Kaku's success story

Hi Everyone !!!
I’m Bhaswati Sharma (nickname: Kaku &Voyela), a 25year old girl perusing Chartered Accountancy Course , on my Finals right now…

During my school and graduation days I was a kickboxing player, So I was on a normal weight of 121pound… But after joining Chartered Accountancy course I dropped kickboxing classes due my busy schedule of coaching classes and practical trainings and all, and ended up gaining a lot of weight…

So I found fasting a super time saver trick for me , which I can continue even during coaching time…

I started my water fasting journey on March 2019 from 87 kg i.e. 192 pound… I did a lot of 7day & 10day fast and ended up with 58 kg i.e. 126 pounds till end of july 2019…

After that I never fasted again till 2020… But during Quarantine time and Study leave days I use to Sit and eat a lot & study… No exercise Nothing… And again I gained a lot approx 17 kg i.e. 39 pounds … So I decided to fast again on 2021

Finally on 26th January 2021 I completed 5days fasting i.e. my 1st mini goal achieved … Yyyyeeeeee

Started from 21st January 2021
Height 5.4
Starting weight 75 kg i.e 165 lb
Current weight 72 kg i e 158 lb
ST Goal Weight 65 kg i.e. 143 lb
LT Goal Weight 55 kg i.e. 120 lb


My Fasting Plan

OMAD & Low carb diet : 16th - 20th January :-
( Successfully completed )

Next is My 17day water only fasting plan… divided into
mini Goals

1st mini goal of 5day fast : 21st - 26th January :-
( Successfully completed )

2nd mini goal of 5day fast : 27th - 31st January
(Up coming)

3rd mini goal of 7day fast : 1st - 7th February
( up coming )

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Super duper excited to loose inches.


Wow great results :heart: Loved how you broke down your overall goals into mini ones !

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I’m so grateful that you liked it… Mini goals are the best trick to stay motivated… :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Its Day 1 of my 2nd mini goal (practically Day 6).
went for a brisk walk of 45 minutes … Feeling super energetic till date…
This time Fasting is very smooth till date… No headache, No much hunger , No much physical struggle…
Bad breath and little dizziness was there in day 2…
May be its due to the way I prepared my body for the Takeoff before the Fasting journey starts…

One thing I’ve learnt from My Water fasting days is that, I don’t feel hungry 24*7 … Its a particular time when my cravings got spiked… Usually its in between 10AM-12AM and 5PM-7PM… If I can manage myself to stay occupied during these 4hr time my cravings never disturb me…
Is it also happens with you guys ??

Yeeee my Day 6 completed successfully… Very very excited for 11 more days to complete with the same zeal…

My matra of the day - Don’t let your insulin level spike :grinning:

So in just few hours my 7th day of Waterfasting gonna successfully compete… After waking up next morning I’ll be in day 8…

Wwwwooooooohhhoooo… .

IIIIIIIIIIII dddddddiiiiddddd iiiiiiiiittttttttttttt…

Feeling super awesome… This time I tried a secret mind trick on my own to easen up my fasting journey…
And till now I’m in love with this journey…
Only 10 days left… And you know what ??? I started Loving it :sleepy::cry:
At the end of my fasting journey I will share that mind trick, if anyone interested … But let me experiment it whether it actually works till the end or not…

11pounds down till now

Hey dear How you doing ??? What’s your plan for the week.

Hello Kaku :grinning:
I plan on doing back to back 72 hour fast.
currently on day 2, feeling good. will refeed tomorrow ( Friday).
how are you doing ?

I’m in Day 3 of my 2nd mini goal of 5day Waterfasting… I’m feeling Energetic till now…
Wow back to back 72 hour fast… That’s interesting… Congratulations dear


Just amazing! Well done!

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Thanx for the encouragement…

I would love to know the mind trick please!
Incidentally have you noticed hair loss with the fasting pattern (based on your past experiences?)

Its 9th day of my Waterfasting… Yesterday I was quite worried about my results, as my weight got stucked at 154pound since day 5th…

It was due to high cortisol levels which tregers more water retention on my body… I’m glad that I experienced this situation, now if somebody else face the same thing this message can help them to figure it out… :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:.

My doctor told when weight got stucked at a certain time even after doing everything properly what our body need is a change in the feasting time / choices of food / a change in the workout routine… But since I was in water fasting so I don’t have any choices of food to change…

So, I change my water consumption window for next few hours… i.e I well hydrate my self with enough water and Himalayan pink salt yesterday and started doing a dry fast for few hours … Will refeed myself with some water and Himalayan salt shortly. almost 12 hours of dryfasting completed … and it worked today morning again 2.1 pounds gone​:smiley::grinning:

Always listen to your body guys … Cause what we all are doing is for the sake of our healthy body only

This time I haven’t experienced any hair loss yet…
But last time I loose some hair after 3/4 months… I cannot say that was due to fasting only cause I tend to loose hair during exam pressure… and was my exam time only… But I consulted with a dermatologist did a course them my hair came back…

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I would like to share my tips and tricks :hugs::hugs:

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