Lauren's water fast(21-30days)

Day1 done.Today was the school’s photo-taking day.I didn’t go to school today because I don’t wanna be in the photo.I woke up late (1145am) today because I studied until 6am the night before.I did my revision for the coming tests
.I was feeling super hungry,and had quite serious headache.I was feeling dizzy as well.I know these were expected and I hope I will feel better tomorrow.Tmr I am gonna have lunch at school with my classmates with a teacher there,I am gonna tell her I have a toothache so I can’t eat.Hopefully classmates and she won’t doubt.After a few days I am gonna have my school test days,I really hope the hunger will disappear and I will feel less dizzy and less ill!!

Tbh,.I have been suffering low self-esteem since I have put on those quarentine pounds.a few months ago I was still very slim,even a bit skinny tbh.I just can’t tolerate myself being so fat now just because of my overeating during quarantine.I don’t even want to go outside to face people.So,I really wanna finish this water fast for once and for all.