Intermittent Fasting kind'a fits the Bill

It Looks like I have begun an intermittent fasting type of diet without being aware of it.

Back story:
I have always been very active, and still am.
while never diagnosed, I believe hyperactive to be a correct description.
I normally ate large quantities of food eating and snacking constantly throughout the day.
I’ve always said that I used to eat 4k calories/day just to stay alive.
If I spent a very strenuous, active day and did not eat I would loose as much as 10# that day from an already thin 135# frame.
I believe I would begin to burn muscle tissue.
It would take me 3 months to regain that lost weight.

Also, I have been a night owl all my life.
No matter how tired I got, I’d come alive every night about 9pm and rarely ever get to sleep before before midnight. I am still a night owl in my 70’s.

When I was in my 40’s My weight began to slowly climb, rose up more in my 50’s, and more in my 60’s.
My metabolism also began to noticeably slow down in my 60’s, even more so in my 70’s.

In my 40’s my weight went up to 147#, my 50’s 155#, and 60’s 165# with brief periods of higher weight.
165# has been holding in my 70’s.
While I know by other’s standards, I am not fat, I do feel like I am.

I’ve blamed my weight gain on having been a constantly eating hyperactive in my younger life. Older, with my metabolism slowing down, I have still been habitually eating like a hyperactive.

I was never very interested in breakfast but always ate it to keep my intake up.

A couple of times recently, I greatly reduced my food intake for a short period, fasting for a day or more.
This time, about 2 weeks ago, I did it again but added eating a small snack each evening between 9 and 11pm.
Now, I rarely get hungry in the day. But if I do, I drink some water, and feel fine again.
Drinking water on an empty stomach during the day used to make me nauseous.
I have modified the evening snack into a small meal.
If I see a need to, I can enlarge the meal to keep from loosing too much weight.

I got curious about a Week ago and began to look around, finding descriptions of intermittent fasting that seen to describe what I’ve been up to.

It has been 2 weeks now. I feel very comfortable with it.
I am beginning to see a bit of weight loss, … maybe too soon to tell for sure.
While it may be purely a passing perception, I’m feeling much greater mental clarity, especially, in the mornings, and a generally better overall feeling of health.

I have not been at this very long so far, but it feels right, and online articles seem to back up what I have been experiencing.
I will continue on with it to see what happens.


All is going well with the IF – well, almost all.
the first 2 weeks was easy.
No problems except worrying about doing damage to myself from the amount of fasting.
I’d never gone without food for extended periods before.
It is something new for me.
It does seem to be working, so far.

The last 3 to 4 days has begun to be a bit problematical.
I began the IF by eating a single meal about 11pm, but decided I wanted at least an hour after eating before going to bed, so I began eating near 10pm.
I may move it up to 9 eventually, to give more time before bedtime.
So now, about 8 or 9 I begin to want to eat and only have to deal with it for an hour or two.

What it has reminded me of, is that I eat from boredom, among many other excuses.
My day slows way down about that time.
I don’t really get hungry, I just want to eat for something to do, to help fill in.
That is something I’d noticed before.
It’s part of my being a compulsive eater.

I also think habits are the biggest obstacle I will need to deal with on this.
So, I get myself busy with something and forget about eating for a while.

Took a drive over to Kona on the other side of the island today.
Was severely reminded that I usually snack and munch while driving.
Got a lot of bad eating habits that need to be broken.
It will be very hard to remove eating from my daily activities.

One big problem is my preparation methods.
I am lazy and don’t get into cooking.
I cook to live, I don’t live to cook.
I usually make up large meals and eat them over 2 or 3 dinners.
Plus, I always eat large meals, stuffing myself keeping my stomach stretched out.

I was getting worried when I made my first post.
It had been about 2 weeks and I had not lost any weight.
Now, I seem to be loosing about a pound or so a day.
I guess my body needed to adjust to burning fat.

As I’ve said before, I was always thin.
I never developed much in the line of fat cells.
I have been carrying about 30# over what was my normal younger weight, mostly on my belly, giving me a small pot.
Getting rid of that is probably my greatest motivator in this.
I’m down about 4 or 5 pounds.
For the first time since reaching my 50’s, I seem to be able to actually exercise some control over my weight.

It is very early yet in this exercise.
Many obstacles for this are showing up scattered through my daily life, but do not seem to be much more than temporary hiccups to be dealt with.
It looks that the greatest problem will be not letting myself slide.

