June 20th Countdown to Summer Solstice 2021 CHALLENGE

That is SO exciting! Congratulations!

I can’t wait to see your Halloween costume!

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Hey @FranA ! Get your 21 day fast started and jump in here. You can get it done before the first day of summer! I saw you posting in another thread looking for someone to start with you. Everyone is on different schedules, but we all can support each other no matter where we are in the journey.

Good morning everyone!

4 more days and phase one is done for me. Was in the grocery store yesterday and grabbed some frozen spinach on sale.

Holy moley. Price of gas, price of groceries not on sale…

Today I may start some sprouts growing. They will take a week to grow and I’ll be on refeed by then. I love snipping fresh herbs and things to eat from right outside my door. Especially since my fridge and freezer space is limited.

Ok then, 35 days to go! Go team go!

Hey all! How’s everyone doing today? Would love to see your updates!

If you fell off I’d love to hear about it. Together we can sort out your triggers or figure out new ways to get new habits that can propel you in the direction you want to go.

This is my third go around at getting to 21. So things don’t always work out on the first try and I understand that.

The point is to analyze what went wrong - and if you had the chance to do it again what would you do differently?

Then take note of that and guess what - you get a chance to do it again!

We are all unique and may need unique twists and tweeks to keep us going.

This is all about learning more about yourself and how awesome you are.

I love fasting not just for weight loss, but for the mental training it’s giving me.

While I’m close to having the losing part down, I know the maintenance and balance when I reach goal is going to be a whole new course for me.

So if you fell off please don’t be afraid to share it. I won’t be telling your family or friends :sweat_smile:.

I’m here to learn along with you.


Sooooo, I’m ~that guy~ who keeps falling off, I’m so pissy with myself right now :persevere:

I did 5 days two weeks ago and had to break fast on Saturday as I was weak and woozy and had a busy weekend planned. I had convinced myself I was going to do weekday fasting and weekend feasting, but this just turned into 2 regular fast days last week, resulting in zero loss.

Today I am desperately hoping I can get through to Friday before I eat again, for some reason lately I just OBSESS about food whenever I fast. All the time. It’s super irritating. I’m trying to look at it in a positive light, but my inner naysayer got ahold of a loudspeaker somewhere.

I am SO close to the 160s, and I need to get there and never go back to the 170s. Trying to get my brain straight. It’s like a mild form of depression for me; knowing I can’t eat makes me just think about it all the time. I’m no spring chicken, I’ve done 90 days before, so this doldrum-ish mindset is no bueno for me.

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You did 3 months all water? WoW!

I had a rough time kicking back in after the holidays - which ran through February because I have my birthday. lol And then Easter was early, and we had all kinds of parties and st patties going on. Gave myself a smack in the head.

Sounds like you need some re-wording in your mind set.

Maybe try,“I can eat, but I choose not to today. I really want to see 160’s. I’m going to eat this weekend.”

Put some stickies up on the cupboards and the fridge.

What is your prize for getting into the 160’s for the first day of summer? Maybe you need to give yourself a bigger one. :rofl:

I got down to 159 I believe last year before I went bonkers. That was end of October. I’m going to bust through that like gang busters this summer. I’m not even at my one year anniversary and I’m 44 down from this time last year. Just 36 to go!

I know I have a refeed ahead of me, but if I play my cards right I could see 159 by August 1st. And then maybe 149 by Labor day. ANd then that magical 142 by October 1st. And then, lol, it will be a push to maintain through the end of the month.

I’m actually having thoughts about my trip. I’m working up to convince myself to do OMAD in Mexico. I’m very pleased with my progress and really don’t want to go backwards.

Got back to looking for things for my Halloween costume today. And have one accessory already so no going back. I keep seeing in my head how I want to appear in photos. I really don’t want to get to the end of October and look like I do now. Not that I think I look bad, but I know I’ll feel a whole lot better and feel very accomplished. And I can look better.

2lbs a week. That’s just 2 48’s a week.

Going to convince myself to do OMAD on this refeed as well. Or at the very least just allow myself bone broth between meal time.

OMG! Tomorrow I get to have a meal! Went out today looking for ripe watermelon. No go. May hit another store up tonight.

Trying to avoid shopping tomorrow as it is 5$ sushi wednesday and it’ll be torture to see that.

Ok, now you got me looking deeper into the calendar and need to go and block out some holidays.

3 months juicing, actually. I got my micronutrients and electrolytes, so it was a sight easier than slogging through on water only. I’m just a big, soft marshmallow now for some reason. Well, I was losing weight for my wedding then, so I kind of had a fire under my ass :joy:

How do you know if a watermelon is ripe? I swear I get white watermelons all the time!

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Try this:

I grew up with mom thumping the watermelons.

