Inna's refeed after 21 days of water fast

Day 1

Took Centrum, ACV, and continuing with water for now. First meal is planned in the late afternoon. Will do KETO OMAD.

Feel great!
Weight: 81.6 kg or 179 lbs
Day 1 water fast: 95.5kg or 210 lbs
Total loss since June 9th: 13.9 kg or 31 lbs

Afternoon came, finished my work.

Warmed up:

  • Bone broth with 3 slices of cooked carrots;
  • 50g feta cheese;
  • 20g of fresh blueberries.

What I felt/sensed:

  • fragrance of a bone broth was divine! Carrots were so yummy and tender!
  • feta cheese didn’t go well, were listening to my body and it didn’t accept more than a pinch;
  • but blueberries!!! Oh, blueberries! Heaven on Earth… they were so sweet! And they smelled like roses! :rose::rose::rose: I could never imagine how yummy they really were…

So, the first couple of spoons - I felt my intestines moving. Interesting feeling. Got goosebumps for some reasons. It was salty, pleasant. But got full almost after 10 spoons.

It didn’t finish the whole bowl and didn’t force myself to continue. As I said feta cheese didn’t go. Blueberries - ate the whole tiny bowl and added a little more as I felt my body wanted.

Here’s what was left:

Very nice feeling, relaxing as I continue listening to how my body reacts.

Will update in the evening the "consequences " of my 1st day refeed.


Crazy, eh? I had a BM, pretty much normal after 3 hours of a meal intake. Felt so good that my friend, my body didn’t forget how to properly function.

No diarrhea, no heartburn, no bloating, stomach and intestines feel great! But… after an hour or so, I felt soooooo sleepy that I couldn’t do anything than to have a nap. Now, I feel refreshed, energetic and good to continue my evening.

Forgot: took biotin, potassium and magnesium.

Day 1 of a refeed consider successful!
Tomorrow, at the same time, late afternoon, will be my next meal.


Oh I love it!!! Post your photos here, perfect job creating a thread!!! @immkoro


Thank you, sweetheart!

Day 2 of a refeed.

Happy Canada day who celebrates it! I’m a Canadian, so, today will be a special day to celebrate with my family.


Slept great.
Urine is darker.
More strength, feel energetic!
Took Centrum, ACV.

Weight is still going down.
Today: 81.4kg or 179 lbs
June 9 - 95.5kg or 210 lbs
Total loss since then: 14kg or 31 lbs



Feel absolutely amazing!
With my son and dog, went for a long walk. It’s becoming hot… Pug was breathing heavily, I was NOT! Definitely, I feel more energy than I was during water fasting.


I’m not hungry, but will be ready for my next late afternoon meal.

We cooked dumplings, baked blueberries muffins, and a huge omelet made out of eggs, alternating with pitas, cheese, fried mushrooms, some dogs, and tomatoes.

Looks delicious. Of course, it is not for me. I won’t touch anything. Just smelled and enjoyed cooking.

@Yasemin in her new Canada Day’s video said that the hardest part is the refeed. I don’t know about that. After not eating at all, thinking that I can eat some healthy foods is holding me up together. I really like continuing water fast before my meal. Of course, we’ll see how it will be next days.

Anyway, will post my next meal which won’t be drastically different from yesterday. Just little modifications.

Meal time!
Loved what I ate:

  • bone broth;
  • 50g of tofu (I salted it, it tasted delicious!)
  • 20 g of blueberries;
  • 1 fresh avocado, salted

Today, I had less of broth: just 250ml, so I could enjoy the rest. I added 10g of chicken meat. It was nice to chew it!

Tofu was amazing as I said, if it’s not salted - no way for me to ever eat it.
Avocado melted in my mouth! Never thought it has a strong fragrance as well :grin:
Blueberries didn’t change since yesterday - heavenly! Roses!

I ate everything, but during a stretch of time, 1 hour. After the bone broth soup, took a 30 minutes break, continued the meal after. Everything fit well. Felt full, but didn’t feel I overrate.

So, the day 3 meal is tomorrow.

Feel much stronger and confident in my food choices.

Evening update to follow later.

Here are the pictures of Day 2 refeed:

Evening was busy as I continued working on renovating.

No BM.
Energy was fluctuating.
No stomach pain.
Not gassy.
Burps, farts as usual, normal.
No heartburn or indigestion.
Was sweating more, probably due to the heat outside.
Continued drinking a lot of water.
Took magnesium, potassium, and biotin.

Day 3 of the refeed is tomorrow!


Day 3.


Got disappointed as I gained 300g back. My period is coming, maybe because of that…

Feel great!

Weight: 81.7kg or 180 lbs
Gained back 1 pound.
Since June 9 - lost 95.5kg - 81.7kg = 13.8kg or 30 lbs.

Meal is later.
Will start working out from today.

Did my mini workout. Didn’t force to do more, just sit ups.