This is easier than quitting smoking.
Getting myself into the high 140’s to low 150’s may not be all that much of a problem.
But, keeping myself there might prove to be the real challenge.
To keep from loosing too much weight, I might need to expand my eating to maybe 2 moderate to small meals with no snacking of any kind.
That will be very difficult to do over a long period of time.
We’ll see how this works out through the long run.

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Actually, doing quite well, so far.
I began this one meal a day fast[?] about August 20th, or so.
Which means, I’m about a month in to it.
That surprised me, didn’t think it had been so long.
After my last post, I began to see some weight loss for the first time.
For about a week I began to lose almost a pound a day. My weight dropped from 165# to 160# and began to yo-yo down to 159# until today.
Today, I reached 158# for the first time in years.
Not sure just what will happen in the future.
Hopefully, my weight will continue to drop some more.

The food quantities for my single meal a day have increased since my first post, but not spectacularly so.
At least I don’t think so.
Because of my history, my thoughts on this could be suspect.

I’ve combined my regular meals, b-fast and dinner into a single meal with some snacks added.
I don’t normally eat a lunch.
I would snack through the day.

A somewhat typical meal right now will consist of 1/2 a papaya, 1/2 of an avo, a moderate bowl of cheddar crackers washed down with a glass of milk, a moderate bowl of a casserole type dinner with another glass of milk, then a handful or two of grapes, red and/or green.
And finally, I’ll eat 1/8 of a moderate sized watermelon.
And on a good day, I’ll sprinkle some shredded cheddar onto a burrito tortilla, rolling it up; nuke then eat it while reading a book before calling it a day and going to sleep.

As I eat it and think about it, it doesn’t seem to be all that much.
As I look at the list, it’s beginning to look like a lot.
I just don’t see me eating any lighter, yet.
If I can continue to loose weight, even slowly, I’ll continue on.

The best thing so far is that my food bill has dropped precipitously since beginning this.
If I can keep that reduced and loose some weight, getting rid of my pot, This will be a win-win for me.

Got other things manifesting from this.
May go into them at a later date.

Get to eat again in about 3-1/2 hrs.
This ain’t so hard.

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Things are beginning to move along with this.
The last two days I’ve seen that real progress has been made.
My pot is actually melting away.
Wether or not it’ll stay away, remains to be seen.
If and when my weight becomes reasonable, controlling my intake is going to be a very serious and probably a very hard thing to deal with.
Although, I’m thinking that I might be able to get it down to where I’d like it to be, then go wild and eat and munch as I want until I think it’s getting too high again.
But, that sounds too easy.
It’d be nice if I could do that.
But. life is rarely that easy.

I wore 30x30 jeans from my late adolescence into my 30’s.
Then, my waist size began to ratchet up slowly and my weight began adding up.
I began buying 36 inch waists in my 60’s when my weight reached its all time high of 180#s for a short period.
Remember, that’s up from 135#.

Then, I began buying 34in. waists after my weight came down off 180# and stabilized at 165#.
The 34in. waists were a bit snug but stayed up nicely.
I did worry about the buttons and snaps going bad, though it was never a problem.
I still have some 36in. jeans and use suspenders with them.
I might even get too thin to wear them when I need the protection given by jeans.

We retired from Alaska moving to Hawai’i.
My new uniform is now a t-shirt, shorts, and slippahs, no longer a wool shirt, jeans and boots.

The big plus is that two days ago, I had to start grabbing the back of my shorts to pull them up because they were slipping down, took me 2 days to realize my waist was shrinking.
Looks like I’ll need to buy a belt, maybe even start wearing suspenders, or buying new smaller waist ones.
Life is glorious.

The only real problem I’m having is that I begin seriously wanting to start eating about 8pm, two hours before my scheduled daily meal.
I just keep myself busy, watch a movie, research the I-net, or whatever. The two hours go fast.

The more I think about it, I am still eating quite a bit at my only meal of the day.
I’ve got a feeling that my stomach isn’t shrinking down as much as I thought it would.
But, it’s OK as long as I see some results with my weight loss.

I do worry about how to deal with it when I do get down to a comfortable level.
I do not deal well with regimes and scheduling.
I have never lived a very structured life, and don’t see me living well in one.
That’s my greatest concern, the future.

