale was down a lot today.
After gaining 1.5 yesterday on the scale, it was great to lose 2+ today on the scale.
I will say all of the SF stuff was making my stomach rumble all night. I definitely overdue things.


Day 6 of 7. Down 8.8#.
I’m still heavier than I am used to being but it feels good to be headed down.
Am starting to notice my clothes fit better.
Started fasting group zoom calls yesterday. Very helpful to have someone say u can do it and who’s been through it.
My husband asked about the charge on our card and I told him. He said u have to pay someone to not Eat? I said one doesn’t have to. But I’m doing this for a week to help me stick to it.
Did the sugar free mints and gum again last night. Need to stop bc of stomach upset. Not worth it

okay truth be told i ate some sugarfree hard candy and my stomach has been killing me all through the night and all day today so far and it’s 10 AM!!! i have to remember this. it’s totally not working to eat sugar free candy. in fact with sugar free, there’s a stomach fee. called gurgling stomach, gas, potty problems. too much information. this is more of a note to self

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I have been there! The sweetener those candies contain is actually a high stimulant laxative that also causes inflammation throughout the body. They are poison. The kill me. Artificial sweeteners stimulate an insulin response which produces hunger and cravings. What has helped me is chewing on store-bought ice. Sometimes you can put a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice on the ice. Just fill up a tumbler and bring it with you wherever you go!


Thanks for this, very gold idea!!
Shopping day tomorrow. I will be buying some ice and lemon. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that. Thanks @Esbyrose


day 7 of 7 (orignal goal)…but now i’m planning to go to at least 11 days. I leave for my trip on 3/10 so I was thinking of even going until 3/3 or 3/7. Yesterday was hard. first my mom gave me a hard time about fasting. she’s like “just don’t make yourself sick.” i was like “mom - i WAS making myself sick binging every day.” she won’t comment on that but she will and does comment when i’m fasting.

my weekend socializing is usually going out to dinner with my family. it turned out okay last night. my husband went to eat with the husband of a married couple we know. that guy’s wife and i stayed at my house with the kids. we saved a little money us not going so that’s good too.

I didn’t eat any sugarfree candy yesterday and so i actually felt good through the night. my sleep doesn’t seem to be as sound. right now, I sleep about 2 hours consecutively then I wake up. When i’m not fasting i wake up once a night typically.

The scale today was lovely. it said i’m down 10.8. My stomach is starting to look like it used to before the holidays and my clothes are fitting so much better.

i really love this fasting accountability group. my husband had a couple of rude comments about me going. he’s incredulous really with this whole thing. i’ve been fasting a lot since july but have never engaged help like i am doing now. but it’s so hard to do that i NEED a group since i have the OPPOSITE of support at home. i feel like he’s outright hostile about what i’m trying to do.

i think me making healthy changes scares my husband. i quit drinking alcohol about 4 years ago and we have had little in common since then. Now i’m fasting and we have even less in common. so i’m sure it’s threatening to him on some level.

i have hope that i can obtain a healthy relationshisp with food. i’m typically either fasting or binging. but now i’m hearing i really need to cut out of the sugar to stop the binging. sounds very hard. but the benefits will be great for me and my daughter.

my husband gave me a hard time about fasting last night. he said how long are you fasting? i said at least until Wednesday which, he doesn’t realize it, but that will be 11 days. He said you’re crazy. i said yeah well you won’t think it’s crazy when i’m rocking my bikini at the pool and at the beach this summer. to that, he laughed b/c he knows i am right.

we have a pool in our subdivision pool and he only went once all last summer. why? becasue he’s embarrassed about how he looks because he’s heavy. how sad is that? I had to beg him last year to get him to go the ONE single time he went. i said you are missing out on wonderful memories with our kid! this pool was a big reason we moved to this house. i refuse to let my insecurity ruin my fun and my time with my daughter.

i have to lead my family to being healthier. i don’t really know what that looks like yet but i’m going to keep fasting for now and keep going to this group and hopefully i can start working on it as soon as i start eating again. i’ve never had a normal relationship with food. i’ve read all these books that say things like “eat normally.” well, that’s confusing b/c i don’t eat normally. is eating 2 boxes of girl scout cookies in a single day as a snack normal? for ME it is!


You have this, you have already made 7! Dont stop now, you are stronger than this. I understand and am skipping a family dinner tonight but I can always do it later - the food will still be there in a week! What’s a few more days, stay strong!


