Day 2 mind over matter! Must stay busy…feeling waves of tiredness, grateful for this tribe


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Day 3 woke up early and it felt like an elephant was on my head so went back to bed then I woke up with my heart racing …feeling very weak drank some electrolyte water and am resting…will most likely skip workout and just go to work.

Wow I made it through the day…it was tough I was Cold all day, saw moving spots when I had my eyes closed and was low on energy, I barely made it to work.

I’m hoping to wake up feeling better so I can do a mild workout.

Grateful for the YouTube videos, this journal and the community it sure helps me keep going.

I just keep visualizing my end goal


Day 4 hoping today goes better…my head feels a little clearer but sometimes I get up too fast. Working from 4pm to 2am so praying I survive and from what I read feeling cold is normal and it is real! My goal is to keep going till I’ve eliminated all the visceral fat around my mid section that I’ve developed from high stress and cortisol so I can once again find my abs :joy:

Do you know at what weight you have to drop down to OR how much weight you have to lose before you get to your visceral fat?

I think 20lbs how do you know for sure?

Do you exercise while water fasting?

For my 40-day I only did 1 to 2 mile daily walks. For my 1st 21-day, I was able to add a Flexibility workout until the last 4 days when detox forced me to rest. For my recent 2nd 21-day, I added a Full Body workout until the last 3 days.

You know when you start accessing visceral fat is when you have detox symptoms. One of the body’s protective mechanisms is storing heavy metals and toxins in your fat. There appears to be different layers of visceral since I’m at the point I’m digging into visceral fat that’s been there since I was at university over 40 years ago.

From NIH studies, this deep layer of visceral which is gathered around your major organs have 50% more cytokines that are preinflammatory. In other words, these cytokines raised my uric acid level near the end of my fast. When I ate red meat during my refeed, it was like lighting a match in a gas station and I experienced a full-blown gout attack which I’m still recovering from.

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Wow made it to day 5… Got to sleep in 10am after getting home at 2am but then couldn’t go to sleep…going to attempt to workout and finishing apt projects…my mind feels a little empty…I’ve been watching my thoughts and hunger yummy grumbles. I notice that if I stay up late pass 11 pm my stomach grumbles a lot …as I suppose I should be in bed.
Im not weighing myself but taking pictures of the journey…been studying alot on insulin especially since my brother passed away from type 2 diabetes which is so curable.

Feeling so damn emotional crying and everything and feeling so sensitive.

Going to therapy about my brothers death and childhood abuse finally after all these years coping and seeing how it affrects my life like an insidious poison.
Trying not to get distracted from my goal and this fast…as I’ve into day 6 now…
Feeling lonely and empty :sob:

Sorry to hear about your brother. I reversed my T2 diabetes last year and have had a normal BGL since December 4th last year.

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Wow that’s so amazing you cured T2 diabetes it’s all about the insulin…completely opposite what the doctors prescribe…both his kidneys failed and then he got gangrene…he basically gave up.
Thanks for sharing❤️

Yeah, last July I was told I had my diabetes “under control”. But the reality was my blood pressure rose to 191/103, I had gained 20 pounds in the past year since starting taking daily insulin injections, the neuropathy symptoms in my feet got worse and my CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) had gotten worse. I’ve already survived Congestive Heart Failure in 2013 and had diabetes related cataract surgery in my right eye in 2014.

So I decided “screw this”, did my research, created my own treatment protocol and began last August 9th.

Accomplished so far:

  1. Reversed T2 diabetes with HA1c of 5,7
  2. Dropped blood pressure from 191/103 to 121/81
  3. Dropped uric acid to normal. Curing gout.
  4. Dropped high cholesterol medication
  5. Went from 278 pounds to 196 pounds

In Progress:

  1. CKD improving. Due to eliminating 2 primary causes of CKD: diabetes & hypertension this is just a matter of time
  2. Working on eliminating need for cataract surgery in remaining good eye, the right, through curing of retinopathy
  3. Eliminating last remaining damaged nerve cells in feet (neuropathy)
  4. Battling re-appearance of gout due to unexpected release of preinflammatory cytokines from burning off decades-old visceral fat.

June 5 - Next blood panel
June 12 - Primary physician’s appointment


Made it to day 6…my head feels clearer and best when I lie down looking forward to when I have lots of energy I hope it’s not a myth. My eyes were all puffy from crying…will write more later

Wowzer made it to day 7!! I can’t believe it saw some abs peeking out!! Yaas!


Don’t count on more energy during the fast. I suppose yes for some but for me, both times never happened.


Really…I thought eventually you gain more energy! My heart races all the time and I try to workout it helps me mentally!

@Tenax are you fasting now for how long?
What did you eat to break it? :pray::heart:nice to meet you

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I noticed my heart racing at night times:) i’ve been out of it for about 1.5 weeks I think. Made it to day 19 but stomach pains forced me out of it. I have IBS & GERD so I think that gave me complications. I came out of it using 2 days of veg soup, then 2 days of smoothies, then 2 days of salads. It took me a week to feel normal again.


Phew…I almost lost it today…I was so hungry…tempted to pick up the cookies my mom baked thank god I didn’t too dangerous…I had lots of tea and sparking water etc…
Feeling emotional plus it was raining and I stayed inside cleaned and organized but was so tempting to rip open a bag of something.

Into day 8. Hope tomorrow is sunny so I can get the hell out in nature.

So grateful I made it through the day…I was feeling gassy so I took a smooth move tea and that helped me move some stuck debris. Keep Praying for me please🙏


Good job passing today’s mental challenge. I learned through my journey that ALL eating is habitual.

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You’re doing such an amazing job!!! :fire: Keep it up!!


The hunger will pass. Post fast one of the gifts I am experiencing is very little to no hunger. I’m hoping that will help me slip into intermittent fasting in the future easier. What my body seems to miss more now is if I’m not hydrating enough. Its kind of a reverse of how I used to feel. I hope that sort of thing happens for you. Usually when we have what we think is a strong urge to eat, we confuse cravings with hunger. Have you tried eating high fat low carb? It takes time for the body to adapt but fat really does sate the appetite better than carbs or protein. I can honestly say I don’t crave carbs anymore. I love it!