Something I’m inclined to pass over, but will touch on because it is directly related to my new one-meal-a-day routine.
So far, I seem to be down to defecating every other day instead of daily, with much smaller quantities.
My stool has become much firmer.
From this, I believe my prior routine was setup by the quantity of food I would eat.
It was much less firm.
It made it easier with much less effort.
I think the quantity eaten pushed the food through my system quicker than it is going now.
I think I’m getting much more efficient use of my food.
That might prove problematical if the calories delivered don’t go down as much as my quantities eaten.
It remains to be seen.

2-1/2 hours until meal time.
I can make it.

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Been at this one-meal-a-day regimen over a month now.
It still looks to be working well for me.
Today, I seem to have stabilized at 157#.
Although, my weight has been bouncing around from 160 to 156# the last few days, could be due to taking my weight at different times of the day, could possibly be scale error also, not sure.

I am still having to hitch my pants up because they’re sliding down.
Ergo, I have lost some weight.
I don’t really see much loss, though.

What confuses me is what has been happening.
For the 1st couple of weeks I actually lost no real weight, not discernible by the scale or vision.
It did take some time for the load in my digestive tract to come down.
That could have been part of the reason.

Then, the 3rd week, I seemed to lose about 1/2 to 1# a day.
everything seemed to drag to a halt in the
4th week, little weight loss found, but pants did loosen up.
Something did happen.
I just didn’t see it.
Now, the 4th week, things look to be stagnating, not much appears to be happening.

Not sure, but I think the quantities I eat at my one meal might be affecting how I’m reacting.
I just don’t see me eating much less than I do at my meal.

Today has been a bit of a problem.
I went grocery shopping today, had a real problem not eating after getting home with the food.
Seems I always munch and snack on the food while and after I’ve put it away.
I kept opening the fridge up, looking in side for something to eat, close it up, walk off, walk back, open up the door again looking for food.
I went through that cycle several times before getting it stopped.

Plus, I did buy snacking food, ham cheese, bread, crackers and such.
I can’t help it, a life time of habit.
I could add a ham and cheese sandwich to my meal.
The problem is that it’ll only increase the size of my meal until gone.

Just went back to check the time frame from my earlier posts.
I seen to have got the timing muddled up a bit.
Not going to worry about fixing it.
Timing of happenings is approximate.

4 hours until meal time.

I expect to see some real results tomorrow or the next day.
I just bought a new chainsaw.
Going to begin weedwacking out to the many weed trees growing around the yard then start cutting them down and bucking them up, plenty of physical activity with no time for eating.
I bet I’ll see some, at least temporary, weight loss.

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I didn’t get out to cut trees as intended, had to learn how to operate, a new saw first.
They’ve changed a lot since I worked with them 50 or so years ago felling, and cutting shake and shingle bolts.
It took some doing.
The saw also has its idiosyncrasies to be learned and worked out.
Still got more to work out with this saw, to become proficient and effective with it.

I was down to 157# when I was finally ready to begin working.
I got 1 tree cut down yesterday.
I was soaking wet from sweat when finished.
After a shower I was down to 156#, even with wet hair.
Today I cut down 3 trees, all small, and bucked some up.
After today’s shower, I was down to 154#, again with wet hair.
I’m assuming my weight loss is mostly water loss and will rebound some.
But, I’m very heartened by the results so far.
It is a strong net gain [or loss?] for me.

I am a bit weakened by age.
But, not eating during the day doesn’t seem to be much of a problem, so far.
Plus, I don’t work for more than 3 or 4 hours before calling it a day.
After all, I am 77, not a 20-something.

My stomach is definitely coming down, but still not gone yet.
I’m now thinking that my goal is going to be in the 150 to 145# range, might even end up near 140#, don’t want to loose too much, though.
I’ll watch it closely.

Just trying to slow your eating down is not enough.
You also need to burn some of it off.
Get active, your sense of general well being should be improved making everything else easier to deal with.
I’m now beginning to become concerned about how I’ll maintain a lower weight level.
It might require a minor lifestyle change.
Got to think about that as I approach my goals.

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I’ve just done what I’ve been worried about doing since starting this OMD regimen.
I’ve done some food preperation during the day when I’ve supposed to have been in my fast period.
I cannot prepare food without partaking of it during the process.
Without doing that, one has no idea of what the outcome will be.