This forum community sounds like the perfect place for you to be to me. :blush: And your doing so well!

Maybe your husband is a little scared… As you said your lifestyle changes were big parts of your lifestyle prior. But once you have built fasting into your lifestyle or even fasted to goal and then maintained he’ll see your just a happier, healthier version of you and what isn’t there to love about that.
Let him see the changes and how you did it without his support and he’ll maybe join you… Doing a fast together would be such a bonding experience and then you could both enjoy the pool.
It’s funny the things we do, like moving to somewhere with a pool without realizing the things that hold us back. Like being upset with how we look.
Just envision your lifestyle afterwards I see beautiful meals out that you can truly enjoy because you have full control over your healthy food choices.
Esp if your aiming for 11 days… That’s a good way to kicking the sugar addiction… 7 days without sugar… Could you imagine it a week ago, yet here you are having made it happen high five your gunna Rock your bikini this summer and feel sooo proud of yourself!


That is true. Food is ALWAYS around. That’s why I’m fasting bc I was always eating lol

Thanks yes it’s nice to feel good about myself. I’m finally feeling like myself again. I had covid early jan. Lost taste and smell and I still kept overeating. Been off track since end of December until now. Woo hoo. I can’t believe in 1.5 hours it’s going to be a full week of fasting. That’s never happened. Proud of myself. Still hard to believe I’m not really even hungry. I wanted to eat all night though. It is getting easier bc physical hunger isn’t bothering me. Mental hunger yes. I am praying tonight to stay strong until day 11 :pray:t2::brain::pray:t2:


i made it! fasting day 8 of 7. I’m planning on going 11 days as long as I feel well. so many people in my life are nay-saying me fasting this long. i’m down 11.4#. i really want the scale to keep going down. it’s very motivating. i can tell my clothes look and feel so much better.

last night was hard again. even though i am not physically hungry, my brain wants to eat! my husband picked up dinner for himself and then he ate in the kitchen while i was in the living room. i was very grateful he didn’t eat in front of me.

This fasting over the weekend SUCKS! I feel so deprived. But i keep telling myself it’s just for right now. there’s going to be plenty of food when i’m done fasting. it’s nice to save so much money too not going out to eat. Even though my husband is going out to eat, it’s just him, not 3 people going out to eat like it usually is.

I took my daughter sledding yesterday. and took my dog on a walk. i have so much more energy to do things when i’m fasting. i like that!

I was looking at recipes to make my family a nice breakfast this morning. But I had to stop looking and finally decided they must fend for themselves because it was making me want to eat. literally i was salivating.

One other good thing about fasting is i get to bed earlier. i was so frustrated last night with not being able to eat that i started getting ready for bed at about 9 pm and was asleep by 11. that’s pretty early for me especially on a weekend. but there’s nothing to do if there’s no late night snacking. it opens my eyes to how much i was eating out of boredom and just because food tastes good. no wonder i had so much weight to lose!


I have been thinking the same and also going to bed early, i think I eat when looking for something to do. Just a few more days liz and the weekend is almost over! You most definitely have this!

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Your body does the weight loss and healing while you sleep too. On longer prolonged fasts you find after two weeks your sleep is more disrupted and you loose less. It’s why alot of people cap their fasts at 10-14days for weight-loss.

Do you feel your waking more rested? Sleeping deeper?
Have you had a hamburger dream yet :joy:

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Ha! No food dreams yet, actually sleep has been well and deep. I dont have a set end date but am hopeful to choose my end and not break it from urge.


I’ve always previously resisted the urge…
This year I have tripped myself up with things and caved to urges… I wouldnt suggest listening to the urge unless it says… Medically or ‘true hunger we need to refeed and we should do it in a calm and careful manner…’. Anything else is a lie :joy:

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Congratulations!!:confetti_ball::balloon::confetti_ball:! You are inspiring me! I’m on a five day fast and I am hoping that I’ll be strong enough to make it past that. Rock on with your socks on!!! :confetti_ball: :balloon::confetti_ball:!!!


Good job! Seriously. Very few people can do what you’re doing.

From a metabolic standpoint, there’s no benefit in going for 7 days plus. Remember to prioritize your well-being and your sleep. Poor sleep causes a spike in cortisol levels which is terrible for several reasons. But if you’re feeling good then yeah keep rocking.

Fast hard but be smart about it. I wish you success!

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