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Hi all! Hope you are well. @Miramar, keep us posted on the refeed! Watermelon sounds delish.

Back in town from my travels, and ready to hop back into fasting. I definitely indulged while traveling, and I enjoyed it-- but now I feel really ready to dive in before my next trip. :raised_hands: :raised_hands:

The plan: 15 days fast, starting this evening, ending the evening of June 7. I’ll got my stickies set this evening, and will be checking in! Wish me luck, cranking to the summer solstice!!


Morning everyone! Checking in on day 1. I feel happy and excited about moving forward.

Based on the last several months of fasting attempts, I can imagine that the hardest part for me will be 3-4 days in. Oftentimes at this point I hit an energetic low and convince myself that if it feels this hard this early in, it will only get worse. Then I think of all the real life things on my plate, which don’t seem possible with low energy, and I bail.

So perhaps I’ll break the 15-day fast into three 5-day stints (but I’ll keep fasting all the way through) which will make things feel more manageable, and I can celebrate milestones (I have some rewards picked out already). I like this idea. :slight_smile: Also, as @Miramar mentioned, I think that a mindset shift would be really useful here. Instead of thinking that I have too much on my plate to deal with such low energy, I can express gratitude that my job and home life are stable enough that I can focus on my health like this for two weeks. I can also take steps to really minimize stress levels, and do my best to put off any major projects until after these 15 days.

@waywardcompass, how are you doing? I totally relate, there have been times that fasting has felt really mentally simple for me, and other times that even a 24 hour fast is a huge challenge because I start thinking about how hard it’s going to be to not have x/y/z foods or energy or whatever. Not sure why sometimes it’s easy and other times it’s so hard, but I think it’s worth acknowledging the dedication required to keep on coming back-- something to be proud of in my opinion. At any rate, I hope you’re doing well.


Thanks @Jewell, I’m back back back on the wagon agaiiiiin :slight_smile:

I think I have to be 100% committed at the start to keep myself from entertaining the internal monologue of negotiations. If I allow myself any wiggle room, I’ll bail. So in that light, I am back on the M-Th fasting train, with weekend eating, come hell or high water. I’m sick of making small progress then losing it all! Over and over again! Let’s do this, fortheluvagawd.

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Back on the wagon, let’s roll! Strong work, and I like the set up of your M-Th fast-- it seems like a big commitment so that you’ll see results quickly, but also offers you some breaks to help with morale and commitment over time.

I’m with you! If I start any sort of internal negotiation, my willpower is out the window and things just fall apart. 100% commitment seems to be the best way forward-- let’s help each other with that.

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Love it! I definitely need the support with accountability, I’m such a marshmallow :rofl:

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Good morning!

I hope all are well. I’m trying to sink into the attitude required for the next two weeks; I think to really follow through on this commitment, I need to be able to see myself on the other side, with the changes I hope the two weeks will bring to me. And I need to be clear about not only wanting those changes for myself (rather than the status quo), but feeling like I deserve them. In that light, rather than exerting the energy to ‘get through’ the next two weeks, I’m simply removing the obstacles to making these changes-- and allowing my body to navigate them naturally.

I’m grateful to be feeling good this morning, and hope throughout the next couple of weeks to stay connected to the present, whether or not it’s comfortable.


Good Morning!

Having some coffee this morning. And will have one more meal today - still deciding what wonderful thing that meal will be.

And then there’s the weekend menu for the holiday to consider. I’m trying to get the freezer emptied as much as possible in the next week. Need to get the neighbor to have his family over to eat :rofl:.

Good morning! Coffee sounds great (had a little bit myself this morning). What have you decided on your meal of the day?

Things over here are pretty good! Not much progress thus far, but feeling more and more clear on my ‘why’ and realizing that the most important changes need to take place mentally. Hoping that that is possible for me.

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Happy Holiday Weekend all! and have a nice weekend all you non-americans too :grin:

I was going to have a big shishkebob shindig this weekend, but I scrapped that plan. The boys (neighbors/grown men) went out and bought all kinds of food so I decided I’m not cooking! And I’m going away next weekend for 10 days so I really don’t want any food left in my fridge.

Getting a bit psyched and nervous too about my big trip coming up.


Hope the holiday weekend was nice for everyone! I had an extended plan fast for over the weekend, but broke the fast and ended up eating. :confused: I could feel upset about it, but instead I think I need to find a different path forward-- more in my journal, but instead of extended fasting (which is much more difficult mentally for me than it is physically), I think I’ll just dive into the ADF idea that I’ve had for the summer months. Perhaps I need a more gentle and consistent way to make the changes that I would like in my mind and body.

@Miramar, hope the weekend festivities were fun (and congrats on not cooking)! When do you leave for your trip?

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Posting from Mexico.

My shorts are getting tight. LOL, I have some serious work to do this summer.

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