We have several avocado trees.
I just made 3 or 4 #s of guacamole from one of the trees, tasting it all the while.
It’s good.
Now, I have to keep my hands off it for another 9 hours.
Not sure if I can do it.
I don’t feel hungry, I just want to eat a # or more of it, untyil my stomach hurts from the load in it.
That’s my food problem in a microcosm.
I think I’ll go out and cut another tree or more down.

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Yesterday turned out much better than I thought it would.
When I made the guacamole It seems that I only licked the spoons.
I didn’t chow down like I usually do.
But, I did end up get busyier than expected.
With that large amount of guacamole I suscumbed to making a 4 layer dip: layers of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, and cheese with chips to dip with. I only ended up licking the spoons, not garbage gutting, again like I usualy do.
Plus, I held off actually eating until 10pm without much temptation before 8.
Finally, my last major concern of the day was that I would stuff myself at meal time until my stomach hurt even when laying down.
I only ate until I felt comfortably filled.
I think snacking while fixing food ended up dampening my appetited.

The evening came off as a win to me.
In the morning, my weight after abluttions, was a reasonable 155#.
My pants felt even looser than normal.
But, after taking a shower I didn’t put undies on.
That would account for the pants feeling looser, though.

Didn’t work in the yard yesterday, but did today.
I weighed myself again just before eating at 10pm.
I was at 154#.
I am still on track.
I have not yet fallen by the wayside in this quest.
But, I still do have a pot on me.
There must be a thin layer of fat all over my body including arms and legs that is being drawn down as well as my pot in this weight loss.

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Been on this OMD regimen for almost 2 months now.
Yesterday I purposely fell off the wagon.
I ate a 1/2 bag of leftover Four Layer Dip dipping chips in the early afternoon.
Had to, couldn’t waste 'em.
I wasn’t worried at the time, still not now.
This One Meal a Day thing has been too easy to do.
So far, today I haven’t had any temptations to fall off again, other than my stomach growling a bit.
Little doubt 7 to 9pm will still give a problem holding off eating until 10.

Will need to wait a few more days after my falling off to see what happens with my weight.
I have been holding consistently at 154 (evenings) to 155#s (mornings) the last few days.
No changes seen related to yesterday’s binge.

I may have to take a link out of my watch band, though.
My wristwatch is sliding up and down my wrist and arm now.
Apparently, I’ve lost some unnoticed fat on my arms, probably legs too.

As stated, my weight seems to have stabilized at ~155#s.
I still have a bit of a pot, although smaller.
I’m now worried that I may need to cut back more on my eating, if I don’t continue to lose weight.
That could become a real problem by increasing the difficulty in holding down my quantity eaten.

Avos are still falling off the trees.
So, I made more guacamole and froze it for future user when the trees become bare.
Little doubt I’ll have to make more before the season ends.
Also made a batch of Beef Barley Soup for tonight and several days into the future.

My cooking is like my eating.
I have no sense of moderation.
In order to add the vegetables later, I had to split it in half and freeze half of it.
Now I can add water and veggies to finish off the 1st half.
Plus, Got 4 tangerine trees.
Three of them have fruit beginning to ripen.
That could also add to the complications.

Gonna go weed my pineapple patch, looks like I need to do some more physical activity to continue burning things off.

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I am winning!
[With a few thoughts and speculations added.]

I didn’t go out and work in the yard the few days and my weight stabilized @ 154.
Yesterday, I was down to 153# at both morning and evening weigh-ins.
This morning, I was down to 152, this afternoon 151.
As soon as I began going out and working in the yard again for 2 to 4 hours a day, my weight began dropping again.

It seems that I MUST burn energy to loose any more now, or cut my intake even more.
It’s not very likely I could cut my intake much more than I already have.

I’ll check again later about 9:30/10.
I could drop another pound or so.
Plus, the last few days I’ve been eating soup, fruits and veggies, lower caloric content in my foods.
As long as I get quantity and fill up at meal time, going to bed full, and keeping busy during the day, I’m not hungry in the morning, nor overly tempted to snack the rest of the day.

Back in my 20’s and 30’s, I had begun to eat a lot of fast food, donuts, pastries and many other quick and dirty, easy to prepare and eat, foods for a hectic busy lifestyle.
I began to have many problems.
After many tests, I was given a dietary regimen to follow, among other things.
Basically, I ended up removing as much refined sugar and any foods that contained it, that I could.
It is not easy to figure out or accomplish.
But, after 35 years of living it, I swear by it.