  • bone broth with little bit of cooked chicken, 2 tiny slices of a cut fried bacon, and a couple of cooked chicken hearts. They contain iron; total was just 250ml + 50g of meat;
  • salad - around 150g - 1/2 avocado, 5 cherry tomatoes, 10 cashews, and 3 slices of cucumber, olive oil was added as well, 1/2 of a tbsp, salted everything with a pinch of salt.

Ate everything with a such appetite! Tried eating as slow as possible :grin::grin::grin::grin::roll_eyes:

After almost 30 minutes, had a room in my belly for cottage cheese, around 100 g.

I didn’t overeat, just felt right. Tastes were wonderful!

That was my meal for today, tomorrow is day 4 refeed.



Had so much energy! Lots of things were done.
No stomach distress or signs of a eseeding syndrome.
Belly and body feel good!


Day 4 of a refeed.

Slept great!
Lots of energy.
Took Centrum and will take an ACV.
Work day.

Weight: gained 300g - became 82.1kg or 181 lbs
Since day 1 of 21 water fast lost : 95.5kg or 210 lbs - 82.1kg or 181 lbs = 13.4kg or 30 lbs.

Still, not bad.

It’s a little upsetting, but I know it’s unavoidable.

Had my 1st cup of coffee with almond milk and monk fruit sweetener.

So happy! Missed the taste of a real coffee, and also happy that I can use and cook with a natural SWEETENER.

Anyway, my update is in the late afternoon. Meal of my 4th day of refeed.


Wok was done. Had a great concentration, memory retention. Our boss let me finish 2 hours earlier for working extremely hard for my colleague who’s still at a hospital with a heart attack.

So, I ate:

  • bone broth with chicken and sprinkles of mozzarella cheese;
  • 100g of cooked chicken liver with fried onions;
  • 1/2 of avocado and little slices of cheese on top, didn’t salt this;
  • little bit of a fresh spinach, salted with a pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of 4% sour cream;
  • little bit of blueberries, fresh as a dessert.

Everything was very tasty and healthy. KETO OMAD continues.

Carbs were under control, nothing was more than KETO should have.

Calories didn’t count, but based on meats, cheeses, it will come to around 1500, maybe less, but for sure more than 900.


Tic-toc, BM was there! Great feeling emptying your stomach! Everything is shaped, healthy - the best what you can expect knowing that you are doing the right foods.

After my meal, went to Party City to buy some stuff for tomorrow’s graduation party for my son. I can’t explain how I felt! Very happy, proud of my changed body, FULL OF INCREDIBLE ENERGY as I started consuming a lean meat. Proteins gave me so much strength, I am continuing working since 7am and not even tired!!!

Amazing feeling all the way!

No any other symptoms or problems.
Appetite was there, ate as slow as possible, didn’t have any indigestion or aches in my belly.

Skin is clear, rools of fat are smoothing out, face looks skinnier and younger. Double chin is gone.

No migranes. My period is coming next week and usually, 1 week prior to that I was dead with headaches. Nothing this time.

My allergy on my leg is not appearing anymore. Stopped taking antihistamines exactly the day I started the water fast, since June 9th.

Still take antidepressants, but they are not bothering me. Depression is not felt at all.

That’s it. Tomorrow is my day 5 refeed.


Day 5 of my refeed.

Woke up with excitement and full power!

Weight: 82.5kg or 181 lbs.
Gain: 400g
Total loss since June 95.5.5kg (210 lbs) - 82.5kg (181 lbs) = 13 kg or 29 lbs.

I started working out.
Gain is not bothering me much as I know, I started to retain water before my period as well as muscles building.

Continuing KETO, but today in the morning, I wanted to have a little snack. Had 50 g of chicken liver, baked with 1/2 teaspoon of a canned corn with 1 teaspoon of sour cream.

Finish my meal with 50 g of shredded mozzarella cheese and coffee with 1 teaspoon of almond milk and monk fruit sweetener.

I needed to build the strength as I needed to finish gluing the wallpaper in a storage room (decided not to paint). All the things should be done today, including organizing the storage room into boxes, decorating the house, cooking for tomorrow’s son’s graduation party.

Will continue in the evening, that’s when I planned to have my main meal.

So, I failed to have 1 meal or OMAD.

Yesterday, I felt it was so many things I was craving, so, I decided to have that breakfast.

Lunch was just pecan and cashew nuts, 1/3 of a cup and 2 slices of bacon.

Now, it’s dinner time, I had 200g of baked chicken with a peach.

In total, I had 3 little meals with the 3rd bigger.

More fat, protein, and acceptable amount of carbs. KETO IS GOING WELL.

Tomorrow, I am back to OMAD.
I will eat OMAD, continuing KETO. Will continue with bone broth and adding some more healthy choices.

I will continue 5 more days, totalling 10 days of refeed, until July 10th, and from July 11 - round 2 of my water fast.


July’s refeed 11 days - very successful.
I was able to keep up my previous weight loss - 75.5kg or 166 lbs all this time doing OMAD KETO

I will try continuing as long as I can to follow KETO OMAD to see if I will continue sticking to the current weight.

Will continue with the water fast probably at the end of August to cleanse myself.