June 20th Countdown to Summer Solstice 2021 CHALLENGE

Hey all! It’s come to my attention that we are headed for Summer Solstice! That’s just 45 days away to getting that bikini just a tad bit looser on you.

What do you envision yourself looking like in the mirror by then? What do you envision yourself eating or not eating in the next 45 days to get there?

Now don’t get too crazy. We know that 24 hours of fasting will only take off about a half a lb of actual fat give or take.

Here’s what to do:

1. Set yourself a goal for what you’d like to see 45 days from now.
2. Do it!

Remind yourself every day of what you envision. Put up an extra sticky on that fasting wall of yours and read that every day. I’m going to do that right after I finish this post.

Have a treat ready for yourself for when you get there. Like a haircut, or a pedicure, or a day on the beach or buy yourself some flowers. Reward yourself for your progress. I came close to buying a bikini last year when I got down low. I tried some on, but didn’t find what I was looking for. I think I may have to go and buy one - even if it’s falling off of me by summers end.

Here’s my current position:

I’m currently on day 8 of a 21 day fast. My weight today is 183 - and looks like I’m into half a lb a day for the rest of my 21 day challenge. I have memorial day weekend coming up (I plan to feast, and then 11 days in Cancun after that - June 6-17 and of that I’m staying 6 nights at an all inclusive hotel and you know I’m going to have to eat :joy:.

The other nights I can stick to OMAD.

My ultimate goal for the next 45 days would be to get into the low 170’s and hover in there and start off summer from that spring board.

For me that’s an ambitious goal as I know my body and I know the refeed after this fast (let’s say I make it to 176ish) is going to chunk me back up 10lbs or so in water and food etc - and then the weekend event and trip are going to also have their way with me. But when that first day off summer hits and I see low 170’s on the scale watch out! It’s going to make the way I feel about myself this summer that much more delicious!

In addition with my OMADS and Water fasting days, I also have started some simple chair exercises to focus on my belly as that is needing the most attention. I posted a video in my journal of what I found if you’re interested in something like that too.

Now if you want to go all in balls to the wall and fast for 40 days then have at it. For me it doesn’t resonate with my goals and lifestyle, but I’ll support you!

Maybe you want to chunk off just 10 lbs - and that is totally doable in the time frame. Where you put your focus is where you put your energy. Creating energy requires use of calories in this 3d world. (I’m going to focus and meditate on a slimmer waistline.)

Join in if you like and let me know your goals!

I’ll be posting updates in here and I am supposed to have free wi-fi in the hotels I’m staying at so no excuses for me not to post on my trip too. :grin:

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Good Morning! 44 Days to go of being AWARE that summer is coming and I want to be at the end of this challenge and know I stuck in and I’m buying myself a bikini.

So I’ve been trying to get around to a goal. Right now, I’m really focusing on the One Dat at a Time mindset to get closer to the end of this 28 (?) day journey. A 45 day challenge is specific enough for me to :thinking: really start circling back to this goal thing.

Today I am 171.4, eight pounds in. I know it’s all water weight, as all my clothes still feel the same. I really want to get to Memorial Day weekend before I quit, then… then…

Okay, here it is. The Summer Solstice is on Sunday, June 20, Father’s Day. I lost my father 18 years ago to ALS, or Lou Gherig’s disease. I read a lot about dedicating your fasts TO something, not just for a body goal but something deeper, more spiritual. I dedicate this fast to my Dad, the most hilarious, endearing social butterfly I’ve ever known. (Oh shit, now I CAN’T quit :joy:)

In that vein, ONCE the planned end date is reached (cuz who can turn their back on a dedication like that, lawd), I will have 24 more days until the Solstice to gain back all my tonnage of water weight and hopefully keep the regain within reason, then keep that scale going down.

GOAL: to lose five pounds more than my weight logged by the end of this fast.

There. Ok. I think it’s reasonable, might have to do mostly OMAD and a few 36’s in those 45 days to keep up with this goal!

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Thanks for joining! We are going to rock this!

43 more days is really nothing in the scope of things. Feels like a very short challenge for me personally.

I’m thinking on my refeed days I really need to give a window on the eating. And try to keep the memorial feast weekend thing down to a 4 hour window as well.

Also working on kicking my head on that all inclusive mindset to OMAD - we will see.

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I started my first 50 day water fast on May 5th, so my end date isn’t until June 24th, but I would love to participate in this journey with you all!

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Well hello there Miss Tara Brown 566! Yes! The club is open for you!