At one time, I was considered to be a prediabetic, even though thin.
Now, just past my mid 70’s, It doesn’t seem to be a likelihood, or even a possibility.
It may also be helping to hold to this OMD regimen I’m doing.

OK, I’m off my soapbox and will quit preaching.

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We have some potted pineapple that grows.

Had a kumquat tree for a couple years but she’s done.

Got a ton of coconuts and going to attempt making cold pressed coconut :coconut: oil.


Probably my greatest problem holding my eating down is that I have put in many fruit trees since moving here, avos, oranges, tangerines, bananas, lemons, limes, 75 to 100 yellow and white pineapples, and a few others.
Got a coconut tree. But, it may be 20 years before getting any fruit from it.
Many of them are ripening now or will be soon. I’ll have fruit coming out of my ears in no time at all.
Not really sure how I’ll deal with it.
Been making basic guacamole with the avos and freezing it.
Not sure what I’ll do with the rest of it.
I cant waste it, or eat it all.
And, I am going to get all this fat off my stomach, somehow.

I was worried earlier today.
Thought I had created some major problems for myself.
I fell off the wagon 2 times yesterday, made some excuses to myself that it was alright, I could handle it and snacked on some chips about 4pm, ate a couple of bananas about 6pm, then ate dinner at 10pm.

I didn’t work in the yard the last 2 or 3 days.
Between the snacking and not being physically active, I was worried I might be lost to this.

I seem to have weather it fairly well.
I kept busy getting some future activities and other things planned out.
The day went quickly.
And, I avoided any temptations all day.
The bad part is that I did gain one pound, going back up to 152# this evening.
The good part is that it was only 1 pound.
I stumbled, but didn’t fall, not yet anyway.

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*t’s been a rough week or so.
I had periods of depression, which made it pretty hard to stay on my fast.
I did fall off somewhat.
One day I ate at 8pm, 2 hours early.
Another, I snacked at 4pm, then ate again at 10.
I have been on a roller coaster.
But, I was down to 150# last night and just barely into 151 tonight.
It hasn’t been perfect, but I’m still wining, barely.
I’ve had to tuck my t-shirt in so the extra friction would help hold my pants up.
It isn’t working all that well.
I’ve got to get a belt.
I may loose my pants if I keep on loosing and don’t.


Been a while since updating this.
Some problems, but mostly all is going well.
I finally bought a belt and don’t need to worry about my pants falling down around my ankles anymore.

I changed my eating schedule.
I still eat one meal a day, …somewhat.
But, I moved it up to 7pm, just after night falls.
It removes the period of greatest temptation for me.
I still gorge myself, but only once a day, now.
I do falll asleep after eating, then wake up and eat a bit of fruit as soon as I’ve got room.

I have eased up on my limitations.
I do lightly snack on oranges, tangerines, avacados, bananas and other fruit ripening, hanging, and falling from on our trees.

The citrus are high in water, but do have quite a buit of sugar in them.
The avos do have a high amount of oils.
I only allow a 1/2 an avo a sitting, but our avos are larger than the usual store boughts.
Our smaller ones weigh about a pound.
They have been as much as 1-1/2#.
My avo snacks are 1/2 to 3/4#.
They’re big avos compared to what you usually get out of a store.

I’ve gotten lazy.
I’m not working all that much in the yard lately due to rains and other convenient excuses I come up with.
But, I’ve held my weight at the lower levels fairly good.
I’ve bounced around between 150 and 153# at my 2 weigh-ins per day, usually a bit higher in the morning and somewhat lower in the evening.
I was 152 this morning, hoping to be 150 just before evening eating time.

One meal a day is not a real problem for me.
It fits nicely with my lack of apatite first thing in the morning.
I really don’t start getting hungry until evening, anyway
I would spend evenings constanntly stuffing my face going to bed with a full stomach every night.
My keyboard was full of food crumbs.


Well, life is interesting, if nothing else.
I have finally broken out of my 150#s.
I reached 149#s last night and again tonight.

My watch is really sliding up and down my arm above my wrist.
Looks like I’ll need to remove a pin so’s I can adjust the band.

I thought That I may have reached an impasse for continuing with my OMD regimen.
I had a stroke 4 days ago.
Yeah, uhu, … a real one.
I spent 3 days in the hospital.
Came home yesterday.
While I had some very real symptoms, It was very mild.
I have mostly recovered, and will probably get fully back to normal relatively soon.

The other good news is that they didn’t mess with my OMD.
I only ate in the evenings, skipping b-fast and lunch.
They didn’t quite know how to handle it, but didn’t mess with me about it.
And, they still let me have my morning coffee.
That in itself was a very positive win for me.
So, a full day later I’m still on my OMD, and still loosing weight without skipping a beat, pretty much over the stroke, and beginning to look at slowing down, maybe even ending my weight loss soon.
Want to make sure I don’t loose too much, doing myself any harm.
I’ll start watching more closely when I reach 145#, might try for 140 if it looks like a good goal for me, don’t think the 130s are reasonable any more.
We’ll see.

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Wow- just wow! You are so strong! Good luck on your recovery!

It should go pretty well for me.
I’m still having minor trouble with balance, mild transient confusion, having to search for words I know that I know and so on.
As usual for me, I’ve come out of this smelling like a rose.
I’ve always considered myself to be exceptionally lucky.
That view hasn’t changed, other than to be reinforced.

Faith, personal conviction and belief, works miracles.
Don’t really need to add it, but that works for everything that affects an individual. Including the reasons why we’re all here doing what we’re doing.

This is so true and a wonderful outlook!

It’s been about 13 weeks, or so, since beginning this OMD thing.
Yesterday morning I was down to 148#.
That’s about 18# less than when I began.
I had also spent the day weed wacking around ther fruit trees to remove the rats’ access to them.
This morning I’m back up to 150#, but my gut is still near to being gone.

Our 4 tangerine trees, while still quite young, have a lot of fruit ripening on them.
One of our 3 avocado trees still has some fruit left to ripen, with a few falling to the ground every day.
I cannot let that fruit go to waste.
It’s too good of food to squander.
Plus, I’ve worked too hard to stymie the rats from climbing the trees to gnaw on the avos.

We all tell ourselves lies to make our thoughts and actions fit into our plans and intentions.
I am still on my OMD kick.
But, I am eating at least a 1/2 an avo with my evening meal, and beginning to snack on 2, 4, or more tangerines during each daytime period, so far, nothing else.
The avos will probably last another month or so.
The tangerine numbers will lower, also finishing up near the end of the year.
Then about that time, the fruit on our orange juice tree will begin to ripen.
The good part of that is that it’s in an off year, quantities on the tree are low.
It won’t take long to finish the juice it turns out.
Also, I just cut down 2 bunches of bananas.
One of them is BIG.
They’ll begin to ripen in the next week or two, adding to my temptations.
I’ll be pressed hard to finish them before they get too ripe to eat.
Then, thery make good banana bread, more snacking food.

I can justify eating the fruit to myself.
But, I still feel as if I’m falling down and failing in my quest.
As long as I don’t start buying boxes of crackers, sandwich material and other snacking goods, I feel I should be OK.
Or, am I lying to myself again?
We’ll see.

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Even after snacking on 6 bananas and 4 tangerines this afternoon, I was still only 148# at mealtime.
Granted they were apple bananas, only about 2 to 3 being equivelent to the size a store bought commercial cavendish type.
I’m beginning to think there is something to the term “quality food”.
No commercially prepared pre packaged gut stuffing with high quantities of sugar and other chemicals added to it to fool me into thinking I’m eating real food.

OK, off my soapbox again.
But, I do believe in the truth that last sentence.
But, that has never stoped me from garbage guting on anything I could get in front of me.
Quantity not quality was my most important consideration.
I’d buy 1/2 gal of ice creme eating 1/2 of it one day and 1/2 the next.
I’d buy a pie, eat 1/2 one day and 1/2 the next.
Packaging was a serving.
I’d eat a bag or box of chips, crackers, cookies, or whatever at a sitting.

Now that my quantities have been cut back, I pay more attention to quality than quantity.
We’ll see if I can hold that attitude over time.

Next morning: 11/25
Weight 149#.
I look to be stabilizing at about 149 in the morning and 148 in the evening.
And, I’m still munching on bananas and tengerines during the day.
If I can hold there and continue to munch, I may relax, at least until the fruit is gone from the trees.
I am eating the avos with the evening meal and restricting them to 1/2 a fruit because of it’s high oil content.
It could be a hinderance for the weight loss.

If my weight begins approaching 155, I’ll reluctantly batten down again.