There’s a jaccuzzi, a heated swimming pool, and we have a special on WATER at the open bar. :sweat_smile:

50 days? You go girl! That takes all kinds of stamina and courage! What a fabulous story you will have for your grandchildren about how grandma once went 50 days without food.

I’m a mere spinster, so I will have to just carve on my gravestone: She was a spinster. She didn’t eat for 21 days. :rofl:

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Hi everyone! New here but not new to fasting. However, I’ve fallen hard off the wagon so after some months of stop-starts, Ive found myself with the ability to be able to do a 21 day fast and it coincides with me reuniting with family and friends in June for the first time since 2020 and I wanna look and feel my best. Am nervous and excited at the same time… but I really REALLY want to do this. If anyone wants to buddy up, I’d love the support.


Spinster!! Yeah right!! 21 Day fasts are no joke!!! You’re a superhero!!!

How often and how much do you all typically replenish your salts?

As needed. My head starts to feel like a balloon and I know it’s time.

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That is a fantastic description. :rofl: I’m two hours away from the start of my Day 5 and have had zero energy today. I just took some pink salt, so hopefully I’ll pep up enough to get my laundry done!

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Hi @Snowy! We will all support you here.

We all have different things going on different days - but it doesn’t matter as we are all in the same Ocean. Perhaps just slightly different boats.

But my boat is the best because it has a 24/7 discotheque, a bar that has great hordeurves, and the wifi never drops. My grand master suite opens to a balcony where I can just toss a pole in the water and catch breakfast while sipping on coffee.

Ok, I have to stop now before I over excite myself over that boat.

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Hello everyone, joining the challenge from today. Almost 14 hours in already. I have done multiple 3/5 days fasts and the maximum i could reach was 7 days.


Welcome! What is your fasting plan from here until summer?

Hello @Miramar, i read your complete fasting journal last night. It is so inspiring!
Frankly speaking, i have not kept a set goal for me, i have just thought of going in for seven days initially.

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You must be a speed reader. I blab a bit. :rofl:

It’s a good record/log. Will need to find out if I can download it some day.

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Good morning all!

I decided on a number for the end of this particular challenge. 173. I envision seeing 173 or lower on the scale for the first day of summer. That would put me at 50lbs eliminated from last year. For a hard core foodie like myself that is impressive.

Been going over the What Would it Take to get there in my head. It means no overdoing it on the up and coming refeed. 8 more days! Bone broth will be my new best friend. And want to stick to OMAD or fasting for a day. I allowed myself too many hours during the refeed schedule in the past. But I believe I’m stronger than that now.

A friend stopped by yesterday who I hadn’t seen since I started this fast. She said she could see my jawline getting more defined again. That’s always nice.

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YESSSS!!! You KNOW you can do this! Congrats on the noticeable differences! That’s always such a motivation booster for me.

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Thanks for organizing, @Miramar! Sounds like a great challenge and I’m totally in. Like you, I’ve got some upcoming trips, so I’ll be interspersing fasting with periods of eating. Solstice is a great goal date to enjoy the summer. :raised_hands: :ocean:

I’m 48 hours in to a 120 dry fast this week, heading out of town on Sunday. I’ll eat and enjoy while traveling. When I come back next week, I plan to do ADF for a couple of weeks, then another 120hr dry fast, before traveling again June 9. I’ll come back from my travels on June 20, and hope to be feeling in a good place by then, both in relationship with my body and food.

Good luck to everyone on the journey! I must say, only 48 hours in and I am relatively low energy. Dry fasting is just intense. But-- this time tomorrow, I’ll be more than halfway done with the first fasting stint! I hope to do some walking today when I’m finished with work.

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Happy Friday All!

I’m in the home stretch of my 21 day fast. I get to begin refeed this coming Wednesday night!

Very excited. Have my list of things to pick up after the weekend - avocado, spinach, watermelon. Everything else is prepped and in order.

I’d bought some dried mushrooms to go in my stock bone broth soup. Olives are jarred, and kimchi will be ready.

180.5 on the scale today. May just not look again until next Wednesday and focus on seeing something in 170’s.

Got an accessory for my planned Halloween costume yesterday! I need to paint it. Part of me wants to go shopping for fabric for my costume already, but I need to first get a pattern I can work from. I also need to not start sewing until the beginning of October - but I’m so excited and see myself already in this super sexy costume.

This time last year I was at 223! Holy cow, I have such an amazing jump start even now. I see goal weight by end of October. Eye on the prize!